Esther Hicks, Astrology & Ghosts

Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker – a very good one – she has been working professionally at this since the mid 1980’s. There is an interesting backstory that involves the discovery of discarnate beings who speak through her. Check her out at

When God or source energy speaks through you and me, it will sound partly like our own voice – but it will be the best version we can imagine. It will not sound like Esther’s Abraham or Lee Carroll’s, Kryon or Ronna Herman’s, Archangel Michael or anyone else’s chanelled energy.

There have been mediums and prophets throughout time. Anyone may become a master of this skill if they want to. Think of it as learning to play an instrument: the instrument is our own self.

The birth chart, whatever it looks like for Esther Hicks shows what Abraham (the discarnate energy for whom she is the speaker) has to work with.

Throughout my life I have been interested in belief systems. I have read Philosophy, Psychology, English Literature, Education and World Religions. I researched New Age subjects extensively before settling down to focus on one subject – which was all about me!

…….But also all about everyone else: natal astrology. When times have been hard, unbearably hard, as well as praying and breathing (because I mean black-hole type hard when fear is all-consuming) I also watch the movements around my birth chart to help me sort out my perceived problems, to find out what to do about it and see when it will start to relax and release me.

A birth chart is a reflection of who we are, it is not about something coming at us from outside in a cause and effect way – the planets etc are not exerting an influence on us. We are all part of an intricate energy system and the birth chart helps us to track our way through this system. We create our own reality by our choice of focus. Esther Hicks has taught herself to focus in a positive way which seems to work very well for her – her birth chart suggests that it would. Others do not have it quite as easy.

It is important, and at least interesting, to know and have confirmation of our strengths and our challenges at any time in our life. All of the channelled information is interesting – off the scale interesting – but our individual life is more interesting. To know yourself better, try natal astrology.

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