The Chosen Ones

I watched the first episode of a BBC TV programme called, ‘Broken’. I found it to be so sad but so well crafted, and the characters so compelling that after episode one and feeling so depleted, I wondered if I could watch episode two. I remembered Esther saying that as she channels Source energy she is wide open and that if someone in the audience brings her a difficult, negative question she finds it almost painful. My vibration must have been out of whack with the characters and situations in the story. None of them, even the priest would have found their way to Abraham. It all seemed unresolvable to me and I wondered what comments either my non-physical friend, Arthur or Abraham would have given.

I remembered Esther’s above comment in relation to her discussion with a nurse/midwife who wanted to know why a newborn baby changed in its reaction to life after one hour: it (the newborn) comes in as pure positive energy and then has to adapt to the degree of resistance it feels.

Earlier, as I drove out of the village where I live I had seen a small hawk riding the strong wind and immediately thought the word ‘windhover’ and then thought of my dear departed friend, Julian who introduced me to the Catholic poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins who wrote the poem, The Windhover. Near the start of ‘Broken’ the Priest who is the main protagonist was shown as a young boy in a catholic school being introduced to this poem which was narrated. Two unconnected windhovers linked only by my point of attention.

Abraham who is Source energy works with the energy of Esther which is seen in her birth-chart. Mercury trine Uranus shows her skill with communication and the three planets in Leo show an appreciation of the power of love which describes the A-H partnership very well. Source occupies the shape and character of whoever is able to be an articulate channel – privately or publicly: does this variety affect the ‘truth’ of the message? It certainly affects the style.

The poet sees the kestrel, the windhover as a metaphor for Christ. He dedicates the poem to ‘Christ our Lord’. Jesus, I believe, was a channel for Source energy – an especially pure, clear channel perhaps. The word Christ means ‘chosen one’. Currently, channels or speakers for Source energy are more frequent but they are still perhaps ‘chosen ones’? It is still relatively unusual for individuals to be known for their ability to tune in with clarity to Source energy, and for the majority collective understanding to equate the term Source with the name God. It is still a sensitive proposition.

My friend, Julian who introduced me as a young woman to The Windhover, was born with the sun in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) opposite Neptune (that’s a lot of Neptune). Like the poet he was raised Catholic. He was a beautiful but somewhat damaged man who found solace in the relief that alcohol can bring. As a result he died at the age of 50, at the time of his Chiron return. In astrology we associate Neptune with anything that has no boundaries, so Neptune helps us to talk about Source and Spirit and anything invisible like various states of mind. The highly respected astrologer, Dr Liz Greene wrote a wonderful book on Neptune: ‘The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption’.

I think the idea of redemption, which we find in some religions and in the archetype of the astrological Neptune, is about the human need for a higher and disembodied point of reference which can offer universal salvation and explanation. So, as the centuries roll by we bring this need, this idea into our individual and collective reality.

We can believe it, we can personally know it, we can have faith; but we cannot yet prove the existence of something that is by definition unknowable in the material, physical sense until we (probably) return to the non-physical state from which we (probably) evolved at birth. Yet when we are in the non-physical state of being, none of this is important and needs no proving. So it is a conundrum. A heavenly joke. At present the power of the Unknowable is that it is unknown and that it comes to us in unprovable ways, via unverifiable means, in diverse ways from different ordinary people, who sometimes achieve a sort of status because of the gift of this knowing or channelling or mediumship which links the two dimensions of physical and non-physical.

How did I manifest a windhover in the morning and in the evening of my day? And why? Maybe it is just Julian saying, hello. I like that.

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