Chapter Four


Arthur, are you a healer?

Healing is often the outcome of my guidance.

Can you explain why some people are good Reiki practitioners, and healers, and why only some people have psychic gifts? Are healers like Mother Meera and Sai Baba very special, old and evolved souls?

The kinds of energy transmissions from good healers are intensified by their focussed attention and belief in this energy. Everyone has a wide scale of abilities – healing, psychic gifts among them. Particular abilities are muted as others develop. In the case of Mother Meera and Sai Baba, for example, through many lifetimes of practice, those gifts are immensely strengthened. The mutuality of that force in the people who are healed, back to the healer makes this continue to increase.

Why am I more drawn to distant healing rather than hands-on healing?

You had much experience in previous life with successful distant healing. On some level you remember the power of that energy transmission and still call on it.

Can you suggest a remedy for Gill’s depression – a mood-enhancer?

There are no quick fixes. She already wisely moves (takes walks, swims etc.) whether or not she feels like it. I know of no drugs to help very much. Whatever she chooses, she must believe it will help. With enough faith that she is feeling better, she will be better. Anything to make her laugh is remedial.

What can I do for my friend, Ted to help him with his illness? Why did he choose this way to decline?

Ted has had great faith in scientific, rational solutions to all kinds of questions. He has regarded himself as able by these approaches to manage anything from furred up water pipes to major health problems. That faith has been tested beyond his strength and he has given up trying and given in to increasing debility. Send distant healing. He will not know what you offer, but the force of this energy will give him some support to endure what he is experiencing. He will not improve physically.

How do you know for sure that Ted will not improve physically?

He doesn’t want to. He could change it, but he won’t. His will is very strong in this matter.

Why doesn’t my healing work for Gill?

Her body’s pain is serving her. She feels it is a kind of punishment she must have earned and is not ready to release it except in small ways and of short duration. Even so, she has been protected from further injury when you sent her off with a healing ‘prayer’.

You mentioned ‘sensing’ God. Gill has lost her sense of taste and smell. Why did this happen and how is it ‘serving’ her now? Might she recover them?

It happened when Gill was so filled with sorrow, pain about her mother, and general distress, that her immune defences were nearly absent. Nearly everyone experiences some body damage in the course of living. These incidents serve us only as challenges to adjust to the new condition. One can accept the physical limitation or allow it to eat away at one, further injuring one’s sense of bodily integrity and even life’s value. It is very unlikely she will recover them.

You said the surgery on my knee was a good time to test my faith, to confirm I am still in the care of God-energy. Does this mean that I must depend on belief to be healed? Is this the nature of God-energy?

You know that your body heals itself directed by your mind which in turn depends on the great healing spirit of the original creation. Because you have believed even subconsciously the truth of this, you heal quickly your bodily ills and can offer healing to others.

Is it possible for Gill to send distant healing as effectively as I (hopefully) do? A request to spirit/God for light and love to be sent to human or animal? E.g. Did the help Gill asked to be sent to the sick rabbit get through?

Yes, it is entirely possible to send distant healing effectively by engaging the help of spirit through a prayer. Remember this request is a thought-form of pure energy. It must be positively regarded as successfully delivered even as you think the healing of light and love be sent to human or animal. It will then go as you’ve asked. Be sure to thank the spirit. The sick rabbit received the healing energy.

Patricia has told me she has cancer. Is it possible to heal cancer using distant healing if the spirit of the individual wants to receive it?

Distant healing takes place when the afflicted person believes implicitly that he will become well and requests healing. Healing offered which is not requested will still supply streams of healing energy which the sick person will draw upon. Of course, it is just as necessary for the healer to have that same perfect confidence that what is required will come. It is appropriate to have the wild growth of cells characteristic of cancer removed for these are false to the body. The remaining healthy tissue will then respond positively to the healing energy.

Has she succumbed to cancer as the result of an inner spiritual decision: is the physical cause related to the cell phone mast near her home? Are the other cases of cancer she mentioned also the result of living near the mast?

This spirit (at birth) chose a particular challenging path which included serious bodily malfunction. Patricia is severely stressed. In this condition her health was compromised by microwave emissions from the cell phone mast near her home. These emissions affect vulnerable people who live near them. The problem is that they encourage over production of tissues. However, there must be other factors which lead to the development of illness, for robustly healthy individuals will not succumb. In this particular neighbourhood there are many very vulnerable people including those who have already manifested the illness.

How does the experience of having cancer ‘help’ those who have it? How did it help Peter, Gill’s father.

Because it is perceived as life-threatening, it causes afflicted persons to face the fact of their mortality. It provides real incentive to come to terms with how one has lived his life and what he feels about the future should he survive. Many find it a real turning point for re-examining one’s beliefs.

Peter lived up to very strict personal standards. He was always in charge of his life with full faith in himself to live as he believed ‘right’. Toward the end of his life he felt the loss of certainty that he was in control. Cancer was a manifestation of this struggle. It finally helped him to accept the weakness of his ageing body and to release his spirit.

Was Bob’s cancer due to the emissions of the cell-phone mast? Was he destined to leave Patricia while she still needed him so badly?

Bob’s body had never fully recovered from serious injury in the automobile crash. This means he was vulnerable to the effect of radiation from the cell mast. It was not the cause of his problems, but hurried development. He wasn’t destined to leave Patricia, but his physical decline left him unequal to further life. He was also sure that Patricia had the strength to make a life for herself. He couldn’t permit himself to be the burden he foresaw. Although he did not identify it as spirit energy, he believed his energy would continue to be available to her so long as it was needed.

We both seem to be very sensitive to alcohol right now, more than usual, is there a reason for this?

Both of you are taking medication which intensifies the effects alcohol has ordinarily. You are both suffering still increasing stress from the demands of the season. Stress alone can be responsible for this sensitivity. You are, and especially Gill, over-reacting to all stimulus – noise, light, cold etc. It’s no wonder your overworked nervous system suggests ease up on the alcohol.

Does Patricia have the strength to fight the cancer? Does she have the strength, as Bob believed, to make a life for herself? Is there anything I (or Gill) can do for her?

Patricia approached the procedure for identifying and treating the cancer rationally and confidently. She believes she is in good hands. She has the strength to overcome this illness if she does not lose heart in living. She has maintained interest in her work and studies, in her dog, in the cello and in her family. It is likely she will succeed in returning to health and develop a satisfying life. You have offered to send distant healing and to be available for assistance if needed. In fact just to confirm your availability and Gill’s willingness to help by driving for example, will ease her insecurity when she is first at home. Wait until she contacts you before you consider visiting.

Should I continue to try and keep in touch with Marion, or would he rather forget about me? How is he?

Marion suffers severe depression. He has withdrawn from any intimate contact. He would be glad to have word from you, but will not respond at least until he feels stronger. His diabetic condition is under control, but terribly taxing to maintain. Also the changes that ageing bring frighten him. Yes – write to him and trust he receives positive energy from it. Also send distant healing. He needs all the positive thoughts you can muster.

Arthur, our friend sent the following message today – we volunteered your services as a spirit who speaks confidently about health and medical matters (we do hope you don’t mind?).

She says:

“…………. I am reluctantly taking some topical hormones (estrogen) vaginally. I don’t like taking it and do not intend to do it long term. Even vaginas get old, but that can be just between us Pluto types. I am going to try some natural remedies. Ask Arthur if it makes him blush to address this. You asked. “

Perhaps you could give her your opinion on the natural remedies she mentions and the estrogen she is taking?

“Blushing not available. Opinion freely given. Vaginas get old by thinning tissues more prone to tearing. The estrogen which once kept them flexible has diminished. When artificial estrogen is applied topically, little is absorbed. It will help to use it. Certainly if you are more comfortable with natural remedies try them. After all the purpose is how sexually active (and comfortable) you want to be!”

Was Gill’s physical and mental depletion while we lived in Bosham anything to do with negative energies she was receiving from the place itself? Or does all perceived reduction of energy arise from within?

That location contributed a lot to the lack of positive energy Gill felt in Bosham. She always reacts strongly to place. There were harmful vibrations which amplified her reduction of energy in that area.

Was spiritual help responsible for directing Gill a) to Magda and b) to Victor who gave her the healing with crystals in Glastonbury?

Yes, this was a time when Gill’s plea for help although unvoiced and not directed to her own guide resulted in the particular events with Magda and especially with Victor.

Who were the 17 spiritual helpers who were, according to Victor, present at this healing? Was this an unusually large spiritual presence? Are there any extra spirit helpers near her now? (She asked for help this morning but was not aware of receiving any.)

Victor calls upon spirit presence whenever he uses crystals in healing. It is not unusual to have a group as large as that. That particular locale – even the room where he worked – attracted spirit energy. It is an excellent choice of place and Gill reacted well in it.

Yes, there are spirits answering her call for help. It is difficult to reach her in the depths of her despondency; but they are there. She will know of their help if she simply believes in it. When she prays, be sure to thank them in the sure knowledge she is receiving what she needs.

Why do people become increasingly short-sighted as they get older? Is it better to try and do with out glasses as much as possible? Why don’t more people stay fit and healthy till the end? (I think I might mean far-sighted.)

The lens of the eye stiffens as you age so losing some ability to accommodate. The difficulty is seeing what is close to the eye although the distance vision is not affected. It is more correct to say people become far-sighted.

You can’t really exercise your eye into seeing better. When glasses help, I recommend you use them. Otherwise your eyes tire and you may get headaches as well.

Staying fit and healthy throughout life depends on many factors. Each body is different in its basic structure. Each one encounters many varied stresses perhaps inadequate food or movement or water or mental stimulation etc. Some bodies are inherently better equipped to deal with such problems and some live such unstressed lives they do stay fit and healthy if they stay active. Most important is to keep interested and active.

Please will you say more about the nature of the ‘harmful vibrations’ in Bosham?

Those vibrations were transmitted through water and parts of the garden. They related to the violent acts which took place there. The village also suffered, as you were aware, more generally in the area of the meadow, church grounds and on one side of what is now a road. So much hatred accompanied those contentions, it has never cleared away entirely still affecting residents.

Is there anything inadequate about our water here and are the energies in this house and in Wittering positive?

The water quality is adequate, no, better than that, but the quantity is shifting underground and will soon need awareness not to waste it. The energies of the house and Wittering are basically positive, but inside the house human negative energy has built up. The power of the sea is regenerative. Use it.

How is it that the scientist, Stephen Hawking, has lived with motor neuron disease for so long? Why did he fall prey to it?

He has lived so long because of his mental activity, the enormous physical care he has had, his belief in his value to the world, (this is ego at the service of continued life) and his determination to function regardless of communication difficulty. It is another example of a spirit at the time of incarnation choosing this particular challenge. He has enormous positive energy to believe in his own strength and is rewarded by his success.

Was Gill’s Reiki ‘initiation’ a real spiritual event? Although she tends not to practise it, is it still an available energy that refers back to that first-degree Reiki experience?

This was part of Gill’s search for a link with God at that time. Yes, the initiation stirred a psychic memory of her healing powers in previous lifetimes. It is available energy, but is not the answer she was looking for then. She still kept on a search in several areas for that link. It wasn’t in healing as taught in Reiki.

When Gill received her first Reiki healing from Linde, it was interesting that I felt more the impact of it than she did. Is there are reason for this?

Healing in you is a major component of touching God’s creative energy. When Gill was alerted to this power, it occurred at that time to waken in you the potential which has grown into your practice of distant healing in this lifetime.

Please will you suggest all the things that we might do to rid the house of negative energy and replace it with positive?

When you have positive attitudes about the house and your activities in it the negative will dissipate and disappear. You, Gill have worked to bring the vitality of colour into the walls around you. Delight in it. Do bring flowers, but enjoy the energy from the earth where they grow, and means appreciating the grounds around the house. Take pleasure in caring for it. You, Jean in particular need to go onto the ground closely. You don’t know what is there without getting soil on you. Bring that appreciation into the house when you return. Not only count your blessings, but articulate them. The lovely atmosphere you first experienced in this house is still there for recognising and building up your own positive energy. Gill does a lot to try by moving furnishings, making improvements etc., but does it from desperation. So it only works briefly. Both of you need to believe that you are the real creators of joy or misery and can choose which way to go. Out with negative viewpoints. God’s creation is good.

What exactly is negative energy? How does it exist? What does it consist of? Could we banish it instantly with prayer, positive energy? Are you able to help us with this problem, Arthur?

It comes from the lack of faith in ‘goodness’ (God). It’s connected with lowered expectations and finally belief that all is not well and won’t get better. It’s the result of a great downward spiral. You can’t banish it instantly with prayer or any of the suggestions I have made in the past. It took a long time to make negative energies, for the positive are more natural, so it will take some time to dispel them. But you really can. When you really believe that, I and other spirits will respond with positive spirit force to support you.

How is it that alcohol has a different effect on everyone? If it is a depressant, why is its effect first to create a pleasant, happy feeling? Are all artificial stimulants inadvisable?

Alcohol’s action is based on the body weight and metabolism of the individual. If you know those details, you can predict how alcohol will affect the person. The reason people seek its action is that it first stimulates endorphin production causing the pleasant feeling, depending on the above details,. But deprived of its continuation when the body can no longer provide the lift of endorphins, no matter how much is consumed, it then becomes depressing in its effect.

The use of such stimulants is not in itself inadvisable except in moderating its use to a helpful level. It’s hard to stop wanting more of the good feeling and judge when you have had enough. You know that’s the danger and some people have not found the discipline to enjoy only what suits their own bodies, then recognise and obey the signals to stop.

Arthur, thank you for your help during my surgery and in advising me about the jaundice/infection. Did my spirit ‘go’ anywhere when I was anaesthetised?

Your spirit (soul) remained close to your body. There was never a time during the surgery when there was any temptation to separate. It was joined by other spirits of healing keeping watch and giving strong healing energy.

Do you think Patricia should move away from the cell phone mast even though she enjoys the support she receives from her neighbours etc?

There are several factors responsible for the development of Patricia’s cancer. The most important was her husband’s illness and death. They were just at the point of planning for retirement and enjoying their boat, freedom from responsibilities etc. She suffered greatly through this period. The cell mast aggravated this condition already in place. But the comfort of familiarity, a place for her dog to run, friends and family nearby more than equal the further damage from the cell mast. The treatment she will receive also will strengthen resistance to these radiations in a few weeks time.

Even though her cancer has spread to the liver and lymphatic system, does she still have the same chance that you suggested before, of a full recovery?

Clearly there is more healing energy required to deal with this problem in liver and lymph systems. So the chance of recovery is lessened, but not absent. The liver has enormous recuperative powers. All other systems must have a little time to build up resistance to both the treatment and the illness. Then she will have the best chance to recover health. Do offer healing again. Keep in touch. Talk to her about how she can use the healing energy in small increments to help endure the various developments of treatment and illness – not dismiss it as a magic potion.

Is all illness, in a sense, psychosomatic in as much as it is psychological disturbance that brings on disease?

It is, in that the mind directs all body action. ‘Brings on’ is a good way of describing it because when the mind/body is in balance, potential disease is present but requires a shift in psychological perspective to develop illness.

If so, would a placebo given in place of a ‘real’ drug or remedy have the same effect?

If you mean would it act as the ‘real’ drug does, yes, if the recipient believes it is the needed remedy. Then the mind creates the required curative properties from whatever neutral placebo has been offered just as the ‘real’ drug does.

Are the metaphysical causes for illness in the writings of Louise Hay accurate? For example, is diabetes the result of ‘longing for what might have been; a great need to control; deep sorrow; no sweetness left’? And Alzheimer’s: ‘Refusal to deal with the world as it is. Hopelessness and helplessness. Anger.’

Louise Hay has, over time, observed the correlations between the particular sort of illness and the metaphysical state of mind that accompanies it in sick people. She has offered useful interpretations, for when they are acknowledged and believed, her recommendations for a change of attitude can work wonders in healing of the disease if it is not so advanced as to have damaged working parts permanently. This is another example of how the mind is in charge of healing.

How might Gill help someone who has the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease?

Tell Gill: be your own kind self. Don’t feel you need to correct minor errors. Best not to call attention to even obvious mistakes mostly with forgetfulness. It is not very different from normal behaviour at first, so address her (him) as usual.

Is it right to say that every drug or medicine that we take, including artificial stimulants like coffee and alcohol, are to provide for the perceived lack of something which is in essence spiritual. Also, that with enough focus on, and development of, spiritual strength, we would be less likely to manifest illness or dis-ease and therefore not require stimulants, tranquil-izers or drugs of any kind.

The body was not made to require substances like coffee, alcohol and medicines to address problems of physical and mental breakdown. Without doubt (namely, with faith) developing spiritual strength would provide all that’s needed to prevent illnesses or diseases. The body reacts to living by using up a fund of energy which is replaced in periods of rest. When this is in balance, there is no sense of need except for basic water and nutrition.

Why will 2 units of alcohol make one person happy and another drowsy?

People react differently to many substances all the way from anaphylactic shock from spoiled sea foods to allergies for some which do not touch others. Partly the difference in alcohol response is anticipation. Food, exhilaration, fresh air or the reverse, make it possible to resist or experience drowsiness which may be a feature of one individual’s metabolism. Others may always expect a ‘happy’ hour and the body complies.

In relation to your answer on medicines and stimulants: if Gill develops greater faith and belief, and in turn, nourishes/exercises herself better, is that all that is required to restore her body/mind to an holistic state of good health?

I said that faith and healthy living will prevent illness and disease. It is also true that you will restore the body/mind if you return to good health practices. It depends on how much damage is present when you begin, how completely you recover, but it is all that it required.

Why does Gill still have IBS? Does the hydrochloride help or would you recommend another treatment?

IBS isn’t an exact diagnosis but describes the body’s reaction to stress along with other symptoms. Continue the hydrochloride for a little longer to see if Gill can use it to ease those particular problems. The basic stress is the real culprit.

Arthur, thank you for your help. It is invaluable – why is it that no one else can see how miraculous this is?

You said that we were depleted by Carole’s needs of our energy. It sounds as though she takes more than is given. Is this right, as it should be? Should there be an equal sharing (in an ideal world)? Is it right that I too acquire my energy from others? Is this OK?

All the discarnate spirits in the Earthly dimension require energy build-up which they receive from each other. Unwittingly, most people receive spiritual energy which is always available to them, but the physical body is very demanding of energy just to survive. When one such as Carole has learned to find it by making the contacts she can best use, she will take a lot before feeling she can give a share. In an ideal world there would be equal sharing as it is among discarnate spirits. With the exception of a few hermit-ic souls (even they get the small amount needed) all receive energy from each other. Gill also. It is OK, but she will be aware of balance, unlike Carole. This is why I have urged Gill to contact (talk to) others and look after herself.

Would it be a good idea for Gill to go to Glastonbury today to find some healing/energy/enthusiasm? The ad will be out on Thursday so she needs to become quickly more positive in belief, faith, life etc. Or perhaps she should concentrate on physical fitness?

If Gill can summon belief that the needed energy, life-force, healing etc. is there for her, a trip to Glastonbury is a good idea. There will be contacts to grant her some strength. She will need to be calm and unhurried to receive it. Physical fitness can wait until she is more in balance as above.

You said that we were depleted by Carole’s needs of our energy. It sounds as though she takes more than is given. Is this right, as it should be? Should there be an equal sharing (in an ideal world)? Is it right that I too acquire my energy from others? Is this OK?”

The above ‘I’ was intended to be me, Jean. Do ‘I’ take too much from others and not share enough? Am I like Carole in this respect? Is this partly why Gill is so depleted? And my family keeps its distance?

Acquiring energy from others is OK. Where the giving of energy in return is concerned, here is where the imbalance needs adjusting. Like Carole, you have not felt secure in the amount you receive. You would like to share it, but wait until you feel you can. Unfortunately, you use it up ‘waiting’. It doesn’t help Gill or your children or, in the long run, you.

It would seem that Gill’s awareness of balance is a good thing, but it doesn’t seem to serve her well in terms of energy-receipt – Yet Carole, being apparently less spiritually oriented, seems to have a greater supply than Gill. On a good day, perhaps the same can be said of me (Jean).

Being spiritually oriented clearly isn’t the answer to receiving energy. It also depends on the contacts. Gill sees mostly needy souls – Tony, Daniel, and you. They give little. Carole finds the sort from whom she can take, and quickly flits away from those who want something in return. BUT spiritually it is Gill who is ultimately gaining. Yes, on a good day she does find a supply of stored energy to help restore balance, too. The stored energy comes from earlier times with other contacts who were strong in themselves.

You mentioned Gill storing energy from previous ‘strong souls’. With the need for positive energy right now, especially to stimulate response to the advertisement, could you please recommend any ‘strong’ souls Gill might visit or re-visit? Or somewhere local to go for a powerful jump-start healing?

Let me suggest that Gill get a treatment from Linde Toompuu. Her first experience when investigating Reiki was strong enough to touch you, Jean and led you on into practising healing. Linde is just the calm sort of person to send all the needed energy to Gill. Linde’s calm results from perfect belief in her healing powers, and that’s what is needed especially hands on transference of energy – positive, positive, positive.

Do you think it is a good idea for me to visit Nancy and Peter Hague today, to talk about channelling?

Yes. You are still struggling with confirmation that channelling is a real, true experience. These people will be open to discussion though the confirmation you seek will come from you.

You say that spiritually it is Gill who is gaining – although she is depleted in many ways now. Can you say how this spiritual gain comes about?

Gill does not abandon those who seek her energy even when she least wants to help them. Although they are too weak to offer much to Gill, she still gives with little expectation of return. In these actions she accumulates spiritual gain.

Where is our spiritual energy coming from at present? Are we living solely off stored energy so that when it is used up we might succumb to major illness?

You are using up stored energy to deal with your present life circumstances. However, your spirit help is also coming to you from free spirit entities who offer it when you pray. This light is dim because your belief is so faint. You also need to increase life-force energy in ways I have described for if it weakens sufficiently, it could result in grave illness.

Repeat question as I interjected my own idea:

You mentioned Gill storing energy from previous ‘strong souls’. With the need for positive energy right now, especially to stimulate response to the advertisement, could you please recommend any ‘strong’ souls Gill might visit or re-visit? Or somewhere local to go for a powerful jump-start healing?

I was referring to the experience at Shambahla. The most immediate healing and replaced energy came from there at another time of crisis.

How much praying, exactly, do we need to do to strengthen our energy?

It isn’t the amount. It is sincerity and belief that the prayer is heard and response is always inevitable. You can strengthen your energy immediately in this way. Every time you feel a decline, renew your prayer. It can be only a few words or no words at all – just the strong sense of need.

From Gill: Hello, Arthur. Thank you for your answers yesterday. I’m hoping they will slow down as I find them more within myself. But, meantime, I have one today about the healing power of crystals. Would it be right to say that they act as amplifiers of the energy around them or ‘programmed’ into them through blessings? Rather than that they are healing agents per se?

Do you think it would help to maintain the jump-start from Glastonbury to seek out more crystals and put them in the bedroom and elsewhere in the house? If so, how many?

They are healing agents in themselves vibrating positive energy. However, when corresponding vibrations in a person seeking this energy are near, it is amplified. At Glastonbury crystals there have been increasing energy from the strong energies inherent in this place and through the many visitors who seek this power continuously. It will help to increase crystal energy in the house. Acquire only those which have strong attraction for you and place them where you can touch them often and want to. This limits the number because their energy diminishes when neglected. This is not a compulsory exercise either. It must come from a natural desire to engage with the crystal. So put just a few in the several places you spend most time.

Also, if they are ‘amplifiers’, does this explain the wide variety of very strong energies in Glastonbury? In a place where there is a healing well, an abbey and generally a focus on healing, various religious practices and spiritual intent, there is also the opposite force with many rebellious and needy people living in the area, – mechanical breakdowns seem to be a feature, and exploitation of tourists…………..

From the above statement you see the crystals at Glastonbury are amplifiers of already strong energies and exert a magnetic pull on people with a wide range of needs and behaviours. Yes, this does explain the wide variety of very strong energies there which have been building over many years even before Shambhala and its beautiful patterns of crystals were in place to amplify them.

Arthur, can you tell me where we have put the little clear quartz crystal?

You may be unable to find the crystal no matter what I say for it has been neglected so long, it may nor wish to be found. Don’t worry about it as it will be in someone’s care if it doesn’t return to your keeping. Search your boxes carefully to assure yourself you have done your best. The act of searching may guide you to it or strengthen it wherever it is.

Can you advise me how to use the crystal wand for healing?

I will give you one method of using the wand safely. With it as a model you may then design your own intuitive ways of using it. It has powerful healing properties, but that power must be respected. Begin with a request to the spirit of healing in the wand for its help. If you are attempting to relieve pain or a disease in a particular body-part of the recipient, place your left hand on or close to that area. Take up the wand in your right hand holding it horizontal to your body. Slowly turn the point at the narrow end so that the point is aimed at the back of your left hand. You will absorb healing energy which will transfer to the site of the pain but protect it from too great a power discharge. You must remain sensitive to this sensation in your hand so that you can turn the point away slowly should you note any discomfort. Continue the treatment until you intuit it is enough. Then return the wand to the place you keep it. The recipient should remain still for a minute or so. You thank the spirit and wash your hands.

Would it be a good idea to off this healing to Patricia now?

It would not help to treat her when the chemotherapy is active. This vibratory energy would conflict with her body’s effort to heal itself with the chemical infusion. She will alternate fortnights with this chemical treatment. On the one without chemo, you might suggest it, but continue regularly with Reiki healing, for it is not in conflict with medical attention in any case. You’ll want to be very tactful to interest her positively in the crystal’s healing energy.

Arthur, Gill has been somewhat restless at night (although much better during the day) since the crystals arrived – is there a connection?

In the presence of the new energies, even though positive, Gill has more stimulation than she can assimilate at night. She has been very active during the day. Her actions are aided then. She did rightly associate feeling better with the crystals around her as well, but she is likely to have restless nights for a short time as she adjusts: Dreaming vividly is part of her adjustment.

Will you please comment on my treatment of Gill?

You were too anxious to succeed at first, but with Gill’s help you began to relax your doubts and open up to healing energy. This was still a beginning effort. You realise that Gill’s pain is of long duration and is, as she believes, resulting from a hard knot of negativity which will take some time to dissipate and replace with healthy positivity. It was a good sign that she felt some relief in this first use of the wand. It is important that you are both comfortable. Tension is particularly to be avoided. It diminishes the healing energy. Take more time to ready yourself. You must achieve the same state as for channelling before you begin. Do feel free to move, to change position and to talk as long as you are at ease after you start.

Is there anything I can do for John di?

Your friend, John di, is retreating from life as much and as fast as possible. He has already lost contact with almost everything and everyone he can recognise, even his sons. Even so, the love that brings Toshi and Michael to him so frequently makes his situation more bearable. Your phone call to Toshi will also strengthen John as does any healing energy you can continue to send. In his spirit he is aware of all this caring and is comforted.

Can Gill use the wand on me?

Yes, Gill can use the wand as you do. She should also dedicate its healing purpose, its programming, for herself. As it is self-cleansing, it will be ready. She will wash her hands before using it and afterwards and remember to thank the spirit of healing in the wand.

Also, please can you say something more definite about Gill’s continuing pain down her left side: what is it? How can she work with it? Is it still just the result of stress and depression and why is it so slow to shift, despite the recent crystal input etc.

This lump of pain certainly originates from stress and depression. It is beginning to manifest in a physical condition involving the ovary, but it is too soon to be a fixed problem. Gill is trying to work with it but it is of such long duration that it is very, very difficult to dispel. The crystal energy is useful but not capable of immediate relief as it might be for a passing headache. The trip to Glastonbury is a good move. It will increase the crystal energy, so take the wand with you and continue to use it. Of course, all techniques for reducing stress, especially meditation, should be continued. She may keep in touch with the medical doctor for pain relief and a chance to talk about it with someone who has interest and knowledge if she feels confident in this person for this energy exchange.

Do you recommend the Hopi Ear Candle treatment for Gill at this time? Is it safe?

The ear treatment is safe. Go ahead – all physical relief is helpful to Gill right now.

Were we successfully healed at Glastonbury? Were there really archangels present at Gill’s healing?

Much healing energy was introduced into both of you. You realise that the real healing comes from within you working with the healing which you have received. Yes, you were successfully healed because you did co-operate with the spirits. The crystal energy you have invited into your life will help to continue this work as well.

There were angels and archangels present with Gill.

Did I successfully re-charge the wand?

The wand was very responsive to the vibrations of healing energy in the meditation room at Glastonbury. It stepped up the charge two-fold.

It seemed to work very well on Gill this time – do you agree?

You and Gill are clearly aware of the difference in intensity of the wand’s action. I do agree it is working well. Now that you feel free to try a change of position and particularly rotation of the wand, it should continue to be effective. You mustn’t allow yourself to get tired and Gill should be ready to halt treatment if she gets uncomfortable being relatively still so long. It isn’t the length of treatment in itself that determines success. It requires the quiet mind and expectation that the spirit (energy) of the wand will work for you.

Why did we both suffer from weak stomachs and bowels? Was it to do with the full moon? I seemed to be very sensitive to the energies in the meditation room.

In this case it had a lot to do with the full moon which made the energies present already ‘boil over’. It was necessary to cleanse the digestive tract in this way to prepare you for re-balancing. In order to profit from the experience at Glastonbury, you were then able to accept energy for healing.

We have read a communication channelled by Edwin Courtenay about tachyon energy. Would you please comment on its authenticity?

Tachymic energy was available to the Atlanteans who already had a well-developed crystal-based technology and used for an increased power source.

The information about its origin and intent is accurate. However, beyond that the claims for various shaped recently made crystals is greatly exaggerated although there is no denying tachymic energy is very powerful in its original state.

When we return to Glastonbury, should we acquire any tachyon crystals?

At this time you are just learning about crystal powers and how to use them. You have some instruction for this, but the channelled work says only that you must utilise your intuition to use tachyonic crystals. If the crystals are as capable as he, the channeller, says, then surely you need direction as they may otherwise cause ‘detriment to the human energy field’, his words describing another’s tachyonic products. My advice is work with what you have. There is much to learn yet. You are easily overpowered by too much input.

Were there angels and archangels present at my healing as well? Does this presence signify an important event? Are there many archangels? Were Raphael and Michael present?

Your guardian angels were with you both and attracted three more, including archangels. It was a significant occasion because you were both open to their healing presence as you received Seichem treatment. The two archangels were Raphael and Gabriel. Michael was also present when Gill received healing. There are not many archangels but they are able to be everywhere at once so in a sense this was not unusual for them to appear when the guardian angels summoned them for their divine support. You were both in great need of their special gifts to help you make use of the healing.

Gill continues to experience a heavy dark depression that usually begins in the night and then recedes when the day is underway. Would you offer any advise or explanation, please? At other times her energy has increased and there is more creativity and momentum at work.

During the day Gill is able to use her newly amplified energies to activate her mind and body positively. With the help of crystal healing she also experiences less pain. In the night she tries to use this energy to discharge the negative thought-forms that plague her when she is inactive and cause depression. To cope with this, before trying to sleep she should deliberately make new thought-forms that the depression will fade away. Then pray to her guide requesting additional spirit energies to keep that darkness at bay. As with the bodily problem, it will take some time to rid herself of it. Gill, believe you can do it and don’t be easily discouraged – keep at it. It can be dispelled.

How did our stomachs and intestines know that we needed to be cleansed prior to the healing in Glastonbury?

Your physical bodies did not know to cleanse themselves at the time you went to Glastonbury, but ‘Will’ and I knew that this was the way for you to be able to deal with enormously increased power of energies you were encountering there. So your bodies responded to the directions your Guides gave to you.

If you and Will can direct/ affect our bodies so powerfully, why will you not simply make us completely well and healthy?

Your guides did not directly cause the cleansing experience. As I said, your bodies responded to the directions your guides gave to you. At any time you could have disregarded the suggestion, but you followed through. As in all healing, it takes place in you, from your own use of the healing energy. This experience does emphasise the power you have over your body.

You say in relation to the healing and treatments at Shambhala that ‘success in accepting this work depends on the nature of the energy exchange with the persons doing it’. However, when Isis gave me the vortex healing it did have an effect which lasted for about a week; yet she seemed to me to be less than sincere – and in a hurry; but I received healing energy in spite of the energy exchange with her.

The exchange between healer and recipient is very important. You were open to receive what Isis gave you. Although you did not feel she was sincere and was rushed, she is long-practised at healing. Without her energy contribution you would have failed to receive the healing energy, so this exchange was successful as she was able to maintain the necessary connection in spite of appearances to you.

Do you mean that if I believe in DNA activation and Holographic Reprogramming, it will work for me?

Yes, these programmes will work for you if you truly believe it.

Is the strength of a person’s belief in self or in the thing: e.g. healing, career, relationship, always commensurate with the outcome?

No, not always. We are back to ‘circumstances beyond our control’. Strong belief is necessary to bring about a desired outcome, however, when it occurs.

Was Gill’s good night last night the direct result of crystal healing, Reiki or both?

Both, but that’s not all of the reason. Gill could have been awash in healing energy and felt nothing. She had really let go into the power so as to absorb it. The crystal was infusing its energy and you were clear to be an instrument. This is the combination for true healing with the crystal. Reiki is born out of love and this healing energy added to the relaxed reception by Gill of the crystal was the highest blessing the life-force spirits could confer.

Why was the pain so bad in the day?

That pain was acting as a kind of monitor of Gill’s whole physical condition reflecting the degree of tension and stress of life’s burdens testing her. That day was a combination of difficulties to be dealt with. She didn’t let it overwhelm her, but worked out problems without waste of energy in spite of the pain. So when the time came for crystal healing, she had dispelled what turmoil would have interfered and let all of it go and the pain with it.

Does any outside agency, such as a pendulum, tachyon etc., have power over you independent of whether one believes it or not?

Outside agencies do modify your life all the time. The extent to which you are affected usually depends on your belief or unbelief. The pendulum in your pocket is a potential power not because it has energy of its own, but because of what may happen when you interact with it. This is true of most encounters. But there are energies beyond that which in themselves can affect you regardless of belief, unbelief or even ignorance of them.

Please would you give an example or two of the energy you mentioned here in the last sentence?

When your car refused to move at Shambhala years ago, you were exposed to the powerful crystal energy there which has affected you ever since whether you were actively working with it or not and this is also true of Gill. It certainly has independent power.

The most obvious example is all the spirit energy you have just begun to acknowledge which has been nudging and steering you from your birth. This is a power outside yourself even though I am part of you, and that greater power that operates independently upon you and all others to attract you back to unity with All That Is. Of course, it is your choice through awakening understanding, if and when you will respond to that energy and to what extent.

Does the little star ring that Gill brought back from Glastonbury have a power of its own and connect with other tachyon emissions?

I did earlier suggest that Tachyon power is so strong that one needs instruction how to use it. Now you have it: the star ring is imbued with Tachyon energy which is maintained through connection with the Tachyon energy field. Yes, it has a power of its own.

If so, is it a good energy to work with for our psychic and spiritual development? Should I acquire one as well?

I suggest Gill begin by keeping the star ring close and monitoring its effect on her. It has already manifested its power. Because Gill is so sensitive to all energies she is exposed to, it is important to go slowly in accepting new ones even though there is plenty of evidence this one is good for help with spiritual development. You would be better to wait until you are thoroughly conversant with crystal energy before you acquire one of the Tachyon forms. It is more than you can assimilate now. It was too disturbing when you first contacted it and tends to muddle your thinking about spiritual matters.

Why was Gill so very emotionally affected at the astrology conference? Was it the morning ceremony at the chalice well or the tachyon star ring or something else?

Gill was again in a sea of powerful energies emitted by place, people, the star ring and the content of the meeting. She was tugged in all directions at once. Such close contact with so many people at the ceremony and the conference is so out of her usual way of life, it swallowed her energy faster than it was replenished. All of this, especially with the addition of the star ring, resulted in deep felt emotion.

Why did her pain return at the conference – the formal setting?

At this formal conference, she again experienced her usual reaction to convention and was reminded of her efforts to bring astrology and alternative healing to the authoritarian world. Also the academic setting reminded her of her own ins-and-outs with formal schooling. The result was the return of pain which originated in these tensions.

Gill had a deeply negative reaction to the person and the subject of Feng Shui. Was it justified do you think?

The Feng Shui lecturer was a special challenge. It’s not surprising as she represents the extreme dependence on a rigid set of rules, anathema to Gill. She also represents a high degree of insecurity. By trying to ‘force’ acceptance of her rigid beliefs, she turns away some who might receive her ideas and through exchange of interest support her. Her attitude to the group was fear. Very unpleasant. The subject relates to another culture when these rules slowly developed by observation that placement of things seemed to relate to ‘health, wealth, and prosperity’. Gill is justified in reacting to it as not suitable to her place and time. Intuitively she arranges and rearranges things to the best advantage according to her changing requirements.

(I hesitate to bring up this again, but) Will the activation of the dormant strands of DNA occur automatically when we develop spiritually to a certain level? And is the ‘treatment’ or session to activate DNA a method of raising one’s spiritual or psychic awareness – like Diana’s ‘Lightbody Activation’?

As the body has evolved through its life on Earth, its DNA which contains patterns for each developing part, has changed through the ages. It will continue to do so automatically as humankind evolves. Spiritual development is the principal instigator of evolution in man, in his mind, soul and body and so is responsible for all his growth. The treatments you mention are designed to hurry along the changes which are in progress now. They do so by raising conscious awareness, psychic and spiritual. If you are completely in tune with this desire to evolve and alter your structures more rapidly, the treatments will help you do just that. I say again, it requires complete faith in that process. You are in charge.

Arthur, please will you say more about what the tachyon star ring is doing to, or with, Gill?

The star ring is introducing a new stream of positive energy into her psyche. Her body also responds with greater sense of well-being. So far she has been able to absorb and make good use of this slight upsurge of vitality. She needs to be careful not to take on too much at once. Take a break when aware of the need. Put it aside for a time so she won’t be so stimulated that she will experience nervous fatigue. This power can become overwhelming otherwise.

Would it be true to say that as one develops psychically there is more information rushing in on different levels, so that it is more imperative to be either grounded or centred in oneself and one’s own beliefs (while being open to new ideas)?

Yes, without doubt.

Would it be true to say that if I believed in Feng Shui, for example, I would give it a certain power and it could then dominate me with that power if I let it? So one has to be careful what one believes in -and one has to have a strong belief

It would be true. (..a paragraph here that was altered and crossed out).

Arthur, is this mess I just made evidence of too much input? Is it from the tachyon or crystals? Are the questions correctly answered?

Yes, you can’t sort out clarity from so much. It doesn’t take much extra energy to push you into confusion – the tachyon did that. But the answers are correct.

This is the deleted paragraph (I just made a happy face by mistake!

One could even invent a complete doctrine based on anything he chooses. He could get so caught up in it he eventually would lose himself into it and it would completely dominate all his thoughts and actions. So do be careful to retain your own beliefs. Especially when confronted with someone who is so sure of his rightness. Also do avoid becoming dogmatic as you want to learn of other ways to truth in tolerance and love.

Can you say, Arthur, if it is worthwhile to contact other medical practices, or are they too biased to respond favourably?

Most doctors are very jealous of their position and feel insulted to be asked to consider persons without their training as competent healers. This makes the attempt to offer alternative ways of healing to extend the doctors’ services, even where they are overworked, unlikely to succeed. To find out if there are open-minded medical practitioners, you have to ask, but you will experience rejections. However, even if you are turned down for placing brochures in clinics, individual doctors will be informed and will be interested in recommending some of the services to their patients. In this way the seed you wished to plant may sprout.

Would you comment on our healing activities of this morning? Would you advise a more regular practice like this? Should the wand be stored in the light rather than wrapped – it appeared to be dormant for a time as we hadn’t used it for a while?

It is a good plan to have the space you have arranged for healing. There is a lot of positive energy there. You have made good use of the triangular arrangement of crystals for which you have thanked Diana and Duane – a good energy exchange. Meanwhile your own healing practices are developing appropriately. I would suggest more frequent rather than more regular periods. You need a certain amount of spontaneous action. Nothing is wrong with regularity except the danger it becomes habit and thoughtless. Do store the wand in light. Sunlight in particular energises it.

With regard to the torture and suffering of animals and people in the world, do angels and guides intervene when pain and suffering and fear becomes too bad?

Creatures were made with the ability to screen out extremes of pain and suffering. Shock short-circuits these sensations, but if it continues beyond that period, Angels intervene. One can only bear so much before losing consciousness – one way they offer relief which we know from experience. They are with the sufferer to help till the end. Some really terrible (your perception) experiences are chosen, pre-birth, by the sufferer to aid his development. Animals, however, receive immediate care and relief even though they may seem to be in considerable pain.

Can you explain something about Marc’s schizophrenia for us? Is this an illness he chose to experience during this life?

To choose the experience of schizophrenia is one of the most difficult earthly paths, much harder than bodily debilities. In spirit he recognised it would add greatly to his knowledge and strength (spiritual growth). He was ready to undertake such a journey.

What are the required conditions for schizophrenia to manifest? Are there irreconcilable divisions deep within his subconscious?

There must be divisive tensions in the primary relationships. The split exists from early childhood even though not clearly manifesting until adolescent changes as he struggles furiously to become one or the other of his potential personalities. This is then exaggerated by the environment he experiences. Psychically this is deeply buried and it is not fully reconcilable. He will always be at odds with himself living outside the range of the usually accepted understanding of reality.

Is there a specific spiritual presence during his ‘altered states’?

His personal guide is there, often with others, particularly when he is losing his own direction completely. He needs a great deal of support to survive the titanic struggles of his mind.

When one has great darkness within, is it possible for it to become a reality?

Once I described a scale of darkness and light in everyone. When you are weakened in mind, spirit or even body, you fall prey to influence at the dark end of the scale. Throughout your life you create reality (your perception of what is) from this scale. When the darkness is great it may utterly overcome your attraction out of it towards light. You will then regard it as ‘reality’ but you can turn. It may require much spiritual help to increase your energy to that point. It is always available.

Is he helping himself as much as he can? Can anyone else help him in any way?

At this point, yes. It is a never-ending battle. He does get help from others, but he will keep them at a distance, including using drugs for this purpose. The medication which does aid his ability to balance his conscious use of mind with blanking out all mental sensation keeps him just able to manage his life at the current level. He will strongly resist any attempt to change what he is doing in the name of help. Accepting him as he is helps most as the meeting with Marc and Sue definitely did. A little increase in self-esteem assists him to help himself.

What causes Gill to move so quickly between love and hate? Where does it come from?

Gill has always found responses to her good efforts of every kind unequal to her expectations. She is now at a stage comparable to adolescence where the body’s systems which are responsible for outward expression of emotion are changing from moment to moment. The two great motivators of love and hate stem from the same sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, but are currently amplified by these hormonal shifts of speed and intensity.

How can she feel repelled by her environment one day and supported by it the next? How can she find and retain whatever true centre she has?

These undulating changes in Gill, not the environment, are a lot dependent on her physical condition. I’ve been calling this to your attention for some time. It is too easy to react to the outside world to account for the discomforts of the internal environment. She need’s to call on God’s presence everywhere to help her appreciate what will support her everyday. She suggests a mantra for you to use with your worry stone. It would help for her to have one to turn her back to the centre which is divine care. That faith can carry you both through this hard time. It will pass.

What is happening to her ‘cycles’ now which have become more irregular and intense? Can she measure and predict them astrologically?

This is a normal physical development which Gill feels more than most. The cycles are not predictable as they depend on such a constellation of glandular functions operating independently.

Where and how do feelings begin and how do they develop?

Conscious thought rests on language structures, but feelings exist free of that specificity as a quality of being. Feelings are a manifestation of pure energy in a particular form. They are roused from a volume of accumulated reactions to the personal world around you from birth. Before words, you know physically and psychically sensations of warmth, chill, hunger, safety, pain, comfort etc. From this basic vocabulary your feeling patterns developed. You may by nature, example and training express or suppress them, but they will precede and colour your responses. Repeated experience of a harmful or helpful nature will reinforce early feelings, but not alter them deeply. Even so, new experience adds stimuli which will modify behaviour and the intensity of feelings.

Gill is very happy with the current turn of events re the flying, fresh people, exercise and a better diet. She thanks you for pointing her in this direction.

A Did you know this was a likely occurrence?

Yes, it was only a matter of time until her vitality would reactivate the body’s need for movement and care. It is to her great credit that she has responded and actively is working toward physical, mental and spiritual health. Overcoming depression especially in the presence of torpid, humid hot days takes real strength. She has made good use of the idea about will – ‘I think I can, I know I can’. And from Will’s own help.

B. Was the spiritual assistance huge? (She sends many, many thanks)

Yes to this also. Her guide has been especially instrumental in bringing energy and direction to help.

Was there a special reason why today was full of positive energy?

It originated in you. Each little incident that you (both of you) recognised as a good omen attracted further favourable events. This in turn grew out of Gill’s improved attitude toward improving health, spiritually, physically and mentally and your better effort toward working on your problems (I refer to accepting yourself as OK) and also composing. All this produced the energy for you.

Can you explain why I have experienced so many life-threatening events in my life?

Because you are hard to convince, these events were to demonstrate over and over that you are in the constant care of the divine. No matter how often you are endangered, you are protected. You have accepted this without understanding, but counted yourself merely lucky. Think about it now. It should be the best aid to a full acceptance and appreciation of God’s love in your life.

(The basic meaning in the answers is correct. You had a great deal of trouble with clarity tonight. It will take a little intuitive reading to make accurate sense of it.)

Graham found a mysterious pool of blood in his house which seemed to manifest from ‘nowhere’: can you say where it came from and what is its meaning? Might there be a fellow pilot trying to contact him? Or perhaps it has a deeper significance?

When events of this kind occur (for instance, a statue sheds tears) it is to alert the person to whom it is addressed that he has psychic powers, often used for healing. In fact, Graham made it happen. He would like contact with the spirits of this place, especially pilots of the past.

Why was Gill stung by a wasp in bed at this time when things are going well (for a change)?

(The first answer ‘received’ was incorrect. When we asked ‘Was the answer received yesterday correct? – what follows was the reply)

You weren’t up to maintaining the receptive condition you need for channelling. The answer was misinterpreted. You picked up the idea it was a minor episode but you were so overanxious to give some response that you failed to get the rest correctly. Gill had been questioning why a series of small positive events kept happening to her. The sting was like pinching yourself to see if you are awake. It was also slightly punishing against any fault which would interrupt these good things continuing.

You are in no condition to continue channelling today – notice how it feels so in the future you will recognise it and put it off to another time.

Arthur, please can you explain why Gill is having this heavy cold? It is most inconvenient with regard to her other activities. Is there a way to make it go away quickly?

Disease-causing organisms (they are life-forms too) are also affected by the powerful forces at large now. They are increased in virulence – therefore it is much more difficult to resist succumbing to their intrusion. Gill didn’t choose to experience this cold now, but did not have the requirements to fend it off. She is assisting the healing by the usual means of treating a cold but also needs to avoid anxiety over the inconvenience with her plans. That really causes delay. Gill, accept the help you are receiving with faith it will result in prompt recovery. Then the cold will vanish soon. (Jean, keep on with Reiki – it helps, too.)

We have each experienced a pain in our abdomens – even Graham reported a strange pain the other day. What is this about?

There was a momentary surge in the energy grid of your lives. It caused the sudden tension resulting in pain. It’s all part of the unusual strength of energies to which you are now continually having to adjust. This is just a passing incident.

Dear Arthur, thank you for your help in answering ‘our’ never-ending list of questions. Passing on your words, this time to Sue and Marc has proved, for the first time to our knowledge, of benefit to someone else. Marc, who needs support so much, felt supported as a result of your insight into his condition.

Graham complained of a sharp pain in his knee yesterday – was this just a passing spasm or a sign of something more serious? Is he generally in good health?

He does not care for his body as he does his machines. The pain, not serious in itself, is a clue that all is not well. He would be well-advised to seek a medical evaluation. His general health is good, but it will not continue unless he looks after himself better.

You mention that you answer direct pleas for help – but what happens to those people who are suffering who do not know or believe in spiritual help? How are they helped?

Pleas for help are not necessarily directed toward any form of spirit. Those without belief in divine powers still attract us to give the same sort of assistance, but as it is not recognised, they may not make as good use of it as those who believe.

Do David and I have a previous special connection? Why did I feel so positively towards him?

In a prior life, a time of famine and plague, you were both involved in offering care to sufferers even when there was little you could do to relieve misery or avoid infection. This created a great bond of sympathy between you. Some of your healing ability of today stems from that experience of unselfish concern and explains the immediate warm response to and from David.

Please do you have any further advice on how each of us can live most profitably through this eclipse period with its ongoing pressures?

Both of you practise acknowledging you are good persons in need of releasing negative attitudes. Be truly appreciative and certain of the spiritual help always available to you. Ask for it. To rid yourself of inertia (negativity) it would be one good use of the strong energies which are pushing for action to care for the garden whenever weather allows. Caring for growing things in the earth creates positive energy, helping to improve your energy balance. Stay as physically active as you can with walks and Tai Chi, but don’t get too tired.Try to endure the limitations of climactic conditions unemotionally, but enjoy the clear moments without sighing because they are few or must go. Accentuate the positive. Stay as mentally active as you can expanding your knowledge of astrology, Gill, and composing, Jean. Most important, keep as spiritually active as you can through meditation, healing and channelling.

Will you please offer some feedback on how the healing was received by Janie yesterday?

Janie has added crystal healing to her collection of healing aids. She said she really experienced the transmission of healing energy, understanding it is not curative in itself, but for her use in self-healing. She responded very well to the clearing as she participated in this activity, but you may have over-extended the time for infusing of energy even though she asked for attention to particular areas after you thought it was enough. If she returns for the treatment of the chakras, you must be more attuned to when to stop. She was drawn to crystal energy enough to want to place crystals in her home, but this is her reaction to all new ideas: ‘she’d like some of that too…’.

Would you comment on the strength and continuation of the dose of anti-depressants that Gill is currently taking – should she continue with 20 mg per day or raise the level to 30 or 40mg?

It may help Gill to raise the dose a little. She must be patient to see continuing improvement. Just increasing the dosage of the drug is not enough. She must bring her own healing powers to bear on recovering fully (*and you can help with Reiki, also). *Jean’s addition!

Should Gill continue to take 30 mg of the anti-depressants or slowly increase or decrease the dose?

Gill is correctly informed that to profit from the medicine she is taking requires long-term use. Even though she is eager to return to ‘normal’ unaided by medication, it would not be a good idea to cut down on it now while she is beginning to achieve better balance. I suggest she continue the same dosage at least a week or so more monitoring how much she feels in control and how much she attributes to the drug. Gill, don’t be in a hurry to decrease the dose. It is helping now at the present level. Don’t be too quick to give it up on the basis of a few off days. The improvement will fluctuate somewhat from day to day. You are wise to keep up exercising as much as you can, as you are doing. It is more difficult because you feel less energetic but worth the extra effort.

Dear Arthur, please will you explain why each of us is having physical symptoms just now? Gill her sore throat and headache and me an inexplicable anxiety?

Your bodies are equipped with immunity to most of the toxicity which exists in your mental and physical environment. It includes bacteria, viruses, negative interpretation of your life experience, unbalanced emotional pressures and so on. You also have healing ability to deal with such things when your resistance weakens and you become ill emotionally, physically or mentally.

The anxiety you are feeling is directly related to your inability to balance your emotional concerns dealing with aging, not specific problems, but observing what is happening to your body and mind as well as what your elderly friends are undergoing. You are afraid of yourself.

Gill’s emotional tension constricts in her throat. The infection manifested by swollen lymph glands has not been overcome because she has been unable to release this tension. Her energy is deflected from healing and is needed to rid her of the headache and illness.

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