The Language of Vibration

Have Abraham and Esther come to the realisation yet that astrology is not about distant planets or the moon reaching down and sending influences to the Earth’s population? Has a professional suitably qualified astrologer decided as yet to go to the hot seat and let Abraham and Esther in on the fact – which dates back over millennia – that astrology is simply a vibrational energy map which provides those who study astrology at astrology school with the knowledge and language of vibration?

I would have thought that this would be useful news – especially to Esther who is really in charge of the presentations. Vibration and resonance are key to understanding the message of non-physical. I understand that it is not possible for Esther to become multi-lingual but she could become aware that this useful language exists.

It would be so useful for medical practitioners and school teachers to learn to read a birth chart even to the extent of learning the difference between the patient or student who is presenting and the true student/patient behind the mask or persona.

I am now slowing down in my enthusiasm to pass on this practical information as so few have heard it for so long.

However, it is heartening that so many are still listening to non-physical through Esther Hicks and others. More power to them and long may it continue.

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