Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon June 17, 2019

Here is a regular astrology newsletter from colleague, Stephanie Austin re-published in full. I thought I would add it here to offer a wider context of understanding for the Abraham-Hicks material.

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EcoAstrology: Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon

June 16: Jupiter square Neptune (19º Sag-Pisces); Mercury trine Neptune, opposite Saturn
June 17: Full Moon 1: 31 AM PDT (26º Sagittarius-Gemini) conjunct Galactic Center
June 18-19: Mercury conjunct Mars and opposite Pluto (22-23º Cancer-Capricorn)
June 21: Neptune Rx (19º Pisces); Summer Solstice 8:54 AM PDT
June 22-23: Venus opposite Jupiter and square Neptune (18-19º Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces)
June 23: 2nd Saturn conjunct South Node (18º23’ Capricorn)

When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray – Rumi

I can’t expect truth from the world, unless I’m being truthful — Eileen Meyer

Intuition is seeing with the soul — Dean Koontz

June 15, 2019
Dear Friends,

We are still integrating the intense downloads of stellar gravitational waves which impacted the Earth and all of us on April 25 and April 26. Gravitational waves create distortions in space-time and are generated by immense cosmic events, like supernovaa or the collision of two neutron stars. They were predicted by Albert Einstein a hundred years ago, but not verified by astrophysicists until 2015. Gravitational waves affect us on all levels, and according to channel Steve Rother: “Like any wave, it has residual waves… Time-space was actually compressed during that first wave that came in at the end of 2015 and continued all the way through 2016. The remainder of that wave entered your election in the United States and had a global effect that is still with you today. It enhanced an underlying frustration and anxiety. Then a wave of fear and separation followed, which is still prevalent… Although people didn’t feel it, the waves were measured, and the effect was profound… This is a time to create your dreams, to set something into motion, no matter how small it is, and to let the wave carry it.” (read the full message here). For more on gravitational waves, click here.

The next full moon, which peaks on June 17 at 1:31 AM PDT at 26º Sagittarius-Gemini, closely aligns with the center of our Milky Way galaxy, located at 27º Sagittarius. It also highlights two major themes for 2019 — learning to trust our inner truth meter, symbolized by Jupiter square Neptune, and a related spiritual directive to reclaim our power and authority, represented by Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. Futher adding to its potentcy, this full moon peaks just a few days before the Cancer solstice, emphasizing humanity’s evolutionary challenge — to heal the split between head and heart, masculine and feminine, matter and spirit.

At the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy lies a super-massive Black Hole, which not only absorbs but also transmits enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy. Any celestial body aligning with the galactic center (GC) boosts energetic support for releasing old patterns and beliefs. This full moon’s conjunction with the GC supports major shifts in perception and orientation. Sagittarius’s principal quest is the expansion of consciousness. We all have Sagittarius somewhere in our natal chart, along with its ruler, Jupiter, and the 9th house — providing instructions on how to best discover our own answers to the big questions of life: What is my philosophy? How do I expand my horizons? Where do I most need to take leaps of faith?

All full moons challenge us to balance and integrate two opposing signs and archetypes. Gemini at its best remains openminded; willing to incorporate new information, and able to listen deeply, as well as to communicate clearly. Sagittarius at its best develops a sense of meaning and purpose, wisdom and tolerance, faith and morality. The Gemini Twins symbolize the duality of the mind, while the Sagittarian Archer aims for the heavens, for universal truths. Full moons also illuminate the shadow side of each sign. Gemini’s shadow side is scattered and dishonest; Sagittarius’ dark side is dogmatic and hypocritical. Both can have difficulty dealing with emotions and commitment.

Jupiter, the planet most associated with Sagittarius, forms its second square to Neptune just hours before the peak of this full moon, heightening their higher expressions and also their shadow sides. Watch for important insights, inspiration, and intuitions as to the next steps on your path. The more we have integrated our left and right brain, and masculine and feminine sides, the more we navigate from a sense of inner knowing, rather than looking outside of ourselves for direction or validation. The more wounded we are from childhood, religious, and cultural programming, the more easily deceived and misled we can be by ‘experts’ and authority figures, politicians and the media.

Planetary archetypes have their shadow side as well. The Jupiter/Sagittarian shadow falls into extremism; Neptune/Pisces’s dark side gets trapped in illusion. In 2016, as Saturn transited Sagittarius and squared Neptune in Pisces, the Oxford Dictionary declared post-truth the Word of the Year (defined as “objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”). In 2019, as Jupiter transits Sagittarius and squares Neptune, we continue to deal with issues around fake news, alternative facts, and the imperative to develop an inner reference point. How do we deteremine what is true, and what is spin or fallacy? Minds and mouths can lie, but the body and heart cannot. We all have hunches, gut feelings, a sixth sense — various ways that we access truth. This full moon, in concert with Jupiter square Neptune, urges us to keep checking in and trusting what resonates for us. For more on the Jupiter-Neptune square and their other two squares in 2019, see my June 3rd Gemini New Moon update.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is now in Cancer, the sign most associated with the feminine, receptive principle. As the first water sign, Cancer also represents the awareness of feelings as indicators of what is healthy or harmful. Mercury’s conjunction with Mars and the North Node in Cancer reveals where we need more nourishment and support, while its opposition to Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn pressures us to transform or release what has become toxic and unsustainable. Mercury also trines Neptune and quincunxes Jupiter, emphasizing the evolutionary imperative to listen to and follow our inner knowing. What are our bodies and feelings telling us to change? How could we be a better mother to ourself? Where do we need to become our own judge and authority?

The first solstice of the year occurs on June 21 at 8:54 AM PDT. In the northern hemisphere, this is the summer solstice, where the yang phase has reached its maximum. Now the yin, receptive force grows stronger as the nights grow longer. Ancient cultures understood and celebrated these important gateways. Stonehenge, the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, and Guatemala, the Ajanta Caves in India, Serpent Mound in Ohio, and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico are a few examples of many sacred sites built to mark the solstices; reminders of our relationship to the cosmos and the never-ending cycles of life. At the winter solstice, there is a descent of spirit into matter. The summer solstice marks the culmination of that journey and the return to oneness. This solstice is greatly empowered not only by its proximity to this full moon, but also by its connection with the galactic center, facilitating re-alignment with our soul’s blueprint.

Neptune stations retrograde only an hour and a quarter before the solstice, bringing its archetypal energy to the fore. While retrograde, Neptune nudges us to eliminate distractions, addictions, and codependent relationships. Intensified this year by its square with Jupiter, Neptune propels us to trust our inner guidance, which generally communicates in symbols, pictures, and feelings rather than words. Intuition can be very subtle; to hear the ‘still, small voice within‘ requires that we be in a quiet, receptive state. We have to turn down the volume on our busy, outer lives and sense what feels right. Our intuition will never ‘should’ us, and often is not logical. It’s a knowing in our bones, gut, or heart that brings a sense of peace, rightness, and relief. When we listen to the wisdom of our higher self, our life flows with more ease and less drama. For “11 Ways To Know If Your Intuition Is Trying To Tell You Something & How To Listen” click here.

Much is shifting on many levels. Be extra kind and patient with yourself and others. Take extra time for rest, reflection, and connecting with your higher self, for: “As we go into unknown territory with this new level of consciousness overriding our lower self, all can feel surreal. It may be challenging to make decisions, since we need to embrace a brand new way of creating our reality… Watch your words and thoughts, you are a stronger Creator than ever… As we unify in this new light, the power of co-creation amplifies. Everything we direct our focus to becomes accelerated, because of the collective acceleration and our higher vibration. Drop your fears and doubts and BE in Unity now… embrace your purpose as a Creator BEing, both personally and collectively… overriding old realities, fears and programs of the past…” (Sandra Walters; full message here)

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