The thing with astrology is that it is just a map showing you the mountains and the crevasses which you can see in advance of your journey, but it does not let you experience them before you get there. I can look ahead in time to see that it will be a good time or a testing time, but I don’t know much about what will make it happen, although the more I know myself, the more I can hazard a good guess. I love astrology because it helps me when I am in a painful emotional state to look at the chart and see that on a particular day it will feel different no matter what. I cannot say the same for meditation. Meditation for me is not powerful enough to reassure me. In fact I cannot meditate when I am upset, off-balance. Afterwards the contrast of emerging from the bad place into still waters again allows me to float in that peaceful state of being, the sort that feels right to all three water signs.

I suppose I could call it meditation. I watch how my mind flies about landing on a subject then a person and a place and an idea, flying here and there sometimes as fast as a damsel fly but then pausing in the sun to bask a while. Sometimes this mind loses itself down passageways of thought and ‘memories mixed with desire….’ Mostly, though I am in a state of quieted mind because I have pruned my life down to almost no interruptions. I prefer peace and tranquillity. If we like it enough we make sure we have it enough. Most people seem to prefer a busy life with plenty going on and for these people 15 minutes of meditation per day would work quite well. I seldom hear anyone addressing my type as my type is too quiet and invisible to claim anyone’s attention – and if we were to become noticeable we would appear to be of no interest. A perfect symbiosis.

There is no point in receding from a lovely state of mind to a place of mental stasis if it feels like resistance.

When we are no longer housed in a body, when we are once again in a non-physical, discarnate state of being, this mind-state I think is very much like the way it will be then, but without the restrictions of an invasive physical reality, Esther’s leading-edge reality. I would question Arthur a lot about how life was like for him in non-physical as it entered my thoughts often at a time when the further knowing of the metaphysical world was the logical next step on my path of learning. I asked Arthur how we retain our sense of self when our body has gone and when we are merged with source energy. He said it was through focus that he/they had immediate knowledge of other non-physical energies; he also emphasised the presence of privacy – that we/they can allow it or not. I asked if we would feel emotions. He said not as we experience them now but only as an increase or depletion of energy for we have by then become energy beings.

It has taken me many years of pondering on this universe of no time and no place to imagine what Arthur and my own guidance helped me to finally understand. Non-physical identities love the prospect of the physical world – it is outside of their domain. Some of us love the prospect of no-body and the endlessness of mind/consciousness only. It will be in this state that we will once again experience those we remember we love as well as those we have loved in all other lives. This is hard to put into words and it takes time to understand. It is a good subject for rumination: no time and no place.

For many years I would listen to the talks given by Alan Watts. He knew about this subject of nothingness and he made it sound appealing and explained it very well.

I can understand why many people are able to meditate and extract much from the experience, there was a time in my life when I did as well. It was at a time when I had much going on and when I was full of love and positive expectation. It felt good to quiet the mind. What Esther misses time and again is the fact that we are each different. In a way that is characteristic of the perpetually joyful she unthinkingly assumes that we all have this potential level of vibration in common and asserts as a gift her example of positivity, satisfaction and joy. This is the role of the entertainer. The entertainer feels at home on the stage and in the spotlight and receives much gratification from the surge of positive reception from the act performed well. How we are seen in public is a 10th house thing. How we are not seen is a 4th house thing. 4th house people feel their feelings on the inside, they do not like to emote in public. They do not like to be on show nor do they feel comfortable with public expressions of emotion.

So Esther’s life has been about informing and entertaining the general public. I would guess that the audience is a mixture of informed (about non-physical) and those who are ‘there for the ride’ – those who will believe without much research, but who enjoy the possibility of a potential ‘lift’ – whatever it might be. For some people, to gather with others around a shared interest and to enjoy the energy of the event is sufficient.

The questions vary from person to person, the replies always revolve around a central body of information and it has not changed very much over the years, although it is expressed in different ways. Esther is a good interpreter – it comes naturally to her – she has Mercury in Aquarius in the 4th house. She has the multiple Leo energy of the performer in the 10th as well as the sun in Pisces in the 5th which resonates with Leo. This just means that she was born to be who she is, although many roads lead there, it was not fated – she could have been another sort of entertainer.

If this is the case, and it has been shown to be the case by checking people’s charts over hundreds of years, then we are each different and respond differently to a single set of information. So it is good and appropriate that there is a variety of information, words, ideas, speakers and no single truth.

All truth is relative. In this world and the next.

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