Esther or Abraham

When we look at a birth chart in order to see the person it represents, we must absorb all the information in it at once – which, with practice over time is possible. But when we want to explain the birth chart we have to speak of it in a more linear way, making sentences which word by word describe the thought which has already become whole before the sentence has finished (usually). So this presents a less than complete description as we proceed and one who is listening will tend to disagree with the as yet unformed and incomplete picture which is a work in progress.

Esther Hicks

The birth chart is a whole block of information. It is like the block of information sent by Source to a speaker, but the birth chart is a larger block as it represents the whole life.

Here is Esther’s probable chart once again. The date and place of birth is known, but not the time. The time will make the spokes on the wheel move, degree by degree, one whole revolution per day, although the symbols which represent the planets will not move very far at all; the moon moves about 12 degrees per day (out of the 360) , the sun and Mercury one degree. Everything in the chart contains a great deal of meaning which the practised astrologer has learned to synthesise. So, for now, I continue to work with this birth chart, this time of birth, until I know something else to be correct.

This chart shows the qualities we know to be in Esther and Abraham – they are conjoined for the time they are together: briefly, it shows the personable Ascendant/Descendant axis with Venus on both ends – if the time was an hour less or more, there would be a big change in the character: an hour less moves Neptune into the first house making the perception of self intangible; an hour more places Scorpio on the Ascendant giving a deeper, more intense tone to the conversation which is not the versatile, light-hearted Esther we know.

Esther is the channel, the mouthpiece for Abraham. Abraham is pure, positive energy which Esther manages to allow to flow through her in as unobstructed a way as possible yet it is informed by who she is. If the Abraham community was to be flowing though another channel, they would sound different – even if the message was the same. So the message of Source is always coloured by the speaker. And the message therefore feels and seems different from channel to channel, just as different people do.

Channeling has been around for millennia, see the Old Testament of the Bible and type ‘channelers’ into a search engine for some of the history.

As I have mentioned before, my ‘friend’, Jean (the Magnificent) was the mouthpiece for Arthur – an ordinary enough name because he did not want to spook his host! Poor Jean really did not want to take part in this activity, but I knew she was a natural, so loving me as she did, she performed the act for me; like Jerry I had a lot of questions. She knew too well how to enter a trance-like state, so there was no need for her to meditate every morning. She was almost 80 years old when she began to hear Arthur and she was an intelligent, quick-minded, pure and loving individual with an open mind and a respect for authority. She had spent her life involved in music. Much of what Arthur says is echoed by Abraham; however they sound quite different and Arthur, like Abraham, with infinite knowing and love, was sensitive to Jean’s limitations.

This is, I believe, inevitably the case when Source flows through any human channel. We will know Source in a pure uninterrupted way only when we transition into non-physical, but even then we retain our own consciousness – which is worth reflection – as this, we are told, is what makes up infinite Source energy.

I have not detailed much more today on Esther’s chart as this has been noted in previous posts, but the way the message comes through and the character who is Esther is there in equal measure with the information offered by Source, which was named by Esther, Abraham. And this version of Source wanted not to be an ordinary sounding single individual consciousness, but a whole stream of consciousnesses! This is in the nature of Esther who herself is naturally wanting of more and more in life: reference Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Leo and Sun in (probable) 5th which all reflect this characteristic.

I very much like this personality as a channel for Source as it works and has worked so well for so many years and continues to. Thousands of people have been helped in various ways by the A-H partnership. But let us not bow down and worship this version of Source too much; let’s not get too carried away which some do, because we are each capable of doing the same thing – and this is evident in the increase in public channeling and channelers over the last 20 years or so. We might double the numbers if we include those who channel in obscurity like, Jean (the Magnificent).

This then is a wonderful world view, one which links more and more individuals with their Source energy as a counter to everything we might accidentally read or hear in the daily news which seems to reflect people struggling against the status quo in the mistaken belief that it is the only real authority.

More on this another time.

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