Antidisestablishmentarianism Maybe

Well, that was an unpleasant experience – looking at politics recently that is. I am not an 11th house type person and hope not to return to that no-man’s-land for some time. Yet I hear Abraham say: contrast is good, it is the way forward – you know what you don’t want so you know what you do want.

Really, Abraham?

I hear Arthur say: it is just another event that has taken place like all the other events that have taken place; one thing after another. In other words, be more dispassionate, more detached especially during times which feel unpleasant.

So the world moves on as before. The barking mad lobbing insults at the establishmentarians and vice versa. It seems that all of our institutions are based on debate and conflict. Is this what A-H means by ‘contrast’? No wonder I spend quality time in the woods whenever possible although I realise that it is the gift of my status as a semi-retired person. I have the time to sit back and reflect on life.

Is the menu the same for young people today as it was when I was young? Make money, find a partner, have a family, become educationally qualified, have a career, be happy. Is there anything else? Is the world more or less the same as always apart from the dreadful din of endless communication and physical movement bringing excess light and pollution? Perhaps it is.

The Uranian politician and the journalist are both moving in the same ‘outsider’ energy that, taken to an extreme, results in the suicide bomber, the madman, the psychopath. The norm for this energy is quiet detachment. Anything beyond that will call a decent human being ‘a dead woman walking’ in front of cameras where the idea spreads as instantly as the photograph of the woman herself attending a church service.

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