Pluto Stations Retrograde

As usual I sat in the woods this morning first thing.  At the time I did not link my body pain with the Pluto station retrograde as sometimes I choose to focus elsewhere. But now * I realise this is a large part of what I have been feeling from yesterday afternoon. It is such a heavy, heavy-duty energy – especially for Scorpios and anyone with planets or angles in Scorpio. It began its apparent standstill at 7.54 PM BST yesterday 24-4-20 @ 24.59 degrees Capricorn and will start to journey back on 26-4-20 at 19.54 PM. When any planet does this it magnifies the energy of the planet in the way that it is talking to the chart/person. Notice how very slowly it moves.

So, for me it is in my 6th house which includes matters of health. For Esther it is on her moon in the 3rd house which is (briefly) about security (sign) and communication (house). But there is more to it than that as in Esther’s case its resonance picks up the 10th house also which houses Pluto, Mars and Saturn in conjunction; Esther was born in 1948 with this intense configuration reflecting the zeitgeist of the ‘me’ generation which has led all these years later to the current pandemic possibly leading to less of ‘me’ and more of ‘you’ by the time it is over. At present Saturn is at 1 degree of Aquarius so is out of the picture, which is good, but it too will soon start backing towards Pluto again and get as close as 25.20 when Pluto has got to 22.29 on 28-9-20. Then we will all start to feel it again sort of in the way we did at the beginning of this year, but not quite as painfully as time will have changed the script.

*I needed to revisit Esther’s website and I saw that she is advertising her old Sara books (a child’s view of Abraham I think) from way back and that was when the penny dropped. Esther must be feeling insecure in her own way to the extent that she wants some of her usual more, more, more of something. For what reasons I do not know although Pluto is exactly conjunct her most sensitive of indicators so I would expect her life to intensify, now especially, and for the rest of the year. I cannot say whether it is about actual finances or the need to be productive when she is not receiving her usual currency of adoration. Or some other factor. Perhaps when I have listened to the recent recordings all will become clear.

I also noticed that she has now re-positioned the strong warning about copyright to the bottom of the page which feels to me like less of a threat so I have replaced the recordings here to where they were before (see top right of page: A-H Recordings) and will try to make it up to date asap for those who do not want to find the large payment required to listen to A-H Now.

To again try to simplify an astrological feature: charts are a combination of positive/easy and negative/difficult aspects, that is, the geometrical relationship between 2 or more points. Most charts/people are a mixture of both, some have a lot of one or of the other. I have a chart full of difficult aspects, there is only one planet which does not receive a difficult aspect, that is Venus. Esther’s chart is more easy than it is difficult. I have enjoyed only one twelfth of my long life in a positive way, the rest was ‘contrast’ to use Esther’s word. It occurred to me that contrast and people who carry a lot of contrast are providing an essential purpose for the rest of humanity for without it how would the other luckier ones know about joy, joy, joy? Life is made up of opposites but they are not all dealt out equally. I was just trying to understand the ‘why me’ of it all in the woods in pain this morning.

To be continued…

Below is an extract from Stephanie Austin’s recent bi-monthly astro-news update:

The coronavirus is a reflection of a deeper and even more deadly disorder, the illusion of separation. The ultimate cure for what humanity is facing is not a vaccine, or anything external. The real medicine is a shift in consciousness, an awakening of the heart, a remembrance of who we really are.

April 25 Pluto begins its yearly retrograde phase, stationing at 24º59’ Capricorn and moving backwards until October 4, when it turns direct at 22º29’ Capricorn. Whenever a planet stations retrograde or direct, its archetypal energies are especially intensified on that day, and for a few weeks before and afterwards as well. The mythic lord of the Underworld draws our attention to the shadow, to what must be healed or released in order to evolve. On a collective level, Pluto in Capricorn impels us to make major changes in government, economics, and institutions of all kinds. On a personal level, Pluto facilitates the deconstruction of our egoic, conditioned patterns, especially around power and authority, responsibility and boundaries. What has become untenable and unsustainable? What needs to be pruned or weeded out of our lives? Brené Brown eloquently describes these Plutonian times: “We will not go back to normal. Normal never was. Our Pre-Corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate and lack. We should not long to return, my friends. We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment. One that fits all of humanity and nature”

We were born for these times. We incarnated to be part of this momentous change. We came to help facilitate a dimension shift from duality and separation to unity and collaboration. The new moon reminds us to: “Spend a few minutes each day in silence. Spend a few minutes doing something that brings you joy… Allow yourselves to dive deep within, to rest, to sleep, to meditate, to read, to educate yourselves, to connect via your technologies, to send light to the world… Pray for the brave souls who are “out there” supporting society. If you are one of them, pray to be open to the Divine grace and well-being that flows at all times. Allow yourself to be, in the words of St. Francis, “An instrument of peace”… In truth, and in love, you are the hands, the eyes, and the heart of God expressed in human form.” (Ann Albers, 4/18/20, full message here)

Stephanie Austin
PO Box 1745 Port Townsend, WA 98368

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