A Cautionary Tale: Cruising for a Bruising

I want to write this little story for all to read as it so clearly illustrates the use and abuse of astrology. Astrology is the language of vibration – it is a close relative of the Law of Attraction.

So, yesterday (2-4-18) I was cruising in my very old and dear Chrysler Cruiser on a short stretch of dual carriageway, minding my own business, on the way to the store. It was Easter Monday. It was raining. My day was planned: a bit of shopping, home to make a slideshow, bid on a green jacket on eBay to replace the one stolen from the car a couple of weeks ago, then a movie or something.

At the large roundabout which has 4 exits, I approached in the middle lane ready to take the 3rd exit – which I was in the process of doing when the car in the outside lane cut across causing me to brake.

Now, here is what I knew about my situation at present as a functioning astrologer – even the computer knew it – this is copied from www.astro.com a very good computer compilation designed by Liz Greene and her technician colleague:

Transit for today: Provocation

Mars conjunction Chiron – activity period from 1 April 2018 until 4 April 2018

Today you feel full of energy, decisive, maybe even belligerent and possibly also ruthless. The physical drive also makes itself clearly felt. At the same time it is possible that you hurt yourself and others when it comes to arguments with people who are very close to you – a good friend or, of course, your partner if you are in a relationship. As a result of your current, possibly somewhat more self-confident and demanding style, you may unintentionally hurt and provoke your counterpart into delivering a blow below the belt. For this reason, you should now make a conscious effort to be especially careful to respect the feelings and sensitivities of others.

Everyone has a Mars and a Chiron in their birthchart and they form a conjunction about every 2 years. However the stakes were higher today, again for everyone, because of 2 accompanying energies in play at the same time: the recent full moon in Libra-Aries (the latter ruled by pugilistic Mars) with the full-moon sun making a square alignment with both Mars and Saturn which were conjunct, and Mercury making that square also this very day. So this vibration is very tense as Mars is ‘pushing and pulling’, whereas Saturn is resistant and authoritative – not good neighbours – the alignment can make a person very frustrated and fit to burst. The full moon amplifies it. So what makes it affect some people more than others?

If you were born with any of these players in difficult alignment and occupying the same degree (or within about 3 degrees) as these planets or squaring or opposing these planets, this will be personal. The big finger in the sky will pointing at you, as it was at me. And my opponent.

After the car had cut me off, and knowing (almost consciously) about this energy adrift in the world at present, I did not let it go like the sensible adult I am, instead I foolishly and with anger welling up inside and seemingly out of nowhere accelerated up too close behind him as if to intimidate. It was now only about 200 hundred yards to the store and we were on the mini roundabout about to turn right into the car park and I was still too close behind him. We were doing 5 miles an hour on this roundabout when he stopped dead and I of course braked and went right into the back of him doing no visible damage but giving him what he needed to have me stop and get out of the car.

I drove into the store car park for safety and he parked next to me. There we were, Mr and Mrs Angry.

Road rage is dangerous for a senior citizen when the opposition is a furious young man and you are not safely wearing the armour of your vehicle. I told him to call the police on his phone which he was using to takes photos of every possible part of me and the 2 cars and I fled into the store for cover, shaking inside but apparently doing my shopping like everyone else.

This incident is the 3rd in line produced from my energy (Law of Attraction): 1. the car window was smashed and items stolen; 2. a neighbour 2 doors down suddenly and without warning had a live band in his front garden (not the back garden) disturbing the peace of a Sunday afternoon at the very time I was recovering from severe pain due to complications of arthritis in the hip after 7 months of agony. The cortisone was just beginning to work, then this. I responded in a similar way to the road rage. I directed my stereo speakers (which for some reason are incredibly loud) outside and turned them up to full volume playing all the classical music I had on the computer. I figured it was marginally better to be deafened by my own music rather than the torturous beat of rock. I hated myself the next day on both occasions. I did not know where this anger was coming from.

I have a difficult T-square in my birthchart involving Mars square Saturn (as well as Mars opposite Uranus, and Saturn is conjunct Neptune). It is the Mars that ignites, that provides the trigger for configurations to explode taking the person by surprise. Unless my T-square is triggered, I am the peaceful person who walks in nature every day – except apparently yesterday.

Also (in my defence) I have the following going on at exactly the same degree as the above:

Long Term Transit – Don’t give in

Saturn conjunction Chiron – activity period mid-March 2018 until end of December 2018

Valid during many months: This influence’s dominating effect is to expose us to events which painfully touch on old wounds, confronting us with any real or imagined inadequacies we may have. We might also unconsciously make changes in our life which often lead to situations that revive the original trauma. We obviously don’t do ourselves any favors by acting in this way – on the contrary, it only serves to deepen any already existing scars. Signs that this is happening are repeated attempts at self-justification, or continually blaming others in order to bolster your self-esteem and hide your feelings of sensitivity and insecurity.

If at all possible try to avoid making bogus attempts to conform which have nothing to do with your true inner nature – even if you feel driven to act this way by old feelings of guilt or responsibility. If this causes you to avoid pressing confrontations within your relationship or with some father-figure or other important figure of authority, you will only consolidate a situation which has long been in need of change. Whatever you do, don’t give in, even if this means risking everything.

This one has been a pig since the car was invaded on 11 March.

So, the moral of the story I suppose is to pay more attention to what we already know. If Esther spends most of her life in alignment I must spend most of my time out of alignment, whether I realise it or not, despite having the help of both infinite intelligence and speaking the language of vibration. Hopefully this also clarifies how to detect, through the use of astrology, the differences in people: Clearly there is no hope for me but hopefully there is for you, dear readers. Thanks for listening.

I do wonder about that last sentence, though: ‘Whatever you do, don’t give in, even if this means risking everything.’ What is it I am not supposed to give into? Is it at all possible, just possibly possible, that I did the right thing by not conforming on those occasions? Surely not…. but if not, what is it that I am not supposed to ‘give into whatever I do‘? Answers on a postcard please.


And God Laughed….

I decided for no special reason to watch the movie, Marathon Man (1976) which opened with what might be one of the earliest road-rage scenes ever. How about that for Law of Attraction? You can see it here – a 4 minute clip:


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