It is a much better thing to be in touch with Source/God energy through our own personal connection. The quick route is to just ask to be connected in the same way as we used to ask the operator to connect us on a long distance call; or to just ask for help or guidance. The Beatles song ‘Help’ was apparently a from-the-heart request from John Lennon when the band’s success was becoming overwhelming. Some experiences are so extreme in our lives as to force us into asking for help from Source, All That Is, God. I think John wanted to hang out in the Himalayas with George and the gurus for a longer time than Paul and Ringo who returned to the ‘real’ world first. They needed to learn a way to deal with who they had become. We all do, well most of us. I was reminded recently that there are some people whose charts do not respond to transits of the outer planets – though most do these days. These types are not likely to be swept away by the apparently uncontrollable forces at work beneath the oceans of our existence because Saturn has the last word in these charts. When you are puzzled by a chart and have thought through everything else, this theory is worth a try.

Abraham has over the years formulated some steps. The dialogue has changed a lot depending on the needs and the frequency of both Esther and the questioner. The steps came as a reaction to a need for simple guidelines. So the questioner and Esther both stand in between our (the observer) need and our Source knowing; or are enhanced by them. I think it is important to understand the limitations of Abraham for observers, as well as the wonders of the Abraham collective, and the great talent for translation that Esther has developed. If any of these are unseen there is an imbalance at work.

If I were to bring my guidance to a wider audience it would not be with songs and drum rolls on a stage with spot-lights and cameras – rather it would be in something more like a lecture theatre, and any tendencies to applause discouraged and replaced with divine silence. I identify with academia more than with entertainment and business techniques. Other observers will have more and various format images. There are still those whose preference is for a church-like structure. Some might like a TV set showing a kitchen or a front room, or a live video link from the office …… and so on.

But I am as far as I can be from any such reality, nevertheless the best part of any day is the beginning when I touch base with the essential loving energy that is at the heart of all things.

Esther says she is very hard to be around for the hours following a seminar. Many actors or entertainers say the same: it is where the expression ‘they get off on the rush’ originated. A positive symbiosis kicks in when there is a good relationship between performer and audience – all that attention/love produces more of what the audience wants – so a feedback loop develops. It makes me wonder momentarily why the Abraham collective is not enough for Esther all by themselves. Would not life be easier now she is almost 70 to stop living out of suit cases? To settle down in one place where friends and family can look in regularly, books can be finished; video links might be organised?

But we must not forget Esther’s probable birth chart: the 5th house Pisces sun which loves the drama; Jupiter in Sag. in the 2nd house which wants more and more; the T-square planets – full of resistance; Venus in Aries on the Descendant in need of the other person to light their fire.

Esther Hicks

As I find it harder to listen to Esther, I find it a little easier to find the voice of my inner being and to make a personal vocabulary rather than borrow from A-H. In astrology, the 9th house is about our belief system. So we need to look at the ruler – where is it and in what sign? Any occupants in the house? Where is Jupiter? And then how does the whole lot align geometrically? In this territory we will find a capacity for A-H or for some other higher power, or interpreter thereof. Or not. Any sign of the zodiac might be on the cusp of this house.

For Esther it seems to be Gemini. Then where is her Mercury: in Aquarius in the 4th house opposite the 3 planets in Leo making a T-square with Chiron in Scorpio. That’s big. Where is Jupiter? 2nd house in Sag. That’s literally big. Jupiter itself will inflate the former aspect. It must be utterly compelling for Esther to follow through on her belief in speaking (Mercury), in attention-seeking or the love-loop (Leo), with apparent healing-knowledge (Scoprio/Chiron). Perhaps the lightness of Esther’s trance is complimented by the weight of her talking momentum.

At this point I must raise my hands and say, ‘guilty’ as I have Pisces on the cusp of the 9th so life has taken me from one potential saviour to another, including personal dialogue with inner guidance, I am pleased to say. Now I am regaining some objectivity around A-H while an insidious opposition to my moon in Virgo from Neptune begins to fade away – from the moon and from a square to Mercury. A combination which does not often make for rational thought at the best of times. It is the sort of energy which distorts reality making days feel like they do when you have a high fever. Or you might actually have a high fever if the 6th or 12th houses are involved, or the house of your chart ruler. Neptune will diffuse the boundaries in any way it can. That is its job. But it is unlikely you will realise it till it is over.

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