The Law of People and their Creator

As I set off on my walk today and my brain began to speak to me, it started with a review of the ideas from the previous day and launched right in with an indignant vent over Esther’s extravagant Jupiter disposition in relation to pretty much everything but especially the many properties she has needed to tell us all about and the fast car, the endless retail therapy in general and the complete lack of concern for the planet not to mention poor people in poor countries about whom she says that it is not as bad for them where they are as it is for us watching them or hearing about them from where we are almost as if they were to blame for making us feel bad about them. And on my inner vent went.

By the time I got to the place where I stop and feed the forest: the squirrels and birds, the injured pheasant, the nuthatch, brown mice, field mice, the coal-tits, the long-tail tits, the big and small woodpeckers, blackbird, robin, all the finch families including a pair of haw finches….after all that had been seen to and I had placed myself against the old oak tree for the sake of my base chakra and spine and got out the thermos, a most wonderful feeling overcame me. I was alone as usual – as much as you can be with all the aforementioned – it was about 8.00am and I was surrounded by bluebells and wild garlic with a bright sun promising early heat. Now it was possible to reach past the unfavourable characteristics of the Esther-filter and see that if I were performing her role it would be all about my own strongest dynamics and views; in my case not so much Jupiter and Mercury but the moon, the nourishment of everyone and everything, everyone’s security. I would be less of a people person and more of a nature person – and not nearly as fluent or affluent. I would be just as potentially irritating to some or most but in a different way. It would be a different audience.

And that was when I more or less let the whole thing go and moved on to wondering whether now that Esther had experienced the full impact from people’s funding and their questions on her new Abraham Now page, if she would decide to just always do this whole thing from home just as she had been recently. Or will she opt to wrestle with airports and stay in hotels every 2 weeks because she likes it? The 3rd house Pluto-moon transit will play out all the security and career matters. And that house which is just over the road from daughter, Tracey. If someone asked A-H: do you think it would be a good idea to buy a new house just across the road from my daughter because we have a very special relationship and love each other to bits, what do you think she would say?

And what about the large new construction that was in process of development at her current residence? Is that some sort of people-venue? She had mentioned the property having special landmarks for memorable times in her history (all of which we seem to be privy to) lending itself to a trail in maybe a handbook. When you are in your seventies you might start planning a little bit for the future unless you really do believe you will go on forever.

None of our business? Once we realise Abraham-Hicks is simply an amplified version of a regular human being whose job re Wikipedia is to play the role of an inspirational speaker then a sort of appropriate deflation is allowed to set in and normalise everything, revealing that any expansion, and the laws of the universe, all started with Esther. And lo, there was the law of attraction.


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