The Emperor’s New Clothes

There is another spot in Esther’s chart, as well as the moon (already mentioned), which is receiving a strong energy at present – again from Pluto and with Jupiter as they are conjunct in our transit chart. The spot is Chiron in Scorpio. I made reference to it a while ago as an enigmatic point because I did not know what to say about it – it is typically a rather private place. Perhaps if I offer a completely objective view on these chart placements as well as the 2 transits – I have taken them from computer read-outs of Esther’s birth data – it will help to offset any perceived author-input impact. Please scroll down to: Programme Interpretations for Esther

It is quite easy to see the public Esther that we know reflected in these programme descriptions and interesting also to read the interpretations of the transits as both are working together – this is because Esther has a natal sextile (60 degrees) between Chiron and the moon. This interpretation is so objective that it could in theory have been written by any natal astrologer on day one of Esther’s life.

As previously written here, I have natal Mars at 22 degrees of Capricorn – 2 degrees only away from Esther’s moon – and it is involved in a tricky configuration with 4 other points moving between 18 and 22, one point being the IC (opposite the MC or midheaven). So I experienced an extremely strong transit throughout all of last year and the beginning of this year from Saturn and Pluto, including the exact conjunction of them in January. This makes me especially sensitive to this energy, not least because it is so recent and I am still in recovery.

I was thinking about how the pandemic must have affected Esther and her work. She has been working on stage (with/as Abraham) mostly with Jerry who was the MC, for about 35 years, and if you see or listen to the early recordings you will witness the much more reverential way that Esther began her channelling, which was still quite a new ‘new-age’ interest in the west, less seen outside the spiritualist churches. There was an almost palpable amazement when Esther would speak as Abraham and answer live questions from audience members – much smaller audiences. Her ‘spin’ was never questioned or even seen as spin. This was a truly amazing and unique event.

Over the years the format and the type of recordings have all gone through changes, but nothing as radical and leading edge as what we are witnessing with these ‘Abraham Now’ recordings. For the first time Esther has allowed the camera to come between or within her and Abraham, the obvious next step being live TV. She has very deliberately avoided this as she did not want a repeat of the copyright theft which occurred when she gave her material to the makers of The Secret. Since that time she has been as closely guarded about the material as she can be in these days of You Tube.

So when Abraham answered her private question about why she has been feeling so much negativity recently with because your world has become so much bigger, perhaps this is one type of bigger that ‘they’ were referring to.

For the first time the camera is witness up close and personal to Esther as she invites in Abraham and these days has reduced the process from a couple of minutes down to about 10 seconds. Not only this but she is taking written questions which means she must read as Abraham (this has improved quite a bit since the start of the recordings a few weeks ago)…. or there is preparation. How does she do this left brain/right brain act? Is it still as amazing as it once was or is it, especially for the first time viewer, simply impossible as they cannot perceive any ‘seam’. Is this not just a well preserved elder of the tribe offering a wise view of events, both private and public?

It is less likely that a newcomer will want to pay around $300 for the privilege of seeing Esther/Abraham, but it will not be long before the sessions or clips from them will be all over the internet. How acceptable is this seamless channeller to someone who is unaware of Esther’s past?

She was presented with this opportunity due to the pandemic and due to having her regular life removed from her – this pressurised life-transition combined with a life-threat is very plutonian. If we forget what we know to be the authenticity of the performance, is it not just a little like the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Esther makes no attempt, given the absence of the audience, to be anything other than she might be if she were alone with Abraham. She is offering us less authority and gravitas perhaps because the camera and herself are the only participants – making the miracle of a chat with non-physical less of a big event. Has this been considered? It is almost as if she is saying to the world ‘do what you will with us’ due to what she believes to be the laws of the universe and her skill at working with them.

I was going to ask: does she believe she has anything to lose? Were it not for the presence of Pluto I would think she might not have much to lose at this point in her life, unless it was everything professional that she has created. To ‘make it or break it‘ is another term that fits Pluto transits.

P.S. The problem with recording #8 has now been fixed and re-uploaded.

#10 is here.

There was an answer in #8 which included Abraham saying that the virus had been coming into being long before it was a virus…..referring to all the problems in the larger world etc. This is very much an astrological view. Astrologers know what precedes Pluto-Saturn transits which come at regular intervals.

One personal advantage I have noticed is that the woodland has returned to its former empty and wondrous state of being before the quite recent imposition of more and more people with dogs or bicycles. That non-nature-lovers would come into the woods was maybe another sign of how bad life had become pre Covid-19; and how bad or sad I had become.


Programme Interpretations for Esther

Raw and urgent
Transiting Pluto conjunction Moon
activity period end of January 2020 until mid-December 2021

Valid during many months: This influence signifies a time of extremely powerful emotional change in your life, which can affect your immediate personal surroundings, your home and family, and your inmost psychological development. The feelings evoked by this influence are raw and urgent. You may be surprised at the intensity of some of the internal forces that you will discover, and making yourself deal with these feelings may be the most difficult part of this time. Now this aspect of your psyche is in a state of acute transformation, and that is what makes this influence so powerful. The actual experience can vary tremendously because so many different areas of your personal and emotional life can be activated, but here are some typical manifestations. First of all, on the innermost psychological level, this influence can indicate an enormous emotional change that activates complexes within you that have lain dormant since childhood. You may repeatedly find yourself in situations in which you act as a compulsive child rather than a rational adult. The problem is that your “rational” adulthood has never dealt with these repressed energies. You may need psychotherapy or a related technique in order to handle what comes up at this time.

On another level, this influence can transform all your emotionally based relationships, such as those with your partner, family and parents, particularly your mother. One of these relationships may end completely for any number of reasons. Relationships with women in general may become particularly intense, regardless of your own sex.

On a more external level this influence can affect your home in a number of ways. You may change your residence, or you may make great changes in your present residence. Repairs may be necessary in order to prevent serious disintegration of a building.

This influence may be upsetting now, but in reality it is the preparation for a new stage of development. Keep yourself flexible so that the necessary changes can take place with a minimum of disruption.

The human dimension
Transiting Jupiter sextile Chiron,
activity period end of March 2020 until end of November 2020

Valid during many months: This influence will help you to feel fairly optimistic. You are now open to new things and are willing to learn from them. You will want to expand projects which you have already begun, and your ability to see things within a wider context will help you to make the right decisions. Your progress will increase your confidence, although you are still liable to become irritated at any delays, or if things don’t run according to plan. Try therefore to be careful not to let your urge to expand lead you to disregard the feelings of others.

The positive effects of this influence are most likely to be felt in your dealings with people at work or your wider circle of friends. Because you are now inclined to be very generous, understanding and tolerant you will experience a good deal of goodwill from others. This may also cause them to come to you for advice, or to seek your opinion on some matter. You will be only too happy to help, because you are now able to both find solutions to a wide variety of problems and to communicate your ideas.

If your work involves teaching or helping others you will be able to make optimal use of your knowledge and skills, helping you to open up new avenues for yourself and others. This influence will also have a positive effect in other professions, albeit to a lesser extent. However, to gain the most out of this time you will need to be both able and willing to see the human dimension of any actions. With all your good luck you should be particularly careful not to give others the impression that you feel superior to them – whether this is actually the case or not.

Transiting Pluto sextile Chiron
activity period beginning of February 2020 until end of December 2021

Valid during many months: This is a particularly good time to stand by those close to you who are physically or mentally suffering. Your intuition is now unusually powerful, enabling you to sense the often hidden causes underlying human suffering. Through your daily contacts with others you may, without being conscious of the fact, develop therapeutic skills. Even if your work does not involve helping those in crisis, you may have to deal more often with such issues on a daily basis. You are now far more receptive to human suffering, particularly when – as is often the case – it is connected to some kind of loss.

If you are mourning some loss at this time this influence will help you to better accept and understand the larger life-processes. Issues such as birth, death, winning and losing are integral parts of life, and it is only when we suppress the natural mourning process which accompanies these that complex emotions form in the unconscious which can cause fear or anxiety. The more positive aspects of this influence can help us to develop a calmer and more conciliatory approach to any challenges which life has to offer. This also applies to painful experiences which continue to influence our emotional life. You will now find it easier to lessen the ongoing impact of such events on your life, and to learn to accept them as important life-experiences.



You will feel deep pain which surfaces in intimate relationships. You may have suffered a pre-birth trauma. Your own deep pain will prompt you to delve into the mysteries of life, including birth, death and sexuality. You may counsel or teach others. You may also probe into metaphysics, and become a spiritual healer.


You are wounded, either emotionally or physically. Every time you express your essential being you experience rejection. This may lead to self-exploration and you may later become a wounded healer or teacher.


You feel secure when life is structured, or you are working hard. You may be emotionally distant or cold. You mother’s love may be limited in some way. Your mother may have been strict or cold.


The Moon is placed in the 3rd House of your birth chart suggesting that you’ve a strong need to communicate with other people and to keep up with all of the latest news. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest gossip about a celebrity or a complex and challenging subject. You have an inquisitive mind and your main aim is to keep up with all that is going on and to expose yourself to new ideas and subjects. You also have a retentive memory and the ability to converse on just about any topic, pulling bits and pieces of information from the recesses of your mind. You also like to express your own ideas to as many people as possible – the more the merrier. For this reason you could enjoy writing, singing or public speaking. You need to find your voice and express yourself, whether in private or in public. Short journeys and changes of environment also appeal giving you more food for thought and satisfying your curiosity.





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