Happily Ever After

I continue to find the Abraham/Esther performance a very wonderful thing – faultless in its way. It comes from a person with strong energy directed in a positive direction, distinctive inner dynamics which early in life arranged themselves to perceive that which is good, no matter what. I especially like the idea that at any time moving to the best feeling thought possible is the best move; and ‘segment intending’ – having a micro-plan ready ahead of each part of the day. There has been a great deal of practical good advice over the years. Arthur, my non-physical friend, was also so good at down to earth practical advice – spirit is a major part of physical.

This is a person who attracted the Abraham collective for this reason: there was no resistance to it from Esther, or so little that it was easily overcome. All spiritual energy is oriented in a positive direction. However, it must be obvious when we look around at the people on the planet that not everyone is or was able to grow into such an appealing shape. Many people encounter early difficulties before they have any say as to whether they will accept them or not. This is not a mistake, it is something that we attract, for we are each born with a set of inner dynamics that place us at birth into a situation that forms the basis for who we want to become, the struggles and the games and the wonder that we want to encounter, that we want to have shape us.

I continue to question why this is not referenced when I listen to Abraham speak through Esther. Esther parries every question without pause – and that is a lot of questions over 35 years – because she/they have a clear and well-defined explanation for how our physical world works and how and why people fail to manifest what they want. What Esther does not see is the massive obstacle course some people have to deal with, the pain that was inevitable from day one. I am not sure it makes the dialogue complete when the differences in people are ignored as if they do not exist, as if they should not exist – because it is not wrong – it is what we sign on for.

When I talk to people whose problems and challenges are clear to me before I meet them, for I have already studied their birth chart, together we pay lip service to them in order to find an appropriate route forwards. Sometimes we recognise that the struggle must continue for a while longer, but we can always see a precise time that contrasting experience will ease – until the next time. This is the blessing of natal astrology – and we can see the high-flying times in life as clear as day.

Some people are born with dynamics in their charts that show they will have a life of crisis, with a pattern that shows as much dark as light, or with more dark than light. The way forward for them, working with a natal astrologer, will be to talk together about this very real difficulty that is asking for attention and to honour the pain and struggle that is inevitable so as to suggest ways of dealing with the self in times of crisis. I can only help the person if I see their chart, if I see who they are and what they have to deal with.

This is the only aspect of Abraham-Hicks that makes it less than real – that A-H does not care about the past of a person and never refers to any challenges that the person was born to encounter, and will encounter whether or not they meet or follow A-H. Yet it is also appealing for this same reason. It gives people hope and help and a positive approach to life, like the formula of any good preacher or entertainer. People are attracted to the word of a higher authority, and we hear this in many shapes and sizes, from the orthodox and from the new-age. Some preach of doom and disaster but these days far more speakers offer talk of peace and love and eternal happiness.

Does anyone on any platform see who sits before them with the clarity of the natal astrologer? A-H repeats the story of Jesus healing by only seeing the total wellness of the sick person – but I have never seen a birth chart that stops presenting challenges, the so-called ‘contrast’. The pattern in the chart continues to be triggered by our movement through time till our last breath.

Perhaps ‘happily ever after’ is ‘heaven’ : non-physical existence.

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