This was once a spare site for use when I was involved in my astrology practice. Now I have changed it to reflect current interests.


On the Private Conversations page, you may still send an e-mail with your astrology request and birth data. I will reply with an e-mail.

On the Astrology Examples page, you may offer a question accompanied by your birth data (time/day/year and place of birth) or offer a life-event description to find out how it shows up in your birth chart. Here we will show how major events in life are mirrored by configurations in the personal birth chart.

The Meditations in Time and Space page: It has become my habit or ritual to spend time in nature every day – I take photos and make a short slideshow which can be seen on Vimeo if you check the link on the page here named Meditations in Time and Space‘. This is how I zone out, entering a state comparable to that achieved in the meditation technique described by Esther and by my TM (Transcendental Meditation) teacher in 1985. As I walk there and back I listen to Abraham and take pictures. You will not learn anything here but there is some chance you might enjoy it – feel free to skip

The Abraham-Hicks and The Law of Correspondences page introduces the 3 categories of this web-site: Astrology, Esther Hicks, Abraham-Hicks, and other non-physical material.

The page Arthur introduces the discarnate energy named, Arthur via part of a 6 year conversation: he was my partner’s version of Abraham. I was the questioner.

Professional astrologers may also offer astro-examples here, should any wander by, with life events to illustrate. These responses can be filtered to a professional services page.

The aim is for an exchange of information to show how consulting your astro-map at any time helps you to navigate your way through life.

Please notice the PLAYER at the bottom right which selects clips from Abraham conversations to help clarify points and definitions made with astrology.

All offerings are very welcome.

Thank you, dear Reader – your ‘likes’ are very much appreciated.

2 Responses to Home

  1. rob says:

    Hello, I just came across your site when searching for very abraham hicks recordings. i am actually leaving this reply because you write in a clear and considerate manner and your use of language was sympathetic. i dont know how to read charts, i have only been in contact with astrology rather superficially (although not only with tabloids) – do you offer services in astrology ?

    This blog seems to be very very young, april 2017 ?

    The way you talk about Esther is very interesting. If theres more about her and perhaps a less clear translation is an interesting idea.

    I would like to converse with you , its late, i have to sleep but perhaps somday.

    Best regards,

    • gill says:

      Hi Rob,

      Many thanks for your response which is much appreciated. You are right, this blog is very young – I decided to give it a go after returning from an A-H seminar in Orlando recently.

      I think what I have offered re Esther so far is not particularly clear – it cannot be precise really as her birth time is unknown. You can expect a much clearer reading if you know your time of birth. So for me Esther is a work in progress.

      I have semi retired from professional astrology but do the odd Skype astro-chat and hold meetings here in Sussex, UK.

      I will be offering some more in relation to Esther’s horoscope on the blog, hopefully in a more general way, as an attempt to give astrology greater meaning for others, and their own charts. Natal astrology is very much about the individual.

      Again, many thanks for your kind words.

      Best wishes,


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