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Another Way In

Why is it that so many people dismiss astrology? I ask because the subject seems to be ignored before there is even a basic understanding of what it is. So I continue to try and find new ways and easier … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction and Astrology: Connections Explained

Like all the other philosophies in the world both astrology and the law of attraction are interesting, and not required knowledge for a good life. To simplify the connection between astrology and the ‘energies’ as described in the law of … Continue reading

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The Psychospiritual Chiron

Saturn and Pluto are the 2 indicators for the pandemic which the energy of the collective has created. The previous time we all experienced what these 2 indicators, Saturn and Pluto, were indicating was in 1981/2. As they moved closer … Continue reading

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Where is Abraham?

The chart for the time and place of birth holds true for the whole life long. Every chart is different and every chart that ever has been and (not that ever will be as we have not learned the language … Continue reading

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Astro-Indicators Come Before the Law of Attraction

Indicators (solar system and fixed stars) for global resonance came before the law of attraction, they came before humans. The ability to interpret them evolved over time. The language of vibration underpins all references to LoA. Both scientists and astrologers … Continue reading

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Faith and Truth

Here are some astro-readings for the last time Pluto and Saturn were dancing the tango together from late 1980 to 1983. You might be able to see the transits of Pluto and Saturn in these charts and realise, lo and … Continue reading

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Can She Do It?

A recent question Esther selected was about someone’s feelings about his/her business, reminding me that Esther is a business person. Her 3rd house is receiving energy as indicated by Pluto which is for transformation, loss, endings and beginnings. The recipe … Continue reading

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