…. to anyone who happens by. This is all about natal astrology, spiritual astrology, and the words of non-physical or discarnate energy.

These pages are offering nothing you do not already know – as I understand it we were all created at once…..at one moment….although the idea of time in a linear sequence is a feature and invention of our planet and stems from the passage of the earth round the sun and the moon round the earth. We each incarnate here infrequently as there are an infinite number (another earthly notion) of other places (again, our word) to visit. We all gain experience at the same rate but in different ways, we all have as much but different knowledge.

This on-going web-log is mostly about the values and virtues of natal astrology which I have used for a long time, to navigate my way through life. Natal astrology provides an energy map, a way to see the current vibrations active in any place at any time. It contains symbols which hold meaning reflecting the universal archetypes. It is a personal guidance system.

It is also about Abraham-Hicks: Esther Hicks channels, or is the medium for a discarnate, or non-physical group of energy-beings which she calls, Abraham (no religious connotations). I started using A-H as a sort of replacement for my non-physcial friend, Arthur who left my life in the way I was used to experiencing him, when his ‘host’, the body of my partner died. Now, A-H works for me as a way to greater understanding as I watch how their ideas work or do not work with Arthur’s words and with my own inner guidance which has evolved since Arthur and his host left this physical world and added to that inner guidance.

Esther is especially fluent among today’s channels.

As a retired professional astrologer it is interesting to look at Esther by using  a semi-rectified birth-chart for her which I use with caution as it is based on her autobiographical details and her performance and writings over the decades. Only the place, day and year of her birth is known – as far as I am aware. The person she is, as shown in her chart, illustrates the human limitations and opportunities which Abraham works with.

2 Responses to Home

  1. rob says:

    Hello, I just came across your site when searching for very abraham hicks recordings. i am actually leaving this reply because you write in a clear and considerate manner and your use of language was sympathetic. i dont know how to read charts, i have only been in contact with astrology rather superficially (although not only with tabloids) – do you offer services in astrology ?

    This blog seems to be very very young, april 2017 ?

    The way you talk about Esther is very interesting. If theres more about her and perhaps a less clear translation is an interesting idea.

    I would like to converse with you , its late, i have to sleep but perhaps somday.

    Best regards,


    • gill says:

      Hi Rob,

      Many thanks for your response which is much appreciated. You are right, this blog is very young – I decided to give it a go after returning from an A-H seminar in Orlando recently.

      I think what I have offered re Esther so far is not particularly clear – it cannot be precise really as her birth time is unknown. You can expect a much clearer reading if you know your time of birth. So for me Esther is a work in progress.

      I have semi retired from professional astrology but do the odd Skype astro-chat and hold meetings here in Sussex, UK.

      I will be offering some more in relation to Esther’s horoscope on the blog, hopefully in a more general way, as an attempt to give astrology greater meaning for others, and their own charts. Natal astrology is very much about the individual.

      Again, many thanks for your kind words.

      Best wishes,



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