If you are used to seeing your birth chart in the usual way: Geocentrically (you were born on planet Earth), and you use the Tropical Zodiac…

(…the sidereal system defines the signs based on the fixed stars, the tropical system defines it based on the position of vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere (i.e., the intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, the two systems do not remain fixed relative to each other but drift apart by about 1.4 arc degrees per century.)

….it is sometimes refreshing and interesting to see how you look when you use the Sidereal Zodiac instead which will often place the sun in the previous sign of your birth chart despite your birth data remaining the same – well everything is everywhere else in this zodiac really as it moves backwards in tropical time by about 24 degerees. This zodiac is used by those folk who live in the East: Vedic astrologers. It is also the one used by astronomers, those of a scientific bent because, guess what, it shows where the junk REALLY is up there when you look through your telescope. And there we were thinking we could at least rely on the solar system to stay in one predictable place. I know…. But there is a meaning to all this. This sidereal zodiac shows the outer you rather than the inner you. You must work with it a while to see how it plays out.

There is an idea floating around here to do with the material West and the more spiritual East. The spiritual easterners begin their life spiritually in some mysterious way, so for them the ‘real’ zodiac helps to guide them more helpfully. For the western world, we need our Tropical Zodiac of the inner self to remind us that there is an inner me who is non-physical. Perhaps the western world is not totally accepting of astrology yet – just the sun-sign variety for a little astro-tabletalk – because it feels more in tune with our culture to be our outer-self?

Another zodiac to use is the Draconic Zodiac which places 0 degrees of Aries at the place of the north node (of the moon) in your usual Tropical Chart to give you your spiritual or soul birth chart – or you can make a spiritual transit chart.

One of the other ways of looking at yourself is to see your chart from the point of view of the sun i.e. make a heliocentric chart where the Earth is shown right there opposite the sun and it assumes that you are a steady part of the ever flowing life-force energy.

All this is known as Inter-Dimensional Astrology – to use these different ways of seeing ourselves reflected is more in tune with the multi-vibrational beings we truly are. Each chart has a different meaning, a different interpretation of the same thing/person.

We have to thank the Rev. Pam Crane for all this – an old astrology friend from a rather long time ago and her seminal text ‘The Draconic Chart’. Wherein she formulates all these theories. She also did a fabulous piece of research on the birth chart of Jesus Christ – well you likely would if you are a priest who is married to a Bishop. And she writes wonderful poetry.

Probably best to go straight to her site and let her explain more about this:

If you do not have astrology software, I am happy to send you these charts via e mail. But first as an example try seeing this man, Donald Trump through the different lenses of the Draconic (soul for this lifetime), Sidereal (outer self) and Heliocentric (‘I am life-force energy’). I found this latter one to be interesting for him as it seems to say that if he truly believed in himself he could be more down to earth about it; his tropical chart sort of shows him trying to become the sun.

Here is his Sidereal (outer) chart:


This is the Heliocentric chart:

trump heliocentric

and the Draconic (soul-centred):

trump draconic

And the usual Tropical in case you have forgotten:


Try reading each one holding the premise for each one in mind and see what you come up with.

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