Another Way In

Why is it that so many people dismiss astrology?

I ask because the subject seems to be ignored before there is even a basic understanding of what it is. So I continue to try and find new ways and easier ways of explaining the basics before the listener glasses over. Here’s the latest.

If we are born at a time and in a place (there is never one without the other: it is called the space-time continuum) when the furthest markers or indicators in the sky make mostly positive angles with each other, then our life will allow in the natural flow of energy in the world which is non-physical energy, fresh from All That Is, to help everything we experience materialize in the way we prefer.

But if we were born when there were difficult angles (also called aspects) between these indicators, we find that everything is hard work which makes us feel bad and think bad thoughts.

I say everything, but people mostly have some of one and some of the other, and the areas of life affected are those relating to the portion of the birth-chart which the 2 or more markers reside in.

Is that comprehensible? More simply still: good aspects make a good life by allowing a maximum flow of positive spiritual energy. Hard aspects make a difficult life by blocking the flow of positive energy.

The more of one or the other the harder or easier.

Certainly the more positive thoughts we think the more our energy-vibration rises. But how easy is it to come up with those positive thoughts when life is placing objects in our way time after time; quite often we can think good thoughts and the bad stuff happens anyway because we just don’t have the right sort of ‘positive’ in our mind, being so unused to good things happening.

So when Esther mentions living happily ever after she is talking about herself and anyone else with mostly positive energy in their initial being. That’s another term for a birth chart.

But she does not know this. So Abraham cannot speak of it.

My inner guidance knows this and we have a very interesting time trying to pass messages from His end for me to notice. For a long time I thought that He just wasn’t trying hard enough – after all He was part of God-energy and God can do anything. But I came to realise that it is all out there but I have to find ways of letting it in and wait for a positive ‘transit’ or ‘progression’ to arrive. Heaven help me if I have to suffer negative transits on top of negative birth aspects – which is what has been happening since 2017.

Time and again I ask: what am I supposed to do with this poor health, this physical pain; this mental pain; these losses; this mountain I have to climb every day; and the fear and depression on waking each morning. If there was a clear reason for it I could start to understand better.

Then one day it came to me that all the people have to carry all the shades of energy to make sense out of the opposite end of everything. How can there be rich if there is not poor, happy if not sad etc and all of the degrees of each in between. We live in a world of opposite forces which is seen in no better way than by examination of the circle; especially the circle of the birth map which shows the Earth on its axis and the rest of the solar system inside it. The contexts for all of life are represented by the archetypal symbols.

I do not feel better knowing that my opposite number is given the opportunity for great success and pleasure. Nor that there are as many others out there like me as there are fortunate ones not like me.

But at least we have a sort of starting point for investigation of this definition of a universal puzzle.

I thought it would be better if we could all just be having a good time, all in agreement, and with the existence of ‘positive’ energy only. But my Guidance said, ‘Yes, that is where we live: those like me in non-physical’.

So I asked, ‘Why does this world exist then?’

‘Why not? There are infinite worlds in the universe.’

Our understanding then is limited to relativity. Even the beauty and perfection of a complex mathematical equation or a scientific discovery or a perfect work of art. These are the outcomes of there being an opposite force or energy in play or at work during every turn of the mind or heart.

Life itself has to have its opposite idea. The idea of physical death. This provides a reason for procreation and the enjoyment of life.

Einstein talks about physical energy and non-physical energy: E = mc² “Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.” On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing.

Einstein’s greatest equation, E = mc2, is a triumph of the power and simplicity of fundamental physics. Matter has an inherent amount of energy to it, mass can be converted (under the right conditions) to pure energy, and energy can be used to create massive objects that did not exist previously.

Somewhere in there is the explanation for why some of us are disposed to find life difficult and complicated and some of us are not.

Preachers like Esther can explain and help others their whole lives long but they will only be heard by those who are capable of response, those who tune in. And that is also why relatively few people are turned on by the mention of astrology. Half of the world does not need astrology and the other half is busy supporting it by carrying the opposite energy.

All existence contains graduations of yin and yang. So does non-existence by virtue of the movement of the pure energy.


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