Astrology and Source Energy

The way I use the astrological map has been personalized over the years through experience between me and it, through the maturation of the person I am and the unique charts and people I have encountered that have helped to develop my method of working with astrology. I think the same may be said of artists who learn the rudiments of their subject and then make it their own over time and with experience. So, in a consultation I sit with the person, their chart between us, and we discuss what is on their mind: they bring life to my theoretical chart by telling me what I cannot know; and I offer a new way to understand what is happening in their life at any particular time by explaining the astrology.

I make this point here in relation to Abraham-Hicks as there is something similar at work. When Esther is speaking for Abraham she is, on the spectrum of inspiration, extremely inspired. We all do our own special thing best when we are overcome by inspiration. It is that ‘Yes!’ moment.

When my special friend, Jean was speaking for the non-physical being, Arthur she was recognisably not herself because she had allowed the non-physical part of herself to take over. Yet Arthur would not have asked her to put words to anything that might have lowered her vibration. His intention was all good. The intention was to answer her questions (which were my questions as she really did not have many of her own – other than the first few about Arthur’s identity) in a way that would help her spiritual development. I felt his love as powerfully, if not more, than Jean. I was the one interested in non-physical, Source energy – which we called All That Is, at that time. She was much more interested in her music. Music was her religion.

As an astrologer I had been instrumental in 2 major events in Jean’s life: I had identified a time when she would find it relatively easy to begin composing music – for about 65 years she had been recreating music rather than creating it herself. And I had an idea for the time for her to try to enter the trance-like state for bringing forth he who would be called, Arthur. It was the passive part of her character and the creative part, as well as the non-judgemental love she carried with her always, that I thought would work very well for her in this endeavour. This particular start-time has a birth chart as well, as does any minute in time. So Arthur has His own birth chart! For Source I use a spiritual zodiac rather than the tropical geometrical zodiac.

You can see from the name, ‘Arthur’ – which he chose after Jean asked for a name more than once saying that it would make communication easier – that he was to be a plain speaking kind of non-physical part of her. Deeply embedded in Jean, deeper than her conscious awareness, was the notion that this act of ‘channelling’ was in some way blasphemous, in violation of a relationship she once enjoyed as a young woman with, Jesus . She was not to become a religious person, but had attended many churches as an organist and choir member. (She was born in Indiana in 1923 and moved to Texas in 1936.) It was because of the love we shared that she entered into this activity, always a little worried that she would not be able to re-emerge from the trance. A near death experience when she was a young child and another childhood illness producing regular feverish conditions contributed to this worry. But they were also indications that what we call a psychic state would be easier for her to reach than for some. Conditions of being always work both ways, just as indicators in a birthchart are an interface offering an opening inwards and outwards.

Jean’s birth chart looks very different to Esther’s and her words from non-physical are often different, but sometimes the same. These two people are different character types. We each have non-physical parts of ourselves which combine with who we are. We are unique, so any voice we present directly from Source is also unique in order to help us be a better version of who we already are.

In the personal birth chart we can trace the disposition of the native to believe in a higher source or not. (And we can just ask them.) People find belief in so many things as described by aspects of their birth chart. A word used a lot in astrology is, alignment. There are different aspects of different alignment. It is the way the planets and the sun and moon are geometrically aligned with each other which reflects the degree of contrast in our lives, along with any predominant placement of the primary indicators or planets.

Often I would ask Arthur about Truth, and always he would confirm that there is no One Truth but that all truth is relative. It has to be really when you think about it; else we would have the One God who speaks the One Truth on behalf of everyone. This fits in with what some people believe, but not with others.

I will offer a page here at some point containing Arthur’s energy through Jean’s words for a comparison with Abraham. Although as I write this I know that those who are interested in Abraham-Hicks will only be interested in this rendering of non-physical.

Astrology shows the differences in people, and therein the differences in the non-physical part of them.


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