Esther’s Flawed Premise

How can Esther as Abraham (or Abraham as Esther) be 180 degrees wrong about the definition of a belief?

She is not wrong from Esther’s point of view. In addition, Source Energy understands when in conversation with me how the astrological chart works and how my point of view emerged and makes sense.

Also, there are 12 possible signs which can be on the cusp of anyone’s 9th house and 12 different houses that their Jupiter might occupy and at least 10 other indicators that might also be in the 9th house not to mention the ruler of the 9th house which also has a choice of 12 x 12 to host and occupy. And we are only talking about one thing at present, beliefs, when in fact everything is in the chart somewhere with the same variety of representation.

This surely exposes a flawed premise (another phrase that Esther is keen on) in Esther’s thinking, not Abraham’s thinking as they come complete and infinite and eternal so don’t need thinking, just expansion – although my non-physical guidance spoke more of supporting the universe rather than expanding it. The flaw is that Esther seems to be basing all advice and answers on her own view of any question, her Gemini beliefs, and her Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 2nd observations and needs. We consult Esther every bit as much as we consult Abraham – even if she does not or will not realise it. It is her knowledge and experience which is on offer despite the performance being a very decent imitation of Source.

This takes me back to my premise from yesterday’s post about how much of the infinite Source Energy-flow we are permitting entry at any given time, and the hypothesis that all speakers or mediums for spiritual or Source Energy act as the filters through which the energy flows.

Esther sometimes speaks of keeping the valves open, perhaps in relation to allowing the greatest energy flow. But the essence and irony of the flaw is that we need the filter of the Medium and his or her views and beliefs in order to express anything at all because Source Energy has not appeared to anyone without a speaker before (except in Christian and Biblical places), it just wouldn’t be helpful. It might be scary.

The conclusion then is that all speakers for non-physical might like to be aware of the astrological vibrational map as it would serve as a central, and unifying, reference point for everyone interested in this line of work.

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