Abraham, Arthur and Astrology

Pure positive energy flows though each and every one of us. But like the strong moving current of a river it runs into things and bumps against them. I have just remembered something Arthur-Jean said via my question in 2003. Here is that short section:

You mentioned in relation to Gill’s continuing disappointments ‘circumstances beyond her control’: what are these exactly?

No one can control, or even guess at, the many unpredictable situations in every effort we make. But our energy is seeking expression. So what we choose to do may founder on concealed ‘rocks’ or bypass them without our realisation to a happy conclusion.

She asked ‘who is in control’ as the above statement suggests someone or something is?

The answer is in the last statement. No one.

How then can you work with the ‘circumstances beyond control’?

You chart your course to the best of your ability to take in factors you see and be prepared to change course around those you don’t. If you can’t get free, ask for help to tide you over until you can determine an entirely new course.

How can you make synchronicity work for you?

Only by considering the factors you don’t know about, remembering much will be beyond your control. Gill should in fact check what astrological situations she can see when planning action, but acknowledging the pitfalls of not knowing everything. Listen to whatever information about timing she can hear but in the end depend on her own intuition. And then, should it not work out, save her energy for the next event. She knows self-blame, or calling it bad luck is destructive.

How do we “consider factors we don’t know about?”

Plan using as much information as you can, but realising there is much you don’t know. Synchronicity is essentially accidental, you can only encourage it, not depend on it.

This came to mind as I was wanting to show how our birth chart works in simple terms and in relation to the A-H material. Like Abraham, Arthur also is making a sort of analogy to a river. In astrology we see geometrical angles between points in the chart, planets and house cusps especially. These angles are typically hard or soft, so a triangular relationship (a trine) creates an easy flowing energy. A square is not so easy but can be productive in a situation where there is too much easy flowing energy. An opposition between 2 points draws in both ends of the ‘stick’, so we often see-saw between both until we see more clearly how we are behaving at which time we can be more balanced. A conjunction, where 2 planets occupy the same place within a few degrees increases the energy to some extent depending on the nature of the planets, or indicators. In some charts there are 3 or more planets in the same area which is called a stellium and produces a sort of waterfall.

The important part is that we all have this constant ever-present stream of energy and, as A-H says, we are here for the ride, not to get out of the ship before the journey starts, or before we reach our destination. All of the angles between the points in the birth chart can be seen as the amount and nature of the resistance we feel and offer – when we are in the stream we are part of it. It is interesting to note that the birth chart which clearly shows our easy bits and hard bits came into being at the time of our birth, therefore it suggests that we knew what we were getting ourselves into before the ride began. Our earliest experiences are important in this case, and the sooner we know what we are doing the sooner we can make corrective changes, to change our course.

This over-simplifies both astrology and our life, but the astrology at any given point in time always shows what we are up against, what sort of ride we are having or have had, or are going to have, so we can make adjustments.

We are the stream which exists in physical as well as non-physical. We are the vessel for the duration of the ride. The bumps and obstacles only exist in time/space and are there to help guide us to the ocean of non-physical at the end of our ride.

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