Esther’s ‘pandemic’ Recordings

I heard from Esther on seminar #4 @ 56 mins. that it was okay to republish her material. For now, I am placing all copies of Esther’s ‘pandemic’ recordings on the new section above under Introductions called A-H recordings. The new ones will appear there asap after they appear on the A-H site. Expect 36 in all – all things being equal.

Some Comments:

Starting from where Esther likes to start, with the phrase law of attraction: what has the population of the planet done to attract this pandemic, how has it attracted it? Through which portal has the energy entered? Perhaps we should look at some of the effects of the pandemic so far to trace the causes.

  • There is the threat of an early death as well as a nasty illness.
  • There is social distancing or isolation, the latter presupposing that we are living too close together for health purposes.
  • Our freedoms are being limited leading to anxiety and fear – same vibe, different places on the spectrum; fear is rampant and is being pumped up by the media whose job has never been to strike a peaceful note for the collective.

So is Gaia telling us that the planet is overcrowded and that too many people who are not finding their needs met makes for an uncomfortable situation in physical space? The more this theme is explored the more we can see that interaction with each other is a big part of why we have attracted a novel and very potent virus. (The fact of it being a corona type virus leads me to the archetype found in the story of Leo.)

My job as an astrologer is to see how energy, containing dynamic strands which each have their own story, (a bit like a piece of DNA) shows us what is happening at any given time: first in our own birthchart and then in the corresponding NOW chart for any date and time we want to investigate. We live in time and space and this is a continuum, without it we are living in non-physical. It is important to understand this as it is at the basis of why we are here.

This leads me to a comment on Esther’s role as a medium or speaker or channel for spiritual energy or non-physical energy. As we watch her tune into Abraham, the name she has given to the collective energies in the non-physical dimension, we see that she is allowing this energy to use her body and mind, yet she remains Esther with all of Esther’s experiences and beliefs collected over a long life.

One of the reasons I tired of listening to Esther was that I do not hold the same beliefs, especially moral beliefs as does she. More and more it became clear to me that she was allowing Abraham to expand a version of herself. It is because I understand her as a person through her birth chart – one which I rectified or tuned in according to her own personal anecdotes over many years.

She very much needs to give and express love and attention. If she had not found her way to Abraham and the job she now does, she would have needed to find another way to receive positive energy from groups of people in one way or another. Communication is very important to her and she is very good at it. But somewhere in there she is not directly addressing the grave imbalance in our world between the haves and the have-nots. She believes that she earns and deserves everything that comes to her. She is a good business person, as was her husband, Jerry from whom she learned so much.

In the 4th of these seminars she took a question that asked if she would please, under current circumstances, offer her material free of charge. She seemed to misinterpret this and referred the question which initially received a ‘yes’ to the offering of not this current material but other material. For how could she delete the price of a series of recordings now that they were underway? It was anathema to her to lose out on potential financial growth. She has a huge sense of being worthy of everything that comes to her.

The indicator and personal receiver for this is the Saturn/Pluto/Mars in Leo in her natal 10th and the current Pluto conjunct her moon (with Saturn also in the picture and more recently, Mars and Jupiter ). She has regarded this event as a time not only to help others while she cannot carry on in her usual routine, but also as an opportunity for her own advancement  as so many people are asking questions that few others can answer.

It is the inevitable outcome of using two personas, the one overlapping the other more and more till you don’t know who you are exactly. This is common to the sign Pisces, the shape-shifter. Pisces is in her 5th house resonating with Leo. It is also all very forgivable as so many people buy into it more and more encouraging this mortal person along a road that really needs the steady hand of Jerry to navigate safely.

Esther spends much of her days either in the air or in a hotel room, or with employees. Leo is a sign of creativity – it needs to create; its mantra is ‘more, more, more’. It is the sign that is ruled by the sun itself. Her chart is a reflection of the life she is living and has lived, but like each one of us, she has to learn to know herself as she grows.

This time of Pluto conjunct her moon – a time which has never happened before in her life and will never come again, is a time of huge change and, potential power, and gain, and loss and more –  and will take a big emotional toll. The moon which is the target is in the house of communication. Its vibe links up with Uranus in Gemini which is very usefully in mutual reception with Mercury in Aquarius. Both dual signs (two personas). Because the moon is square Venus in Aries on the Descendant, Pluto is also Square this Venus on the Descendant which reflects her interaction with the other person, whoever it is. This squeeze is adding to the discomfort because she wants to have the answers to her own problems completed in order to know better how to help others which she loves most to do.

On the 5th recent recording Esther said she had asked Abraham why she had been feeling big negative emotions more often. My ears immediately pricked up as this is precisely what I wanted to hear her say because it is what Pluto on the moon does with its energy of control and change leading to rebirth from death (the kind of natural death like winter..). It is the darkest, deepest most powerful energy available to us. The moon is among the most sensitive receptors if not the most.

Abraham said it was because Esther’s life was getting bigger and bigger (Pluto brings massive transitional change) ‘and your vortex is calling more co-operative components to it. And if you don’t let the whole of your being receive it and grow accordingly before you return to your actions, this causes what you are feeling.  Your life is too big for your current action-orientation’, he/they said.

And they went on to say that globally everyone is asking for bigger lives than our actions can accomplish or control into being, so we have even resorted to trying to control one another….. So we have to relax, to know what we know and make more frequent opportunities for the receiving mode, making more lists of positive aspects, going with the flow of what pleases us. If we push against anything out of discomfort, the negative manifestation gets bigger. Sometimes it has to get too much to make us give up our need to control everything – because we can’t.

It is no accident that her chart and life are so in focus at the time of this pandemic – they are made of the same energy. The question is will her chart and life hold up under scrutiny? Will it be a time of huge positive growth for her or will it be a time of making changes in accord with the needs of the planet or both… and with the needs perhaps, of less well-off people.

Astrologers and other way-showers have been waiting for this type of change for a long time, one that creates a better balance of the world’s resources and of people’s investments. What part will Esther and A-H play in this as the pandemic peaks and eventually tapers off?

I do not want to dampen anyone’s belief in what Esther is doing if it works for them – it will work for the many people who are in resonance with Esther at some point in their lives. There will be people also who do not care about the complete veracity of it but whether it works only for long enough to get what they want this time. Many people have charts with easy aspects; many have more complicated aspects.

Final comment: Esther confirmed in the video from 26-3-20, #3, on the previous post: that Source energy is more interested in large groups – she said that large numbers of people attract the largest contribution from Source which, for someone like me, a habitual seeker of solitude, is bad news. All I can do to help myself through hard times is pray – (trying to squeeze in some gratitude).

Yet often, wonderfully spiritual people live very secluded lives, and there is no suggestion of bias in the natural astrological chart as each house and sign means something different, with none better or worse or bigger or smaller than another. But the 4th house is where we find the loner who is often very self-contained, while the 10th and 11th and Capricorn and Aquarius are the public houses who badly need others. So, is Esther’s comment another case of needing to feel expansion to feel good and to equate with the world, with her world, while she is undergoing this big Pluto-nian expansion? This is an Herculean task.

As I listen to these recordings I am struck by how well Esther is dealing with the change from stage to office presentation. She gets none of the loving energy from the audience in the current situation. In this brand new format she is completely relying on her own resources – and doing a grand job.




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