Tell No-One

‘Is it windy in Rawalpindi ?’
The young boy said.
‘Not if you stuff your ears with wool
And stay all day in bed.’                                               J. Ashdown

It is Tuesday. Yay! It is Tuesday! It is the Tuesday of which I spoke four posts ago tickerty tock. And yes, I am here to report, beloved Reader, that Saturn has now been blown clear away during the night right over the garden fence by the strong South-Westerlies. Uranus rules wind, you know. The winds of change, mostly.* And Uranus is mostly the reason why people find Saturn transits so hard.

If you like to take the road less travelled; if you find your self out on a limb with your thoughts or behaviour a lot of the time, then the chances are you have that rogue planet of change strong in your chart. And more power to us is what I say because we love change, we love freedom, Vive la Difference, n’est pas? The down side is that Saturn bites us hard when it moves within hard aspect to a delicate point in our birth chart.

* ‘The Rulership Book’ – Rex Bills.

Now, if you are a saturnian type – and I somehow doubt there are many visiting this blog which is all about Uranus type subjects – but if you are, your Saturn transits will be very manageable. The more you are invested in the status quo, social propriety, conventional behaviour, the more you will earn the approval of that old devil, *Saturn.

* A New Look at an Old Devil – Liz Greene.

I have a friend who was born on the same day as me and in the same town but we are 6 hours apart in age. She is very much invested in Saturn – she obeys all the social rules, lives a good normal life. I checked with her yesterday to see how she was doing – after all we have the same planets in pretty much all the same degrees of the same signs albeit different houses, so we experience close to all the same energies coming at us from within or without. She said she had been feeling a little sad and a little anxious but had put it down to the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester. But also that she and her husband had been doing a lot of entertaining and spending quality time on the allotment (vegetable patch). She has Saturn on the 9th house cusp of beliefs and also on the MC and itself resident in the 6th house of daily life. Compared to my experience of our recent Saturn/Venus transit hers was a walk in the park.

Alternatively, (Uranus) I am an astrologer (Uranus), my dearly beloved (Uranus) broke all stereotypes and rendered me an outsider (Uranus). I rode a Harley Davidson till last year (Uranus). In general I have always been a quiet rebel (Uranus) and somewhat reckless (Uranus). Expelled from school for truancy (Uranus) but loving so much the delicious freedom (Uranus) of riding the horse on the hills while the others sat in the classroom. And the tale goes on throughout life. Uranus transits are okay for me (fingers crossed), whereas for my friend, they have knocked her socks off. Most memorable was when she lost her 11-year-old daughter in a freak swimming accident in a public pool where all the children were swimming in a charity event. The same Uranus transit brought my unusual twin-flame into my life: 29 years my senior, so in a sense, I was waiting for all our 20 years together for her departure: death waiting to happen.

But this is my happy day so I do not mean to dwell on Scorpio-Pluto matters of transformation and transition. Although I have to admit that I have tried over and over to explain to my friend that her daughter has gone nowhere and is with her always. But this helps her not at all, not one iota. Saturnian people are most addicted of all to manifestation, to what is, more than all others. Now I know I must just leave her alone. She somehow needs that 30-year-old tragedy in a way I cannot yet understand.

Saturn’s role is to provide the euphemistically termed ‘contrast’ of which Abraham speaks, especially for those of us who seek to look outside the box. Uranus is there to sneak up on the saturnians and go ‘BOO’ – gotcha!

Finally, a private word. I know I can trust you dear, Reader as your silent invisibility beguiles me like no other presence: you do not judge me, you look on with kind invisible eyes, you say nothing but see everything. So you are a bit like my friend, Will.

Will has been with me all through my life – he loved the motorbike days. He has a great SOH. But try as I have over the years I have never really been able to communicate with him – although I know when and how he has helped me. But yesterday morning at the time of the exact, precise conjunction of Saturn/Venus when I thought I was about to explode with the tension I heard him say in linear words, not a block of information: “It will be all right, Gill.” I heard the tone and the timbre of his voice, the kindness. So don’t tell anyone as it is a personal matter between me and my inner guidance – but I thought you should know.


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