Esther’s main vibration is a Leo vibration: she loves to play, to follow her bliss, to bring forth Abraham while in love-mode, she clearly loves children; but fun comes up time and again. The prep work for her way of reaching Abraham is to use focus-wheels, something that has turned into a game for her. She seems to play her way through life. This style of being is common in all the other people I have encountered who have a strong 5th house and/or Leo emphasis in their charts.

We all have Leo in our charts somewhere and we all have a 5th house. To make this personal, look to see where Leo is in your chart and how what is there, or what connects from somewhere else in the chart to there, connects with the 5th house. If you follow that trail you will find a clear dimension of love within yourself, you will see how it manifests in your life, you will see what you love to do or what tries to hamper you and for what reason, and how to overcome it by turning it into a game of love.

Another point to make is that, as Esther often says, when we dwell on the thing we want we often summon up the energy of the thing we don’t want – which is often the absence of that which we want. In astrology, every sign has its opposite sign and in the great ages this is magnified as the themes are around for about 2000 years or so. At present in our world we are clearly manifesting the age of Aquarius in all the Aquarian ways you can think of. But we are also manifesting its opposite: Leo. You will be able to think of many examples because a dimension bleeds into all areas of life: look at a TV series like, ‘Billions’; look at Mr Trump with Mars in Leo rising; and look at the Love energy that weaves its way through so many channellers like Esther Hicks who are readily bringing forth their guides and Source energy in what the mainstream would see as an Aquarian way (if they could see it in astrological terms). If Leo’s love is not accepted or seen, being human we often react and flip into some variant of the Aquarian outsider.

Finally, and just for fun, make a bi-wheel placing your own chart as the inner wheel and Esther Hicks’ chart (it does not matter what time she was born with this method) round the outside. You will see how your energies influence each other – how you find clarity around this subject. You will see exactly how in your case Abraham is there as well and how listening to their words is likely to influence and affect you.

To find out how you will best channel your own Source energy place your Draconic chart round your own birth chart in a bi-wheel. Here is an example showing Esther’s Draconic influences with an example chart with a true birth time: Oprah Winfrey. The first is Oprah with Esther; the next is Oprah with Esther’s Draconic/soul chart. Remember the distinctions in the earlier post that links to the clip.

Finally, try placing Esther’s Draconic chart round your own chart and see if you become closer to the Abraham resonance. If it is easier than reading the chart, then just with an understanding of the signs feel the energies.

Here are the relevant charts:

Esther’s probable birth chart:

Esther Hicks

Esther’s Draconic chart showing her soul energy:

hicks draconic

Oprah’s chart in the middle and Esther’s chart/influence outside:

oprah esther

Oprah with Esther’s Draconic – read as Abraham:

oprah esther drac

I realise that these charts need to be read and that some dear readers may not have the astrology experience, so I will come back asap to summarize the meaning.

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