Arthur – Chapter Three

Esoteric/Spiritual Explanations

Is it true that everyone has a guardian angel who offers help when it’s needed?


You mentioned in relation to Gill’s continuing disappointments ‘circumstances beyond her control’: what are these exactly?

No one can control, or even guess at, the many unpredictable situations in every effort we make. But our energy is seeking expression. So what we choose to do may founder on concealed ‘rocks’ or bypass them without our realisation to a happy conclusion.

She asked ‘who is in control’ as the above statement suggests someone or something is?

The answer is in the last statement. No one.

How then can you work with the ‘circumstances beyond control’?

You chart your course to the best of your ability to take in factors you see and be prepared to change course around those you don’t. If you can’t get free, ask for help to tide you over until you can determine an entirely new course. You see Gill has actually done well considering this advice.

How can you make synchronicity work for you?

Only by successfully considering the factors you don’t know about, remembering much will be beyond your control. Gill should in fact check what astrological situations she can see when planning action, but acknowledging the pitfalls of not knowing everything. Listen to whatever information about timing she can hear but in the end depend on her own intuition. And then, should it not work out, save her energy for the next event. She knows self-blame, or calling it bad luck is destructive.

Gill asks, “How can I tell the difference between “circumstances outside my control” and if I am personally being ineffective or wrong in my action?

It has to be a matter of considered judgment, but Gill has always taken the burden of full responsibility for every action without acknowledging the existence of situations she does not give credit for affecting the outcome. Hence, she suffers the belief she has not done all she could. Also she feels she knows the outcome is the result of her ‘wrong’ action when the outcome is not what she anticipated or wanted.

How do we “successfully consider factors we don’t know about?”

That answer was unclear. It only means to plan using as much information as you can, but realising there is much you don’t know. ‘Successfully’ should not have been a part of the sentence. Synchronicity is essentially accidental, you can only encourage it, not depend on it.

All energy is seeking expression” – What other ways apart from Earth are there? An example or two?

The Earth is an infinitely small part of the universe. Even so, consider the solar energy which affects (expresses itself) in everything you experience. Then expand that to the limitless vastness of the universe. There are endless opportunities for energetic expression. There are many kinds of intelligence and forms of what you call life there.

Does my inspiration for music come from the same source as your messages?

Yes, but your interpretation is influenced greatly by mood and memories as to how you use it.

You have said: ‘The Earth is an infinitely small part of the universe’ – Do you mean infinitely or perhaps relatively?

I mean so small that it is virtually measureless in the vastness of all.

What else do you do other than address individuals?

Act in concert with other energies to maintain the entire universe.

It sounds like an enormous job: ‘to maintain the entire universe’! Are you a part of what we call ‘God’? Are you associated with the ‘God’ who talks with Neale Donald Walsch in his books: ‘Conversations with God’?

Yes, as you understand the enormous creative force you call God. Neale Walsch’s talks with God are like our talks. He is more adept than you at expressing many ideas he learns in this way. And yes he does literally hear from ‘God’.

The God of Neale Walsch, was He in fact Neale’s guide rather than God Himself?

There is no difference.

You say you work to maintain the entire universe: is it possible for the universe to cease to exist?

Yes, in the form it is now.

You have mentioned ‘limitless’ and ‘infinite’, is there a way to understand these terms better? It is hard for us as we exist within limits.

It’s easy to say ‘no end’ – ‘no beginning’, but that is the condition of this description. Even when you vaguely grasp the idea of no time or space you don’t have any experience like it.

Since you live in a timeless state, do you know what we call the future? Can you give us advice based on your knowledge of our future?

What I know is many, many possible outcomes of events – a measureless pool of possibilities. I can suggest that your choices are worth pursuing. I have said I will offer guidance when you ask.

Do miracles happen frequently, if so, are specific pre-conditions required? Is it to do with the belief of the recipient?

Humans imagine there is an explanation for everything, which they can discover for themselves. Yes, miracles happen often. What cannot be explained by current understanding of the workings of the world are miracles. ‘Miraculous’ events can be influenced by belief – that is force of mind, intention and desire.

Isn’t a miracle a quick fix? What is a miracle exactly and is there anyone around who could perform one for Gill – you said they happen all the time.

Miracles are ‘wished for’ events that take place unaccountably. Sometimes they are quick, but more often they are the result of long and intense desire and the belief they are possible. The spirit’s energy needed to bring it to pass is waiting for her to know it will come, not just hope.

Are we active in spirit when we are asleep?


What do we do in spirit when we are asleep – can you give us an example or 2, please?

Freed of conscious restraints, spirits extend their energy to others they care about or that interest them – sometimes influencing them to reach back. Unexpected contacts result if that is what is wanted. They also review experiences and try them out in dreams to help assimilate them into the lives of ‘hosts’.

Are you, at the same time as being what you have already described, a part of us known for example in the Huna tradition, as either our higher or lower selves?

No, I am a part of a greater whole.

Is the Huna tradition essentially true? Do we have a lower and higher self as they describe it?

Yes, it is essentially true. This concept works very well for those who accept it.

Please can you clarify the ‘need’ for ‘one united spirit’ to separate into differentiation? Whose need are you referring to here?

Remember we are (I am) beings of energy. By definition that means movement and action. As we are never still, the ‘need’ is to find the appropriate outlet for this and that causes the separation though we are not severed from the unity of spirit.

Is there music after physical life in the spirit world? Why have I always been so deeply drawn to music?

In one sense no – in another the spirit world is virtually all music. Consider again that music is vibration heard by human ears. Now the vibrations certainly continue, but the response is more like dance as spirit energy is active. You were, and are, especially in sync with those even vibrations carried over into earthly life, which in spirit are harmonious.

Are there any similarities between earthly life and life in the spiritual realm?

I would say the endless mutual attractions of spirit to spirit in actions undertaken are like co-operative work on earth. We remain in touch with Earth when we have been part of it and reach out to people much as you do on Earth.

Can you explain the cause and the reason behind the enigmatic crop formations (crop circles)?

The entities responsible want to demonstrate the existence of another dimension, other powers, other worlds. They choose mostly unrecognised symbols to pique curiosity so people will continue to try to find meaning in them.

Is there no discord in the spirit world, only perfect harmony? Are there ‘bad’ or negative spirits where you reside, demons? Or is this something we create in our world of relativity where everything has its opposite, and good needs bad by definition?

There is discord, different views. It requires resolution and sets spirits in motion, but without the stress you infer by the word ‘discord’. There are no demonic spirits among us. Good and bad are creations of your effort to explain varied experiences of living. Mostly this is to place credit or blame outside yourselves for those events you name good or bad.

As a being of pure energy and action, how can you feel or understand what it is like to feel depressed, lacking in energy? Gill seems to embody the opposite principle to what makes you ‘spirit’.

Our energy levels fluctuate when we exert ourselves constantly. In periods of diminution we can understand your depression. The main difference is that we know we will recover and do not suffer as you do feeling that there is no way to revive.

Can an individual be harmed by the force of someone’s negative thoughts?

Yes, but if the individual exerts his own will to maintain his equilibrium, he may not only protect himself, but neutralise or alter the negativity more positively.

You say some spirits are more effective at certain times than others. We understand that there is no space/time continuum in your realm, so how is it possible for you to isolate events in time?

When our work is on Earth, we use Earth’s time concept to make a present moment of what we are doing. Since we are speaking of Earth, the spirits we are talking about are those involved there.

Is all truth relative or are there truths which are absolute for all?

All truth is relative.

Is there ‘absolute truth’ as well as each person’s ‘relative truth’? If so, how is it possible to distinguish the difference?

All truth is relative. Absolutes are contrary to the spirit of creation. Existence is never static enough to establish absolutes.

Isn’t God an absolute? Isn’t there a part of reality that is true or real for all?

We are having a little trouble with the meaning of absolute. I was expressing the idea of ‘unchanging’. The most characteristic trait of creation and its Creator is constant change. God is real, as real as the life-force energy that exists in every atom of the universe, but impossible to define absolutely.

To ‘will’ something requires energy. What is energy? Where does energy, spirit-energy, originate? What are some ways to stimulate energy to fire the will?

Energy is the force which creates movement. When the ‘Great Spirit’, for want of a better word, created the universe, spirit-force energy was released. To stimulate energy say the following: 1) I want to dispel inertia; 2) I think I can; 3) I’m sure I can 4) I will. Hence ‘will-power’. Ask for help at each stage to keep from doubt.

As a being of pure spirit you can still ‘think’. Is thought linked to energy in some way? Gill would like to understand better the potential power of thought e.g. prayer.

As we have said, energy creates movement. Every movement originates in thought which itself energises content. Energy replicates the forces thought produces. You still have the ability to withdraw energy from a thought, should you so choose, so that it is ‘stored’. Prayer is thought connected to ‘God’, the source of energy you wish to tap. All prayer will cause response though you may not recognise it as connected to your prayer.

How does thought work independently from the function of our physical brain?

Once directed out away from the brain, thought moves and gathers momentum according to the intensity of the thought. It develops a kind of life of its own.

Is God knowable if He is All That There Is and All That There Is Not?

If you mean words to express Him – No – The closest you can come is to sense what he is through creation as you encounter it.

Have we conceptualised God out of a perception of Good?

Yes, depending on how you define good.

Does the spirit world exist throughout the entire universe? Is there any difference between the spirits which exist within matter and those that exist within space?

Yes, to the first question. Essentially spirits are the energy of creation regardless of, as you say, where or what.

Many people are trying to make the world a better place – but is it true to say that everything is already as it should be?

You seem to ask if the world is a static condition. It is ‘true’ that it is the result of masses of human effort and as such can be regarded as it is and should be at this present moment – but not necessarily in the next.

We like your recipe/instructions for firing up energy. Is there a recipe for pure unconditional love or does it just ‘descend’ at the ‘right’ time?

I haven’t a recipe. This is actually the most difficult condition a human can aspire to. It is truly God-like. Humans are too filled with judgements and self-interest to disregard conditions for their love. It won’t just ‘descend’. It needs constant encouragement to get close to it. Then there may be moments of this pure state.

Are there nature-spirits? Water-spirits? Tree-spirits? Can they send and receive thoughts?

As I have said, spirits are essentially the energy of creation regardless of ‘form’. So, yes. As to thoughts sent and received, they certainly respond to your love of them and return energy to you in proportion to what you offer, but they don’t ‘think’. Closest I can say is they feel or sense your thought.

We have drifted into the habit of alcohol every evening. We seem to need to deaden our senses to the sameness of our current life. Are spirits ever bored? How can we avoid boredom?

This sort of questioning is not appropriate to ask me. But we are never bored. That is a condition of body not spirit. You know the alcohol in moderate amounts won’t hurt you. You have to find a way to keep interested if you feel you must do without it.

If spirits are never bored and you are one with all the energy of the universe, a part of God, made of pure love; we find it hard to understand, given all that you have, and are, that it is important or meaningful enough to have ‘experience’ to such an extent that you are willing to suffer all the miseries of experience in incarnation (along with the pleasures) in order to have certain ‘experience’. It sounds as if you suffer from a sense of incompletion: is this not itself boredom? We don’t understand: ‘boredom is a condition of body not spirit’.

I have said repeatedly that we are energy bodies which can’t resist expression in some way. To express ourselves in incarnation is endlessly fascinating including the description you gave of misery and delight. Boredom is a state the body knows when it identifies inactivity from lack of purpose with misery and depression. The spirit does not know this suffering. It observes and learns from this experience.

Was it the Creator’s need for experience that generated the creation of the universe? If so, and experience is so highly esteemed, why can I not know how privileged I am in my mortal life to be having ‘experiences’?

As one vast spirit, God’s creative energies increased enormously, finally resulting in the creation of the universe. He splintered into fractions of Himself which were dispersed throughout this new creation. It was His need to experience what He had made in parts rather than as a whole united spirit which He knew and had experienced already in previous creations.

It requires God-like detachment to appreciate experiences when they are ugly, violent or just unpleasant. They do add up to growth as the spirit deals with them.

Does a discarnate entity (especially perhaps one who is not ‘free’) possess a range of attitudes and feelings and have problems to work out just as we incarnated spirits do?

Such an entity identified with a ‘host’ (not free), will absorb some of the host’s attitudes in order to help guide him through problems. He needs to experience that in order to do this work. He does not carry over into spirit earthly problems, feelings and attitudes of his own. His need is to increase his energy by expressing it and exchanging it by encountering other entities.

Re. boredom, are you saying that when I suffer, my spirit does not know my suffering, that it is detached enough to observe and learn – or do you mean that it is my spirit-guide’s experience to have this detachment?

Your spirit-guide must remain detached to observe and learn how to help you find your way. He knows about your suffering but does not live it as you do. You are well aware of how draining of energy that is. He keeps his energy level high in order to help you.

You say you are energy bodies that ‘can’t resist expression in some way’. What would happen if you did resist expression? I’m having a hard time with this concept.

The energy of spirits is always in motion something like that force which keeps molecules together. Literally they can’t stop moving – hence expressing. If it were possible to resist, the spirit would transform into another kind of energy.

Gill used to ‘accuse’ me of complacency. What is the difference between complacency and the spiritual ‘acceptance’ of what is?

Complacency is the result of denial of what is. Whereas spiritual acceptance of what is recognises what it is it accepts.

Is it possible to ‘travel’ without actually leaving where we are? Gill finds it stultifying to live in the same place.

You could not count on out-of-body travel even though it is possible. Few people manage it and it is of short duration. You could develop a ‘pen-pal’ probably using e-mail to get a sense of other people in other places. The answer really is, no, except in imagination. Try to see all the familiar places as if you have never looked at them before.

I learned today that a spirit guide called, Thomas has returned to his ‘host’ after a lapse of years for the occasion of the eclipse that occurs Nov 8/9. Clearly it is a very important event. Can you comment on it? Will it affect Gill and me directly and how?

This is a very significant date as truly enormous energies (spiritual) are merging to fuel a resurgence of movement toward the world’s nations reconciling with each other, accepting differences and tolerating them without rancour. As always it depends on the willingness of the people to make use of this great force.

As it is so powerful, it will be universally noted. You and Gill should feel encouraged and more positive with whatever you decide to do by the release of all this positivity.

You said: ‘… truly enormous energies (spiritual) are merging to fuel a resurgence of movement toward the world’s nations reconciling with each other…’ Please will you say some more about the history of this forthcoming event? If this input of positive energy is something that is possible for our world why does it not happen regularly? And why on the 8/9th Nov and not last week or last year or Sept 11th 2001? How is the time for such an event directed and by whom?

The Earth’s peoples are getting increasingly tired of using violent means (armed might) to try settling differences. Their unified desire to put an end to this destruction has been building and building in Earth time, especially triggered by Sept 11th 2001 and subsequent world-wide attacks. As this energy increases it attracts more and more spirit entities to support and guide it. It happens that the particular configuration of the Earth’s solar system, including the eclipse of Nov 9th also is responsible for a build up of positive energy. When all these forces conjoin, this results in unusual and positive movements, a great opportunity for healing.

Such occurrences do happen in Earth’s history. As the people evolve, the cycles of negative-neutral-positive energy repeat including a wider swathe of human beings each time. Developing methods of communication are responsible for this and shorter periods of the cycles. The results of these events depends on the response people make to them and the success or failure of maintaining momentum toward the necessary unity.

How are these spiritual energies able to merge and can you describe the process that will enable them to be sent, received and distributed?

Spirit energies constantly merge increasing their power as needed. This does not mean the entities lose integrity. I use the word attract as the nearest I can describe how one with a particular interest or strength will find another with either the same or complimentary ones. ‘Merge’ describes how closely they interact. I believe the answer given to question 1 gives the explanation of sending, receiving and distributing – a matter of rather ‘magnetic’ attraction.

Is there any way we can help, or involve ourselves, in this event?

First you need to care for your physical and mental and emotional selves – to build energy as the discarnates do. Pay attention to the communications of the world’s news, weighing the reports for accuracy with intuitive judgment. There are organisations in place to help relieve some of those suffering from the effects of war and other devastation you learn about. You may want to offer to volunteer money or time to help send needed supplies. Any way you can help tolerance to grow by example and conversations and healing will be worthy. Be open to opportunities such as Gill has with Jan and Sue to offer help. It’s a matter of building bridges between people so that unified desire for world harmony develops. It begins with just two.

If I understand correctly, it is our ‘unified desire’ for help that brings in more spirit support and guidance and this is what is called, ‘positive energy’: the good will of spirit entities. How is the configuration of the Earth’s solar system responsible for a build-up of positive energy?

Yes, you do understand that it is unified desire for help by many of the world’s people which brings about spiritual support and guidance. This good will is positive, constructive energy. Bodies such as The League of Nations and The United Nations have resulted from this.

The Sun’s radiance maintains all life on Earth. There are times when the arrangements of bodies around the Sun subtly enhance this life force. When that occurs, positive spiritual energy does build up from this source aided by spirit entities.

I can understand the idea of spirit-guides merging and bringing in positive energy; I can also understand that there has to be ‘negative’ in order for there to be ‘positive’. But how does the negative part of the cycle work? What exactly is negative and neutral energy? Are there spirit entities who somehow work with negative energy? Does it originate with our own negative or neutral thoughts here on Earth?

You may recall I said the constructive response to positive energy depends on people maintaining momentum toward unified desire for peace. So far when a period of unified efforts have resulted in peace, the momentum is lost as people have assumed it will not maintain itself. Where people have lost faith in good will once more there are negative thoughts which bring discord again. When this is enough to result in warfare, it will take,once again, their reaction to violence for people to find desire to ask for spirit help to unify. There are spirits particularly, shall we say, available to respond to this need. This period of negative energy (destructive) is followed by a ‘time’ of what I call neutral energy while enough unified desire builds. It isn’t so much peace at that time as movements toward peace here and there in the world – in spite of many giving up trying. (I’ve been forced to use words of time and space in the hope of being understood.) The neutral period is also the result of loss of faith, but slowly these ‘islands’ of peaceful movement coalesce and lead to the positive part of the cycle.

How do we make ourselves as receptive as possible to the energies? Are they active now? Will they be active until the next eclipse in 6 months? How do we advise others to receive the energies?

Because you are aware of the powerful forces released by the eclipse, you will have no difficulty in recognizing the effects on yourselves and others. There will be some rather wild behaviour in those who do not understand what is happening – most people to some extent. You are just beginning to react as they have been coming in for some time and will continue in diminishing power for the next 6 months. You will know they are good. As this kind of information will not be easily accepted if you put it in esoteric terms, you can help by drawing attention to the general sense of unusual activity and feeling and how you share it. When people perceive that they are not alone in being rather stimulated unreasonably, they will be able to use it better. You can suggest that the heightened sensations make us all feel better. The emphasis on good feelings will be welcome. This should then spread as people talk about it.

There have been instances of people receiving information about events that will happen in the future. How is ‘premonition’ possible given your reference to ‘countless probabilities’ as well as ‘circumstances outside our control’?

As you know, psychic abilities exist in everyone, but only a few focus on it. Very sensitive people do determine some ‘future’ events accurately. Essentially they are aware of a cluster of probabilities from which an individual is not even consciously choosing, but is nonetheless doing so. These circumstances are regarded as out of his control if it seems very unlikely that they could occur as predicted, but in this case they are controlled. Sometimes the psychic is wrong because a new choice is made, perhaps a conscious one, and sometimes a circumstance is simply not recognised which will alter the outcome of the choice.

If knowing about outcomes is possible in some way, how may we discover in advance the consequences of our either staying here for the winter or moving abroad?

It is not possible to learn the outcome of your planned trip in advance. Again because there are too many variables (probabilities).

Please will you confirm that negative energy originates only in the minds of humans and that it doesn’t come from discarnate entities?

Discarnate entities do not originate negative energies. Their efforts are using positive, constructive energies to express themselves. The negative and destructive energies come from humankind when they lose a sense of need to prevent them and faith in their own abilities to maintain peaceful, harmonious relations with each other, nation by nation, person by person. The discarnate spirits observe this development and respond as they are invited to. There have always been some humans working toward harmony in the world and consciously or unconsciously asking for spiritual help. They don’t give up. They work and pray.

There have been strange happenings reported in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle: should be wary of this if we are considering going to Tobago?

No more wary than going to any part of the world with which you are unfamiliar. The oddities you mention are few, but startling because you have no logical reason for them. Consider that day in, day out boat and plane traffic goes successfully through that area. If you want to go, enjoy the trip.

Arthur, please will you shed some light on what Diana has been saying about ‘Lightbody Activation’ and its connection with the eclipse on November 9th? Is all that she said in today’s newsletter true – it has the ring of science fiction about it?

Diana group is one working toward harmony and peace in the world holding fast to belief in spiritual help to achieve it. Their view is that human bodies must actually transform in order to rise permanently out of negativity and destruction. The method described gives humans a ritual to help develop their participation in constructing a ‘new’ humanity and Earth in a ‘paradisical state’. I recently described such groups activating positive energy from negative-neutral cycles.

What is real is the reality you (they) create. Lightbody (I read spirit) activation and ascension are words descriptive of good use of positive energy. If you can accept this modern myth, it will serve you to be part of movement out of chaos. You are clearly aware of the enormously increased energy affecting all. Recognise that it is positive and you can adjust to it.

Should we obtain her Lightbody Activation manual in order to restore missing strands of our DNA – or are we already ‘awakened’ as opposed to ‘asleep’?

Don’t worry about missing strands of DNA – you have been on a different but parallel path toward ‘awakening’.

Was what she calls Harmonic Convergence at the end of August 1987 connected with my first meeting with Gill?

The description of High Creational Beings refers to spirits with more experience in universe affairs concerning Earth – more manifest energy. When bodies such as meteors threaten the Earth they will interfere if there is enough unified desire of humanity to carry on positively even though humans may not be aware of the possible destruction. You were swept up in the vibrations of the period in meeting Gill. Surely you see this was extraordinarily powerful energy to so change your apparent course.

Please will you tell us all that you can to help us understand what is going on in the spiritual realm now.

We are moving to use this force to affect as many as possible to respond to the needs of the Earth – need for peace and for unity – especially to help develop awareness that even two persons settling disputes thoughtfully contribute to this movement. There are many people and groups calling upon us now.

You say that discarnate entities do not originate negative energies, but do they play a part sometimes – I’m thinking of poltergeist activity and “possession by ‘evil’ spirits”; and the unsettling nature of some hauntings by so called ‘ghosts’?

Poltergeist activity is associated with the development of pubescent girls. These are mischievous spirits of the girls themselves doing no real harm. In a way strange to humans, it is helping them to leave childhood. There is usually much resistance to this so it lasts some time. Sometimes they can be disrupted by loving parents or spiritually oriented healers.

‘Evil’ spirits and ghosts are projections of human imagination. It explains why peoples so affected behave with negative behaviour and are fearful of ‘visions’ they produce themselves.

Ascension – 5th dimension. Is it a modern metaphor for transcending?

Rising and falling have connotations of pleasure and pain. Inasmuch as this is a period of enormous positive energy, people who are aware of it have identified the possible time to literally ‘ascend’ to a better place. Some imagine other worlds, some ‘heaven’, some recognise it means a spiritual transcending of negative behaviour. All are trying to realise a better life of peace and joy. The 5th dimension is a reference to a part of spirit world where, for a time, the human body is still imagined by those who cannot release formless spirit from it. All of this is bringing about unity of purpose which we have discussed before.

What is spiritual growth?

Spirit is life-force energy implanted in physical beings. It needs direction by mind in order that the body act according to its purpose. Mind is stimulated to ideas by positive and negative experiences, problems to solve etc. Ideals inform this activity and produce more vitality – namely spiritual growth.

Do you think that ‘circumstances outside Gill’s control’ might begin to operate in a positive way for her to help in untangling her knot of indecision?

Yes, the direction of all this spiritual activity is toward positive solutions for problems from individual to universe. Gill has seen a few small ‘omens’ of this for her. Keep acknowledging them. It helps direct the spirit help to her.

Arthur, you seem to say that Earth is special in its attraction for spirits. Why is this? Are there not other worlds that hold equal attraction?

The Earth is an extraordinary planet in all the universe. It has immense variety and beauty. It has all the good and its opposite and has that magnetic pull I described for spirits. The Earth was created to be a paradise in a balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Its current imbalance, as well as knowing what it can become when balance is restored, attracts souls. As they work at this they evolve their own connection with all the universe and its creator.

Gill thinks that we are already experiencing the effects of the lunar eclipse on the 9th, and that nothing further which is more exceptional will ‘happen’ on that day. That being the case, is it likely that we will feel this way, albeit slowly diminishing, for 6 months?

Of course you have been experiencing the effects of the eclipse for some time. On the day of the 9th nothing cataclysmic will occur, but all over the world these energies have a special impulse to manifest in treaties, agreements, diplomatic meetings, right down to individuals realigning their relationships free of discord and disharmony. Don’t forget these are powerful, positive energies which will continue their slowly diminishing influence for 6 months. It is over that whole period that a wonderful opportunity exists to re-balance the physical and spiritual worlds – but always up to the choices people make.

Why were we both feeling so queasy yesterday morning, emotionally unstable? Is it still associated with the incoming spiritual energy?

Your bodies are reflecting the stir of energy in the whole world, but even more your own indecision about your current choices. You are also dealing with the trauma of surgery for another week or so. Gill is fighting an infection as well. You both need to ‘keep your cool’.

Arthur, we recall that you have said before that we are on a similar yet different ‘lightbody (spirit) – activation’ path as Diana. Would you comment on the need for ‘critical mass’ by the year 2012 for the event of the ascension into the 5th dimension, and say if we are doing enough to help humanity in this (in our own way) or if we should seek to do something more specific? Her recent enthusiastic letter about her experiences on the 8th/9th, was very compelling.

You remember the remarks about the Earth’s people requiring unified desire for peaceful change in order to find and maintain the will and momentum to achieve a ‘new’ earthly harmony. ‘Critical mass’ is a measure of the number who are needed to affect that world-wide change. This time the whole of humanity will be swept (ascended) into this spiritual plane (5th dimension) if the number is great enough. Diana’s group is one of many who are deeply devoted to this cause though all do not use the same very demanding techniques. To have as a goal the ascension date acts as an imperative. It is needed to keep on the path without flagging.

At this time you and Gill need all the energy available to you to build rapport with God-spirit. You are not ready to respond more specifically. You are still working on your personal contribution to the collective desire for peace and harmony. This is right for you now. Consider yesterday’s description of your respective reactions to meeting people. As you work for more balanced experience, you will add to the needed number by this effort.

Do we live in the 4th dimension? What dimension do you live in? What is the 5th dimension and what are the differences between them?

The term ‘dimension’ is an effort to describe differing circumstances of existence. You know the familiar 3 of the physical earthly plane. The 4th of time is also earthly, but beyond are many others. The 5th is just the closest to what is essentially spirit life. Discarnate spirits move among many dimensions which also intermingle. What I mean is they are not discrete and they change. You don’t have words to accurately express what it is that you have asked.

Arthur, when we communicate like this and I am not in a trance but nevertheless I am in some sort of altered state, am I, in part at least, in the 5th dimension; or linked with it perhaps?

The fifth dimension is a term referring to the first intermingling of physical planes on Earth. It isn’t a place, not a layer like atmosphere, but everywhere and everywhen. While you listen to my words we are both in the earthly plane. You have opened your mind to a spirit voice and so have a link with the ‘5th’ or spirit dimension.

Do we go to the 5th dimension when we die? How would our experience of a 5th dimension reality be different to what we will experience when we die?

When the spirit leaves the body it leaves the physical and enters that spiritual realm. In this new condition of being, spirits help one to adjust to the lightness of this freedom and new sense of self and purpose.

If you experience the 5th dimension reality while still in body, you are also existing in a spiritual condition of lightness, but still on Earth functioning in the physical in harmony with the world’s demands.

Would we be able to access this earthly dimension from the 5th dimension?

Yes, you would still be part of it.

If humankind ascends to the 5th dimension, who will tend to the needs of the planet and the animals?

Same answer.

What about the potential minority of people who are not part of the critical mass?

They would be unaware of the changes which they would experience. After time they would adjust and accept. With help they would welcome this experience.

Just a little more of the 5th dimension: Would we be ‘visible’ in the same way we are to each other now? Although experiencing a lightness of being, we would still be attached to our physical bodies in the same way?

Remember the 5th and other dimensions are actually constructs of your own creative powers in concert with all spirits’ energies. If you wish to remain visible, then you will be visible, likewise attached to your bodies. You will be at ease in this condition as your altered bodies will function much as you are accustomed to expect in your current existence.

The people of Machu Pichu in South America who apparently vanished – did they ascend to another dimension?

These South American peoples did not wish to explain their disappearance. For this reason they left no message as to their subsequent whereabouts. I will honour their desire that it should remain a mystery.

Does each of our actions spring from either fear or love?

It is not so black and white. For example, you prepare a chart for a client. You may be genuinely moved to care about the person receiving your counselling especially if it is a very difficult one. At the same time you may be equally concerned that you will get it wrong and either hurt the client or lose your own self-esteem through failing to pick up on something. To act out of unconditional love is a rare human experience. Your motives in every act are not often equally fearful or loving but tend toward one or the other.

When we are born into earthly life, is it a shock to find oneself separated from the larger ‘multiple’ spiritual energy?

No – the spirit is always aware of the larger energy from which he comes. Even though separate he remains a part of it.

Do discarnate spirits have a sense of individual identity? Do they possess an ego?

Yes, discarnate spirits have knowledge of all their experiences they attribute meaning to which gives a certain sense of individuality. As they do reflect this, it represents a kind of ego if you mean the persona demonstrated to others. I’ve already said the spirit leaving Earth at death still remembers who he was (is).

Has the sense of separation from All That Is occurred because mankind has invested too much in ego development, developing a strong sense of individual self identity?

All That Is initiated the separation Himself. Mankind is developing, evolving according to its God-given choices. It must learn to depend on self-love, ‘ego’ first to know itself before rejoining the greater energy.

Is there a way to let go of ego so as to re-merge with God-spirit?

The development of ego will not interfere when one has determined his own pathway and followed it to the end (God-spirit).

Do we pick up negative energy when we go to the pub?

It depends on the particular atmosphere of patrons past and present. There can be revitalising ones or negative ones, but most of all what you bring with you affects what you carry away with you.

There is a solar eclipse tomorrow. Will this affect us in a way that is different from the recent lunar eclipse?

There will be greater restlessness as new surges of energy arise out of this solar eclipse. It should not be different so much as intensifying energies which have paled a little since Nov 8/9.

Why the increase of violence in the world when the positive energy is directing towards peace?

It does seem contrary to the anticipation of greater peace. But actually peoples of nations being violently attacked are drawing together to unite against further outbreaks by rousing the support of the world to condemn individuals who are perpetrating these acts, but to refrain from blaming religions, race, nationality etc., which has lead to war in the past. There is also increasing movement toward non-violent action to express opposition, even military and police organisations joining in to protect protesters. The opportunity is still strong to build peace and harmony in the world. The new violence even stimulates this.

Would you describe the differences and similarities or connections between imagination, real contact with spirit and intuition?

Imagination involves creating stories and pictures out of experience you have had or want to have. It’s dreaming consciously.

Real contact with a spirit is a form of prayer to invoke spiritual help in understanding earthly and spiritual existence. This is directed to a being which you may create in imagination to ‘solidify’ him, but he is nonetheless real.

Intuition is a knowing independent of cogitation (cognition). It is immediate and reliable for making judgments. Your own spirit guide is responsible for this experience in you.

Diana has observed that we might be entering a time of hibernation – is this correct? If so, would you say a little more about the purpose?

If one prepares for it by enriching mental diet as hibernating animals enrich their food intake beforehand, then ‘hibernation’ is a time for gestation of new ideas and preparation for their development. Diana has become aware of the need for this kind of rest and regeneration in a period of comparatively little stress. She believes such a time is coming but sees it is not certain. I would say it is likely, but it requires some stability (peace) in the world to bring such a period.

We found your distinctions about intuition, imagination and spirit very useful, could you outline the difference between ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’?

Inasmuch as the words are used interchangeable, it is difficult to separate them. However, consider that at birth one’s soul is the awakened incarnation now in flesh of a spirit which has chosen physical experience. You might say the soul is the earthly spiritual identity of this body, and with mind represents the entity. It is associated with the body until death.

Spirit is a term describing ‘free’ and ‘visiting’ energies from the spiritual dimension. As you know, it is these energies which constitute the guides which may be ‘resident’ but come and go throughout human lives. You also recall spirits are the energy of creation and as such have unlimited movement throughout the entire universe.

We read in esoteric literature about the 7 Rays – is this a subject that it is useful to learn more about? Are we each associated with a specific ray?

It is always useful to learn more about ideas, but at this time you are repelled by the 7 rays, another concept for understanding energy flow in varying degrees of intensity. I would advise waiting until you have a real attraction to this subject before studying it. You are associated with a specific ray, but not in an unchanging way.

Gill once enjoyed a wonderful out-of-body experience. Is it possible to induce this experience again?

Gill might succeed if she relives the earlier experience in imagination just as she is getting drowsy. It is possible but seldom achieved intentionally.

Is there a reason why many people have been very tired recently, including us? Is it as you have said before, to do with the recent input of positive energy?

The energies we have discussed certainly are affecting people generally. Also, however, world-wide there have been much more dramatic changes in weather than the usual change of season brings about. The quality of the air as well as low pressure not released by autumn storms is partly the cause.

What is the cause of the dramatic changes in weather world-wide; will it increase or intensify?

Scientists try to fathom and measure the many variables in the earth’s rotation, spin, axis etc. All these have always affected the weather of the world and include the envelope of atmosphere and all living beings exchanging their substances in the process of survival. At the moment the melting of the arctic ice is a primary factor. It will continue for some time. It only seems that change is dramatic because during your own short life-spans, the cycles are not easily perceptible. This change will intensify at the moment most obviously affecting perimeters of land-masses.

Horary astrology, which you have suggested that Gill study, is to do with prediction. Can you say more specifically how it is possible to predict up to a point?

Your question deals with the uncertainty of future events. As I have said there are un-numbered possibilities, but by studying as many of the variables as you can ascertain, the likelihood of predicting correctly is much increased. Horary astrology proposes a method to learn how to do this. It can’t be infallible, but will work ‘up to a point’. To a point the chart will influence the event.

You say about Horary astrology that : ‘To a point the chart will influence the event’. This is an interesting idea, would you say more about this, please.

In preparing a Horary chart the astrologer’s attention is on many influential areas concerning the advisability of particular timing for events. These thoughts are themselves creative and every thought is pure energy. As it goes out into the universe, this energy encounters the objects of consideration and is bound to affect them – to some degree.

There is no ‘time’ in the spirit dimension. Is it true to say that while you cannot know specific outcomes, you know all possible outcomes?

The difficulty in answering this question is the constant flux of events and subsequent outcomes. At any given moment, yes, all are known, but they change as quickly as the creative thought which makes them manifest.

What is ‘an evolved soul’? What existence did the Buddha and Jesus move on to after their lives here on Earth?

Evolved souls are those who have experienced so much that there is not more room for trial and error. They know which choices to make. The great earthly masters you name and others as well rejoin the greatest spirit of creative energy. As they are often called upon by human need, they separate to inspire and answer.

You say that evolved souls ‘know which choices to make’. Given your reference to ‘un-numbered possibilities’ in an ever-changing world, how do they know?

In considering choice from the many possibilities, the evolved soul immediately knows ones not suitable from having made so many choices in the past. He is still looking for growth to fully realise himself. So he will focus on what is most stimulating to that end.

You say that doing bad things drains our energy, what about the apparently highly-charged notorious characters like Hitler and Charles Manson – is it that they did not believe they were committing bad deeds, is that why they did not seem depleted?

Humans like Manson have created their own value systems believing their destructive actions (other men’s judgment) are cleansing and confirming of their power needs. Hitler made it perfectly clear he believed in the rightness of his behaviour. Their thoughts powerfully energised do not deplete these persons, but must be rigorously defended by them.

Is there a direct relationship between our low energy right now and our direction towards good or bad, positive or negative?

The direct relationship is between your low energy right now and your lack of direction. It is intensified by the need to adjust to the seasonal changes, especially of sun-light. Periods of low pressure, and the air quality indoors affect you. Habitually in December you react to the contrasts between your low spirits as you contemplate Christmas and the rather manic attempts people use to seek light, warmth and joy in the ancient rituals. Think positively to use this somewhat forced ‘hibernation’ to avoid inviting negative energies to depress you.

You say: ‘Who knows what the next moment brings?’ Does not God even know what the next moment will bring? Is this the whole point of Creation: endless new experience through creativity and expression ?

The main point of creation IS endless new experience through creativity and expression. If God allowed Himself to know what the next moment brings, it would negate the newness. He relies on his created beings to choose from so many options to provide that never-ending variety.

You mentioned that our negative thoughts ‘ invite negative energies to depress us’: do these negative energies originate in the minds of people like us who have negative thoughts and then float around ‘looking’ for other negative thoughts to attach to?

Your negative thoughts invite your negative energies to depress you. Let us say the negative thoughts create the energies which are depressing. These energies do not go hunting for like negativity, but are easily increased if they do encounter them. Needless to add, positive ones reverse them.

There seems to be a special relationship between dolphins (and whales) and people, is this so? Are these creatures in some way psychic? Can you tell us the background to this relationship?

Because dolphins have what are regarded as human traits – playfulness, intelligence, curiosity and above all caring for each other, they are very special animals. As air-breathing creatures they recognise the need to surface, not only when a dolphin is in distress for lack of air, but they will raise (rarely) a human as well. Moreover they have the ability to communicate a high level of their own language – some have learned a few human words. They are psychically aware of events in the sea so appear like magic when something attracts them, especially when people enter their water world. They will seek opportunities to interact.

Was there a place called Atlantis? Were they an evolved people? What happened to them? Where and when was Atlantis located?

The Earth’s surface was very different thousands of years ago. The big land masses moved, broke up into smaller ones as volcanic and earthquake action separated them. Among these was a large land you call Atlantis, located in what is now the Pacific Ocean on which a civilisation of people reached a very high standard of life – spiritually and technically. Although many of these people were highly evolved, gradually their culture decayed. Many spread out to other lands. There was eventually a great upheaval due to a change in the axial polarity of the planet. Then this great land subsided into the ocean taking many with it.

Why are we especially attracted to the energies that linger at ancient sites like Stonehenge and Avebury? Why and how does it live on?

There is a grid of spiritual energies covering the lands of the Earth. Early people who lived closest to the land sensed them and used the power of this energy to direct their movements and building sites. They marked them to help others find that strength. The energies were increased as the people moved over them. That power will continue as even now it is reinvigorated by human (and animal) contact.

The grid of spiritual energies you mention: do ‘ley lines’ help to make up this grid? Are places on ley lines like Glastonbury good places to visit for increasing energy? Can you tell us of anywhere else in the UK which is particularly spiritually energised (apart from churches and prehistoric monuments)?

The ley lines do follow grid lines and help energise it regularly. It is interactive increasing ley line energy as well. The places you name and others like them are all receiving and giving of this same spiritual energy. One place – or actually many you have found for yourselves – are groves of trees. Sometimes a single one is just as powerful. Those trees which attract you especially, are sharing an energy vibration with your spirit which they derive from the grid and ley lines if they are located on them. Also, any of the places where you find shallow, running clear water babbling over irregular beds will activate your spiritual energy.

How many thousands of years ago did Atlantis subside into the sea? For how long did the civilisation endure?

This is imprecise to measure as even the length of time you name, a year, was longer, but about 11 – 12,000 years ago will give you an idea. You realise it is hard to give a bracket of time, but again loosely, 30,000 years.

Thank you for the interesting information about dolphins: does something of the same apply to whales?

The scale of size makes these giants unable to relate to humans as dolphins do. They are friendly and curious, but not so involved.

I used to dream of or imagine a great web enclosing the Earth: was this the grid of spiritual energies you mentioned, or perhaps the internet web?

The dream of a web was derived from the energy grid. You were responding to a need for these energies and subconsciously reaching for the source.

How is the great surge in our capacity to communicate (like the Internet) serving mankind? Are there any pitfalls?

It has an enormous potential for reaching the world as a unified community which nevertheless can appreciate the variety of cultures. The pitfalls lie in the failure to realise that all the differences enhance the whole. Where some peoples retain an imbalance of resources this will not allow for peaceful and thoughtful distribution world-wide where they are needed. Without this, discord will prevent that unity developing. The internet makes it virtually impossible not to know of the present circumstances of rich and poor nations, or the richness of all cultures to benefit every person.

Can you tell us if there is something in Timmy’s (our cat) background that would explain his erratic and sometimes vicious behaviour?

Timmy was not properly weaned. He was taken too soon from his mother. This is the origin of his fear that there will not be food when he is hungry. Timmy and Tansy as kittens were not given a place of security in a home where there were established dogs. Timmy’s aggressive behaviour is partly the result of having such a weak voice. Even as a little kitten Tansy could spit, hiss and yowl, but Tim tried to rely on biting and scratching. He still needs a lot of attention to reassure him.

It seems to be a vicious circle that lack of purpose creates inactivity and inactivity increases lack of purpose. You are wisely suggesting that the way to break out of this cycle is to will oneself towards physical activity. But is it correct that the goal of the recent surge of positive energies is to effect world-wide peace, and that Gill’s response has been, in fact, too much peace? Are other people who like to be active also finding at this time that the wind has been taken out of their sails, that the reflex of natural assertiveness is weaker?

It is correct that the recent surge of positive energies is to effect world-wide peace, to motivate and energize intention to work on methods of settling disputes amicably. Yes, many normally active people have reacted to the intensity of the energies by suppressing some of their natural assertiveness so that after withdrawing for a time it can be redirected with more control and less impulsiveness. It’s not too much peace, but how to keep balance between inactivity and retaining the usual forward impulse intact. It does feel like the wind is gone from their sails because they are accustomed to an unfailing supply. That is why it requires strong will to move out of the temporary dormant state toward a more considered use of assertive behaviour.

Is it possible for us to understand some of the differences between the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions?

These dimensions are of different energy frequencies from Earth and each other – much faster and thinner. I can’t describe this in terms of your understanding – how it would appear to you. These dimensions are not physical in any degree – not atmospheric as you might imagine. You have heard them described in terms of vibrations, but this does not equate with Earth experience either. Spirits can however pass easily from one to another in what you would consider great speed and large distances.

If there is no time in the world of spirit, when we return will it seem as if we were only gone a moment?

A moment is an Earthly concept of time. You simply cannot imagine existence without some measure of this sort. In the world of spirit there is only endless being. When we enter Earth’s dimensions, we are then aware ourselves of time and knowing how Earth’s people pass through life, it then appears to us as a very brief time – a moment.

Is a part of our spirit able to function and have experience beyond the 4th dimension while we are simultaneously incarnated here on Earth?

Your own spirit (soul) has entered the Earth for its offering of density and variety. It will not leave your body as long as the body lives. But your spirit-guide, which is also a vital part of you, can separate and move at will to any dimension while simultaneously a part of its energy remains with you.

If we shift to the 5th dimension in 2012, will there be less disease and illness due to greater spiritual awareness?

Yes, because the shift will occur when people take better care of each other and the physical world. Peaceful living will still make demands on how to accomplish this and maintain it.

Please would you clarify that it is correct that when we return to the world of spirit it will seem as if we were never gone, although we will have memory of our experiences?

When we return to the world of spirit, all of the knowledge gained by experience of the Earth world is immediately joined to the entire body of our learning in one gestalt. It also becomes a part of the greater spirit body. As we still retain the memory of our past, we can call on that knowledge independently, but it is not isolated in time slots. In another way, of course, we were never gone.

Is it harmless for us to eat food prepared in the microwave?

It is harmless to eat food cooked or warmed by microwaves. The microwaves penetrate the food agitating molecules to rapid vibration which by this friction generates heat. When the machine is turned off, the microwaves dissipate. Nothing is left in the food but heat.

Please will you say some more about how, in a sense, we have never left the world of spirit? Gill would very much like to know and feel this truth.

I referred recently to a return to the world of spirit. This suggested to you ‘from one place to another’. Spirits, including your soul, always remain a part of the greater spirit unity which is all-encompassing in the universe. The spirit world interpenetrates all creation. So even though your soul is within you it is still directly connected to all that energy we have called the spirit world. When it departs, it will not need a road map. It will already be there.

Please help us to understand how motion, expression, action occurs outside of time and physical space. How can we imagine it?

This is beyond the power of your language for me to convey. You know there are many ‘worlds’ in the universe. Beside being drawn to Earth, a planet where experience is available as we have discussed, from out of the boundlessness, spirit energy spins, vibrates and moves to other actual places as well as Earth. We are also ‘mind’ in the greater spirit entity which occupies this indescribable series of dimensions – this word, too, is not suggestive of the un-measurability of it. In this merged great-spirit, we are everywhere at once and ‘mind’ directs us toward seeking experiences. We are motion, and action follows all that energy inevitably in some form of expression.

How is it possible to be part of a greater whole and yet retain individual identity?

It is a little like a giant swimming pool where individuals move freely, contact each other, even chat and communicate with waving hands and nods of heads. That pool is a whole, but everyone in it has his identity. If you substitute what I have called boundlessness – a kind of ether to use an old fashioned word – for the water in the pool, you may have some idea that each spirit remains himself while in this kind of merging.

Is homosexuality unnatural? Is it wrong to go against the laws of nature as the AIDS epidemic might suggest? Have there always been homosexuals on Earth? Is there a reason for homosexuality?

The male and female principle exists in every human. Usually the sexual is so strong, male and female are attracted to one another to continue the human race. However, homosexuality is not unnatural. It has always occurred. It is a variant on the natural desire to pair which may be expressed sexually or not. Homosexuals are born with that disposition. To deny it results in unnatural behaviour. AIDS is only one of many diseases transmitted sexually as, indeed, others have been as destructive until medicine controlled them. Syphilis, for example, was never considered to be against the laws of nature because it was not confined to same sex partners. It was just as widespread given the mobility of people in earlier times. To live with homosexuality in most modern cultures is to have chosen a very difficult path. Homosexuality exists, as all variations from the norm do, to present opportunity for the ‘norm’ to learn tolerance for all souls in whatever way they present themselves in appearance or unusual behaviour.

Is there a spiritual guiding principle or motive for same-sex couples?

Mutual growth, mutual fulfilment, mutual affection etc., in other words the same principles guiding any committed relationship.

Please will you explain a little more about how, if there is not time, except on Earth (and possibly in other solar systems), and if you exist in a dimension where past, present and future co-exist, if we have understood this properly, why do you not know about outcomes in the future? To say they haven’t happened yet appears to be a contradiction. To say that all probabilities are constantly in process is incomprehensible to us so far.

On Earth, physical and psychological environment includes the sensation of passing time. At any one moment – a nano-second – I can know what is happening, what has happened and what will occur, but this is at a sharp point of attention. If I shift my consciousness just a bit, in the next moment the scene may change kaleidoscopically. So that if you had asked what is in the future before that change of focus, it may now be very different. All is happening simultaneously, but depending on that attention point only probabilities can be prognosed.

Why did Gill get such a negative response from Mother Meera in relation to her request to write about her? Didn’t she know that Gill’s intentions were good and honourable?

Mother Meera was fearful of anyone she didn’t know personally misrepresenting her. She didn’t know, or want to know, Gill’s intentions.

Why is Mother Meera fearful? She has the reputation of being a guru and a great healer which surely means she has great faith and a solid connection with God?

Mother Meera feels an imperative to guard the holiness of her work from unbelievers by refusing others to interpret what she does. Her faith in the spiritual is strong as you say, but it does not prevent her from feeling she must protect her work in this way.

Was the original fragmenting, splintering of All That Is a painful process (especially for the splinters)?

No, no more than our separation from the larger energy to move in the universe.

Is there a subconscious longing to return to the original wholeness and do some people experience this as a need for security and some as a need for freedom? Are our different (and similar) escapist activities attempts to satisfy this underpinning longing?

There is a subconscious longing to return to the original unity. Those who experience a need for security on earth are trying to replicate that sense of unity known to spirit. Those who feel a need for freedom are longing to be free of the hold Earth has on them feeling they could then return to spiritual wholeness.

Is the length and intensity of a prayer a factor in its being answered or does every request, no matter how brief, receive attention?

All that is required is sincerity. Every request receives response.

What is the explanation for the dreams of events in the future of David Mandell?

We’ve spoken of the occurrence where people who have psychic ability can focus so strongly on the cluster of probabilities that they often choose correctly. This particular person’s dreams are like a little screen where future events are projected. He is not aware of choosing to receive in this way, but is very sensitive to a lot of probabilities and in fact often is able to pick correctly what will happen in his dream world.

What is magic? Do magicians use psychic powers?

In cultures where magic is respected, magicians invoke supernatural powers to heal, influence fertility, curse an enemy, remove a curse etc. They do call on psychic powers. In other parts of the world, magic is entertainment to do tricks, to fool audiences as much as possible as to how it is done, but all understand it is sleight of hand.

Are what are known as ‘parallel universes’ the same as the spiritual dimensions we have discussed (eg 5th dimension etc.)? And does their existence have any bearing on precognition?

Parallel universes and various dimensions are all words striving to explain the spiritual universe (this time the word is all-encompassing) out of the Earth’s boundaries. In all that spacelessness and all that timelessness, events of the moment and all possible ones exist simultaneously. Certain psychically aware persons who can contact these dimensions (they have a dim memory of being in that state) tune in to what may occur. It is not always clear or accurate, but provides foreknowledge of probably events. Calling them parallel universes is to suggest there are ‘areas’ where events are, shall we say, ‘tried out’, so different outcomes may be experienced. This is just recognising the rapid movement existing in spirit dimensions as possible events jumble together and apart.

Will you comment on the legends of King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin etc.? Were these characters real? If so, did Gill have a life in those times? Anyone we know….?

There was a real King Arthur with a very small domain and knights to protect it. But the legendary Arthur was imagined and re-invented by the bards of the day praising his valour and expanding on his story with each re-telling. Gill did have a life as a kitchen maid on a farm in this period, but aside from loving care of animals, this was not a very profitable time spiritually. Contending with poverty and often hunger depleted her then.

Was there a real Golden Age? If so please would you say a little about it?

Times of high achievement and usually peace where this took place are all Golden Ages. Great libraries with knowledge of mathematics in particular collected by the great Arab nations was such a time. Early Greece and Rome with the histories you know in many fields of endeavour are so called, but if you mean the one Homer described where for a time mankind lived ideally was only that – an ideal. Worth knowing about in order to aspire again to such an ideal.

Gene Rodenberry, the creator or Star Trek, channelled some of the material for the series. Are there such creatures in the universe as ‘Q’; the Crystalline Entity; the Borg; a race like the Clingons?

The creatures Gene Rodenberry invented were not, are not real. There are even more extraordinary ones, but although he was inspired to make his characters, the ones you named, most fierce and powerful, it was for the sake of the story. There was his message in Star Trek that ‘good’ triumphs in the end even over such frightful figures and plots.

When you said in relation to Star Trek that: ‘there are even more extraordinary ones’ (creatures) – did you mean ones that Gene R invented or that there are, in reality, more extraordinary ones than the ones he invented?

There really are more extraordinary ones, but so impossible to explain to you – they are unlike anything you can imagine – hence extraordinary. Gene Rodenberry was aware of very strange (to him) others, but had to imagine his characters as he couldn’t begin to decipher what they are.

Yesterday you referred to magicians making up curses in some cultures. Is it possible for someone to curse another? If so, how can this be? Is it related to the construction of negative energy we were just talking about?

In the cultures where this cursing takes place, the victim actually believes in it and makes it real. He must know about the intention to harm him, but the magician who sends out the curse cannot activate it without his co-operation. There are negative thought-forms involved, of course, but this is not a building of negative energies which remain and increase slowly as discussed before.

What mysterious energy keeps our heart beating?

Very early in the development of foetal tissue, the life-force energy which will support the body life-long, activates the cluster of cells which are to be the heart. As the organ forms, areas of electrical impulses soon trigger the rhythmic beat we hear and feel.

There has been a mysterious heartbeat that occurs on Gill’s tape-recordings with clients – can you say where this originates and why it is there?

The heartbeat is manifested by the spirit guide of the client when the most important subject comes up which the individual needs to recognize and explore, but is always the most resisted and difficult. It is an ethereal heart sound, not the one in the physical body, but still is the essence of that bodily organ.

Please would you explain further your answer to our question as to whether the fragmenting of All That Is was painful; you said: ‘no more than our separation from the larger energy to move in the universe’. Are these two separate events?

In the beginning, ‘All That Is’ – the total sum of spiritual, creative energy, divided into many separate entities which were still connected. All of them were in motion spinning around each other in perpetual generation of energy. It is a little like the particles which fill the atmosphere which is all one, but they are all separate. As the creatures of the universe called upon spirit for help, these entities were free to separate from the larger energy. ‘All That Is’ still encompasses all of this energy and movement. So, He is an even larger source than the separating spirits in their linked sphere and fills all of the ‘space’ between, among, around them as well. It is a clumsy description but, I hope, helps to show these are two separate events closely related.

Arthur, in relation to the ‘energy that keeps our heart beating’, please will you explain further about the origin and constant presence of life-force energy; is it similar to what we know as electricity? Is it the essence in the fragments of All That Is?

Life-force energy was a spontaneous production of energy occurring at the same time as the first divisions of the Creative Spirit to infuse all creatures with the ability to grow and replicate. Scientists struggle to identify the source believing correctly that there is a single unifying power in all energies. They can now identify four of its parts including electro-magnetic, gravity, a weak force and a strong one but do not find the bond which makes them one – which is the original creation of All That Is.

What is electricity?

It is one of the endless power sources (see above) provided to the Earth for many uses and to satisfy many natural requirements. Knowing physical or chemical elements of it or how to produce it will not make clear what it is or make it serve purposes it is suited to any better.

Referring again to the ‘ethereal’ heartbeat on Gill’s recordings (and the one that occurred during my session with Simon), can you say why this has come to our awareness in particular? Do other astro-counsellors have similar psychic messages? And, do the clients hear the heart-beat message with understanding or should Gill listen for it and bring it to their attention?

Some spirit guides choose this method of emphasis because some persons are attuned to picking up the meaning in this sound. Gill is already responding to this by stressing feeling to you and her clients. Seems obvious to her, but it must be reiterated often and in many ways for some. Other astro-counsellors do receive psychic messages in sound or in brief visions, ideas suddenly at a moment of need etc. The heart-beat is particularly dramatic. It is there for Gill to use. By asking if the client heard it, she can initiate a valuable exchange. It can open another door.

Where you say: ‘They can now identify four of its parts (i.e. the single unifying power in all energies) including electro-magnetic, gravity, a weak force and a strong one’ – have I punctuated this sentence properly so as to identify the 4 parts of which you speak?

Yes, this is how these forces are identified.

Why are scientists unable to find the bond which makes them one? Is it because it is spiritual rather than of the earth?

The unified energy was created for Earth by the Great Spirit. As in the nature of energy, its parts interlock continuously with each other so the bond is actually elastic. If scientists start examining the problem from the premise a spiritually created bond exists, they may be able to recognise the cohesions even in this unstable relationship which form a loose supportive earthly bond – a unity of several.

Also, is it either possible or proper for scientists to try to create life (like the fictional Dr Frankenstein or nowadays cloning or in a test-tube)? If so, will this life automatically possess a reincarnated spirit?

No monster made of nuts and bolts like Frankenstein’s is proper or possible. Today scientists are using normal biological material helping to control it to produce healthy infants with certain chosen traits. Using adult cells is much less likely to produce desired cloned results. But these things are possible. The morality of such work is now being debated because it is a collective issue, as well as the problem of the individual decisions of those from whom the material is taken. In any case, the newly reincarnated spirit will join these infants as any normally generated ones do.

Should we try and bring the high number of people inhabiting the Earth under control to match the Earth’s resources?

It is highly desirable to educate people to want to limit their numbers in order that there be better use of the Earth’s resources. At the moment there is a danger of serious depletion of food staples and water. When discussing the morality of ‘designer’ babies as in the last question, it is a point to consider that if potential parents could be assured of one or two children of given sex, colour, height etc it could contribute to careful limiting of pregnancies. To depend on altruism as a motive is unreal. To depend on force doesn’t work either – consider China’s experiment. This is an important global concern.

Does White Eagle in any way connect with Gill with regard to her astrology? Is he aware of the students who have completed the White Eagle Course in Astrology?

All students as they worked through the White Eagle course in astrology and afterward are touched by his energy, but Gill was uneasy with the system and so felt his presence irregularly. She has not felt drawn to him since as to a personal spirit guide. He has never limited his influence to the organisation in his name or the students who study there, but is aware of them as a collective group which he supports with energy.

Gill sensed that there was something awry with the White Eagle organisation; also that Simon was in some way either disinterested in her or disapproving?

The problem Gill was sensitive to had to do with the expansion of properties and the subsequent demand for administrative work imposing on the real work of spiritual development. Simon felt so overwhelmed by his personal and career problems that he was trying to be as detached as possible, not too involved with Gill or other students so he could manage without breaking down. He also believed in not being judgmental. He felt he would be more successful if he could remain largely uncritical and separate. But this Gill interpreted as disinterest.

We have a photo of what looks like a spirit issuing out of our first motorbike – was there a ‘spirit of the motorbike’?

This was not an ectoplasmic phenomenon. The spirit of the bike is not visible. It was created by Gill’s interaction with its energy. That bike had strong connections with the need in Gill for strength, control and free movement. The pictured wisp in the photo is an accidental reflection of light, but, nevertheless, it is a real spirit picture because Gill did sense that energy presence

Was the recent war in Iraq a mistake inasmuch as there were found to be no weapons of mass destruction after all? Was it born out of the need for revenge after the bombing of the World Trade Centre?

Primarily, the WMD were excuses to rid Iraq and the whole Middle East of the tyrant, Saddam Hussein and to restore the flow of oil. For those to whom this was the aim, the war was a success, but the degree of violence was unnecessary and will stir further retributive acts of anger toward the coalition and the USA in particular. The idea that the USA, in fact the whole world, has been shown by the World Trade Centre bombing to be wholly vulnerable to attacks which can seldom be anticipated or defended, is responsible for the vengeful motivation of this action.

Is there any difference between ‘psyche’ and ‘mind’?

These words are often used interchangeably, but I’ll make a distinction. Psyche suggests the individual’s spirit as he has grown from his innate mental makeup plus his complete experience to date. It is not finished. Mind is more the director of those actions which create the psyche.

When one is becoming more spiritually attuned, is a sign of this that one begins to see auras around people and objects? Are there any other indications?

Seeing auras is sensing the electrical field emanating from everything. It represents special sensitivity, but may occur without any spiritual inspiration. However, it is one sign that greater awareness of the world dimensions can awaken one spiritually. Not everyone has that particular ability, but there are other manifestations to watch for such as vivid, evocative dreams, resonating with sounds or responses to colour, for example. This comes from learning to care for and love the Earth, a way of becoming more spiritually attuned.

How is the Holy Spirit different from other spirits?

The Holy Spirit is that spirit most filled with and radiating the original energy of All That Is. He is closest to reunion with God of all spirits and capable of greater healing and guidance to those who are ready for this power.

What causes the mysterious and unusual effects which have occurred within the Bermuda Triangle? Any connection with Atlantis?

You asked about this once before. My answer was that this area is very crowded with traffic on sea and in the air. The sudden loss of a ship, or a plane without apparent reason is only that the reasons aren’t recognised. Travel on water or air is full of peril. Most people responsible for it are particularly careful to heed warnings of storm, wind sheer, sudden changes of weather and so on. But that lovely warm area attracts carelessness, too. People who are unprepared are, of course, more vulnerable. It is just not exceptional in spite of the story-tellers. I told you if you wanted to go there, there is no special reason to avoid it.

What is happening on the spiritual level to someone who has a) multiple personalities b) schizophrenia c) or is psychopathic or sociopathic – those who seem to have lost touch with any principle of goodness?

a) These souls are extremely unhappy with their first persona and consequently are ‘trying on’ new ones hoping finally to unify the chosen qualities into one they accept as themselves. They sometimes succeed and can carry on with spiritual development. b) At the age of integration from child to adult, these people are like (a) except they are not interested in unifying into one complete person. They usually give up. Spiritually they disregard this lifetime. (c) Most of these have a history of abuse in many previous lifetimes and choose to survive vengefully satisfying whatever desire appeals to them. They are the ultimate ‘downers’. They don’t feel anything about what they do. Many are very intelligent (developed brain), but pervert that gift. They don’t even ‘enjoy’ their wickedness. They are lost to this lifetime and will require a tremendous burst of super-positive spirit energy just to start afresh next time. They only serve at present as the opposite pole to good.

Is the soul of a psychopath only ‘bad’ when it’s incarnated? Is it ‘good’ again when it is in spirit? I believe you have said that there is no negative, destructive spirit energy?

How would a soul benefit from an incarnation as a psychopath? What condition in the soul would produce this personality? Is it creative for a soul to move from pure spirit into a life where there is misery, negativity and destruction from the word go?

You may recall that some experienced spirits may choose to return to Earth to fill difficult particular roles, in this case that of the psychopath. They are well aware of the condition they are undertaking but offer it as a model of an extreme opposite of good. In arousing sufficient revulsion, they contribute to a shift toward the extreme of good. Before incarnation he enlists strong spirit energy to help him endure, for the life’s duration, being a soul without any compassion. The spirit will be restored, but will remember the suffering he caused. Next he will incarnate in a serving, caring situation, one which brings pain with which he can empathise and suffer in himself. This is how the soul could benefit.

Your answer concerning psychopaths offers a scenario that sounds awful – it doesn’t sound as if it originates in love or the creativity of love. Why must there be in our world examples of extreme opposites of good and bad?

Mankind is too prone to take the easy road and that includes not aiming for the highest good. The very few examples of the other extreme simply provide impetus to reach as far from that low point as possible. To love you must know its opposite.

Re the Bermuda Triangle – we were asking about the truth surrounding the many reported sightings of UFOs, mysterious lights and disappearances over the past 200 years or so within this particular area? Do you really mean that this area is no more exceptional than any other? What do you mean when you say: ‘The sudden loss of a ship or plane without apparent reason is only that the reasons aren’t recognised.’ What, then, are the reasons? (We are not thinking about travelling, are we?)

You mis-read the question about the Bermuda Triangle which I answered as received, but you were using information you read somewhere in your answer. Here again, you were so anxious to please Gill with some answers about the strange events in the Bermuda Triangle that you refused to say that ‘I do not wish to reveal that information’. As a spirit guide my work is on spiritual matters and includes anything I judge affects you spiritually. This particular request has no bearing on your spiritual development. Sadly, you stretched the truth about accurate interpretation. True you didn’t invent what you wrote, but stopped short of reporting what I said. You can trust the basic answers of Feb 3rd, but again I urge you to stop when you are unsure that ideas in your mind are mine. And for heaven’s sake be honest – don’t fool yourself.

What do you mean by ‘Time is so imprecise’? It seems to us as if it is the one measurable constant in life.

This reference is to the conception of time. An hour in the dentist’s chair may seem like a day, whereas joyful moments flee. You try to pin down a stretch of time by measure, but it is as I suggested, imprecise. As the earth turns so too does the scale you measure by – England’s 12 noon is 7am in New York for example.

Would you comment on the ‘crimes’ of Dr Harold Shipman – in his own view, were his actions acceptable?

For a long time Dr Shipman felt he was an ‘angel’ of mercy relieving old people of their pains and weariness. But it finally became a sort of addiction. Increasingly he was not too careful who in his opinion would benefit. It’s amazing how he could even rationalise receiving, after some slight duress, the assets of his victims. He assumed it was for a good cause, even just to support himself – the minister of mercy.

Re your answer on time – do you mean the conception of time or the perception of time? Time itself is based on the movement of the Earth on its axis and its path round the Sun. This is precise isn’t it? (Gill has to know this as an astrologer!) Not clear on: ‘As the earth turns so too does the scale you measure by’.

I do mean the perception of time. This was a reference to the likelihood of useful contacts in the last two weeks of January. Time as used by astrologers is indeed precise. Since you returned from the hospital you are especially muddled in your thinking. Your energy is almost fully directed at recovery of health, so you picked up ‘earth’s rotation’, ‘measure’, ‘scale’ without any notion of an underlying idea. Disregard that material.

Are you saying that there is a mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle but you do not wish to reveal it in the same way as you did not reveal information about the people of Machu Pichu. You have also said you are a friend as well as a guide – it would be a friendly gesture to satisfy our curiosity?

Yes, there is a mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle which should not now be revealed. I am a friend to you, but also to others who wish it to remain undisclosed.

What is happening spiritually when I pick a rune and the reading feels as if it fits, or Gill does a Tarot spread and it tells of something specific? Is there a spiritual power involved in divination? (What about chicken bones and tea leaves?)

This sets up a response which originates in Gill within her own spiritual energy. It can be triggered my many objects – those you mention, crystal balls, broken straws etc., There is power invested in these things when one is attuned to the moment to bring about the reading which seems to fit.

Is it possible to send energy back in time to a person or an event?

Persons and events from the past continue to exist in energy-form, so it possible to send energy to them.

There are people who have no belief in spirit or God whatsoever who are not only strong and healthy but also commit acts of wrongdoing – how is this possible? Surely we’re ahead of these people?

You may need to feel a sense of being ‘ahead’, living as you do, but this is not a race requiring handicaps to win. It is more like broken-field running where you may trip and fall, recover, run on having made a mistake in direction, do it over etc. as you do. Life, as you describe it for these people, is not rewarding them for their behaviour. It is a condition from which they will learn that life on Earth cannot be sustained without becoming aware of how they are granted health and strength to have opportunity to contribute to the collective. It can take them more lifetimes to learn this than people who overcome ill-health or physical disability then learn to share with all. Wrong-doing isn’t so easy to perpetrate in these conditions either. The healthy ones who take advantage of others wrongfully have a hard time learning why this is to their eventual downfall and should be given up for their own soul’s sake. But it seems so easy and desirable not to.

When you say ‘You may need to feel a sense of being ‘ahead’, living as you do’: what do you mean? How do we live from your point of view?

Living as you do’ refers to the unrewarding nature of what has happened and continues to be your daily experience. It would make the great effort worthwhile if you could be certain you are on, and advancing along, your best spiritual path: Since it is such a struggle, you can’t help but feel you must be ‘ahead’ of those who haven’t undertaken this discipline. This really refers to Gill, as you, Jean, haven’t really engaged in the discipline as she has.

Nancy and Peter offered us a piece of channelling through Edwin Courtney from ‘the spirit of Merlin’ : given what you told us about the times of King Arthur, what does this spirit mean by this title? Is the piece authentic?

You will notice the spirit called himself the Spirit of the Merlin. In order that the channeller address him, he chose that name to suggest what the mythical Merlin is known to be – wise, old in knowledge, practised in alchemy, protective of the Earth and in tune with its creatures. So the title, Merlin, can be applied to several spirits who appear from early times as this one claims. I would not take issue with the basic premises of his message. His words, and mine, are to be interpreted according to your own understanding and intuition.

Also in ‘Merlin’s’ words he said the Harmonic Concordance would end in the middle of March although we felt it would continue, diminishing in intensity, until the next eclipse at the end of April?

In his view the Concordance ends in the middle of March, but that does not conflict with the recognition that its influence would continue waning until the next eclipse. Even then it is not like the Damoclean sword chopping it off, but continues to resonate with those who have responded to it.

Diana wrote:

This is addressed to those lightworkers who are heavy hitters in healing activities that are of the shamanic persuasion or out on the edge of spiritual work. The Dark Forces are targeting this group and bringing up the big guns. My core group of four has all been under psychic attack and we are not usually bothered too much anymore. They have whacked us a bit but we are OK. In our shamanic healing work, some heavy-duty individuals have been really laid low. If you are doing healing, lecturing, teaching and writing about the things that are really moving evolution along, you may be on their A-list. If you need some outside help, give me a call. We have tackled some very heavy cases, but so far we can handle it. ‘

Arthur, what does Diana mean here by the dark forces? Is this something real? If so, how should we deal with it personally?

There are entities which are chosen to appear on Earth to provide the challenge of combat to those who seriously seek light. This is very real opposition, genuinely frightening because their power sucks positive energy so quickly. They are taxing these light-workers to their limits. They do this to cause the group to maintain build-up of the great strength needed for the present evolutionary work. There must be dark for light to be seen. These dark spirits may seem evil, but they are contributing to concentrate the mutual energies of the group to success in their goal and then they find they have the power to defeat the ‘dark forces’’ intentions in themselves.

You do this by calling upon the forces for light to guide you as you have been doing. Maintain and nourish faith in goodness. Your new crystals are a good new source of positive energy to help with this.

All truth is relative. So isn’t everything we perceive as outside us, in truth, inside us, so that ‘dark forces’ are a projection of that which resides within? If so, if I don’t believe in it, is it not correct to say that I therefore do not give it power?

Gill has thought this through clearly. You do not give it (dark forces) power when you do not believe in it, but the other half of the equation is believing and therefore projecting light from within. Yes, you create limitations (darkness) to turn toward the light. This is not as easy as it sounds however because this requires judgement as to how much will stimulate you to the light direction without attracting you to linger in the dark where there is stasis – a temptation to rest, to give up.

Why was there no ethereal heart-beat on Gill’s client’s tape this time?

Gill is aware that the heart-beat when it occurs marks the most important matter for attention. It will not always appear even when a matter seems most pressing. It is a very special event, up to the spirit who produces it.

Arthur, where do thoughts originate and how do they arrive into consciousness?

The creator made you a triune creation of body, mind and spirit. From pure energy, each of these parts of you is impelled to manifest itself. Your mind creates thought energy from these continuous impulses. Then the physical brain receives these either consciously or beneath that level, finally to make the thought form. Through awareness it becomes conscious.

What is a thought? Where does it go?

Thought is the force which precedes action. It is directed depending on its content outwardly or inwardly for processing. If it is well-focussed it results in movement toward its goal. If it is a simple (reflex) response, it will dissipate when acted on. Consider an example: you are driving. You see a pheasant in the road. Mind presents thought to brain stimulated by life’s experiences with bird, speed, death, injury etc. You act to avoid the bird – outward response; or pray it will escape – inward response. Then the force is exhausted. Other thought impulses stir no response and are ‘re-absorbed’ so to speak. No energy is lost, but will be transformed.

When Gill has difficult thoughts during her PMT, how real or true are they – or if they are just an effect of the condition, are these thoughts meaningless?

Her condition prepares her to process the problems associated with PMT in the same way, reinforced over a long period. (Forgive the choice of word.) Gill creates the thoughts based on previous experience and intensified by the condition of her body. This is difficult to alter as the thoughts are real – a reaction to hurt. The thoughts have the meaning she chooses, to justify her suffering and anger. But she would best determine it will pass and adjust as best she can to avoid the negative impact on herself or others.

After PMT, when Gill feels better, why and how has this happened?

When the body is in better balance as happens cyclically with PMT, it releases a lot of tension, then Gill experiences some well-being based on bodily changes. As the body improves, so mind and spirit follow.

On Good Friday, is there a measurable sadness in the collective that Gill tunes into?

Yes, even for all who know nothing of the Good Friday story. It is a universal response to cruelty and injustice. There is enough energy from the followers of the cross to move the collective to sadness on this particular day.

You say that ‘Thought is the force which precedes action’ – yet I know I often act before I think. How is this possible – and how might I learn to control it better?

You remember I said yesterday that mind creates thought energy from which the physical brain makes form. Your mind does create energy preceding action, but the brain requires awareness to use this energy to make a thought form. You often respond to the impulse for action without waiting for the necessary awareness to formulate knowing and directions. The best advice for you to learn more control is to SLOW DOWN.

Is it possible or desirable for me to be more analytical and look into people and events with greater depth and understanding – or is it not in my character to do so?

It might be possible but not desirable. Your need is so much more to respond to others’ feelings with feelings of your own – wordlessly and immediately. It is in your character to keep distant. To attempt to analyse people and events more than you do would lead you to greater distance, rather than more warmth in understanding.

Why did I choose to be the sort of person I am this lifetime? ‘With-it’ but not ‘with-it’’?

It is very unlike earlier past life experience. You chose to embrace the new challenge of this incarnation existing only half-aware – half awake. It is a difficult mode of being and behaviour. Incarnating spirits usually choose a trial, a testing time to explore how they can meet these demands to lead on in spiritual growth. This is what you intended.

In relation to the question about my half-awake life experience this time – do you mean that this life that I am now living is the testing time and that it should have been shorter, as a test usually is? If so, what went wrong? Or did I like it so much (for non-spiritual reasons) that I just kept going?

The choice of living without being fully alert is a lifelong test to use the remaining faculties to follow your chosen spiritual direction. This is like those who choose physically handicapping conditions as a spur to spiritual growth.

Re our conversation this morning: is it right that I do not seek spiritual development because I am like a child? Is that why I am fearful and lack faith?

You are like a child who hasn’t learned to trust the world outside his dwelling place. He cannot go without an adult supervisor. He hasn’t discovered or been taught that the spiritual development of himself will give him the courage to walk out alone and unafraid. So you are like that child, constrained by your inability to find faith in yourself (and hence God), not really understanding what is required to do so.

Why do we receive a small electric shock from Timmy’s lower abdomen?

Timmy is so full of life-force energy that to touch him in this sensitive spot is to receive a small charge.

Is there such a thing as pure chance? Does divine intervention have anything to do with the large sums that are won from the lottery?

We often have spoken of circumstances beyond control. This is one of those situations. There are many variables which lead one individual to have just the right combination of buying a ticket, choosing the numbers, posting it correctly, caring for it etc.. Winning a large or small sum is not related to divine intervention. None of this is pure chance though. If there is no fraud involved, the set of circumstances which lead to a prize, we call luck. The reasons are just not apparent.

When you said that Timmy had ‘so much life-force energy’, does this mean that some people and creatures have less? I thought we were all fragments of All That Is and of equal spirit? If so, why the disparity?

Timmy has so much ‘pure animal energy’ is the meaning or intent of my statement. In any case energy is a fluctuating manifestation. We use it and replenish it, incarnate or discarnate. Your reference to equal spirit is correct. The problem here is word usage.

Are there beings from distant galaxies who want to help or harm us? Do any inhabit Earth right now?

The beings from distant galaxies have no desire to help or harm human beings. They are merely curious seeking knowledge through the experience of occasional visits to Earth as they move about the universe. Not all have that ease of movement. There are many different kinds very unlike you. Some can present themselves in familiar human forms. Some few are present on Earth now.

You mentioned beings once in relation to crop formations. Would you tell us a little more about the mysterious sightings of UFOs – especially in relation to this?

I said that the beings who caused the crop circles were interested in alerting people to the spiritual world. UFOs are visualisations of the transport of these beings. As you know matter is materialised by thought. When these ‘ships’ have been apprehended on Earth, they can become solid matter by the rational thoughts of those who try to explain this mysterious happening. The beings sometimes co-operate to hold interest by allowing some examination of these objects.

Diana refers a lot to negative entities. I understand that we create this negativity, but can it then take on a life of its own? And does it then require the special help of a spiritually motivated practitioner to remove it?

I wouldn’t call it a life of its own – rather, if the negativity is not turned around it will increase its energy until it is very difficult to remove. At this time it would be wise to get that help.

Diana wrote:

‘…………One look at the shaman and it was only too clear. He was invaded by an entity from the Dark Side who was manipulating him so that one of his henchmen could continue to throw a monkey wrench into my client’s life. Let this be a warning to all of us doing this type of work. Make sure someone clears YOU on a regular basis. That is why we work in pairs here. Since the shaman had not requested that we help him, we did not do any healing of this situation. We do not have permission. Any of you healers out there have any other suggestions about how to handle him? I would like to hear from you. We do not want to violate his free will. ‘

Is it not always good to send light, energy, healing because it needn’t be received if it is not wanted? Is it possible to abrogate a person’s free will by sending Light?

You are correct. Send light, send healing, send positive energy which may be refused, but even then surrounds a person with good will. You can’t force him against his will to accept any of it, but this environment is conducive to future change for the better. There is no harm in this or pressure for him to change.

Is there as much practice of Dark forces on Earth as there is of Good?

There is a balance. This is not a static condition.

Is it possible for people simultaneously to pray for help with their terrible problems but also to need these problems to continue as part of their spiritual path? (In relation to Diana’s client.)

Yes, it is often the case. When one chooses difficult lives at the time of incarnation, one forgets this and prays for relief. Didn’t Christ on the cross cry: ‘ Why has’t thou forsaken me?’ This client was too afraid of change even to think about leaving the shaman she knew for one she didn’t.

Arthur, you said: ‘UFOs are visualisations of the transport of these beings. As you know matter is materialised by thought.’ Please will you explain this a little further?

The beings who cause the crop circles to form are invisible and silent, until they wish to be noticed. Although they are not seen making the circles, something appears in what humans recognise as a form of ‘air ship’ materialised visibly and often audibly at other times and places. Mystified humans conceive this as an explanation for the appearance of the circles and that conception leads to the sightings of UFOs. The thought-forms then have activated their existence. The intention, as with the circles, is to demonstrate the reality of other dimensions and other energies.

Is all matter materialised by thought? Please explain….

When All That Is fragmented Himself, He created a microcosm of innumerable tiny units of energy. Then as your Bible poetically describes it, He created the macrocosm of Earth matter as we know it from this energy. Let there be oceans and dry land, light and dark etc., and finally man and it was so. His thought produced these templates of the basic world. As men increased in numbers, they were given ability through their observation of these forms to provide the necessary thought-energy to maintain them and to create more by their own creative powers. At its root then, all matter is materialised by thought into form.

Some people are labelled by psychiatrists as severely delusional and suffering from egomania. Is it possible that some of these people are actually spiritually inspired? If so, does the way to tell the difference between them have to do with the amount of good they perform in the world?

Such people are at the end of a scale, not entirely different from those who are ‘rational’ such as psychiatrists. Of course they can be spiritually inspired by their own spirit’s energy. They can succeed in ‘bringing good’ to the world from their efforts as anyone with similar inspiration can do. Why should it matter to you to know the difference? (The origin of inspiration.)

Are you saying that it is irrelevant whether a person is sane or insane if the outcome of their actions is good for one and all? And that it is society that defines the delusional and insane by the bad consequences of their actions?

This is a fair comment. Society imagines it is a good judge as to when aberrant behaviour may lead to ‘bad’ consequences. It often makes mistakes believing it treats such people benevolently or justly in dealing with them and are surprised when they don’t conform. They do define them insane on this basis.

Do the terms ‘sane’ and ‘insane’ mean anything to spirit?

They describe certain conditions some souls have chosen for the lifetime on Earth.

Was Pam’s work on the birthchart of Christ accurate?

Inasmuch as the time of birth of Jesus is not known, not even the year, this is an imaginative and highly creative work. It is not accurate as you mean it, but carries some truth based on what is known of this life.

Is it not possible that the many techniques Pam uses in her astrology might actually pin down the birthchart of Jesus with accuracy?

It is possible to divine from her experience, knowledge and practise an accurate birthchart of Jesus. But consider my previous answer.

Is the time of birth of His life stored in the Akashic Records? (What are the Akashic Records exactly?)

Yes. But you speak of these records as in a diary, a sort of temporal history of events. As time is really non-existent in spiritual terms, the understanding of the Akashic Records is very difficult to make clear. They consist of all spirits’ experience in a sort of orb of energy from which details may sometimes by withdrawn – may be re-experienced ‘so to speak’. They are governed by an ever-changing group of over-seeing spirits as to who and when may have access.

Why is it that everyone we have shared our ‘conversations’ with has not responded in any way to us about them?

When faced with such a challenge to rational belief in the world as people live it, the usual response is to deny or ignore it. It’s hard enough to arrive at their own belief system which rarely includes a confidence in channelling if they know of it or even necessarily a spirit dimension. To present pages of dialogue assuming it will be accepted as channelled from a discarnate entity is at the least unrealistic. For it to be acknowledged in any way opens up a ‘can of worms’. They do not want to become involved in considering this possibility of alternate reality. If there has been some previous discussion so you can sense an interest, then it is more likely there will be a response.

Is there anything else Gill can do to encourage the 100 doctors she wrote to about the local healers and therapists to be more interested? Or should she let it go now?

Anything more would be disadvantageous. The seed is sown. The doctors have the information and it may simmer a while before there is more action. Gill has done that work. Let it go believing something worthwhile has been started.

If ‘divining’ a rune produces a real message from spirit, is there an act of divination involved in selecting numbers for the lottery?

It can be such an act. You are assisted to choose given sequences of numbers if you allow it. Otherwise it is a matter of chance.

Is there a relationship between the forthcoming occultation of Venus and the fact that Gill was thinking fondly of Julian and that I am off to visit my friend – Venus being the ‘ruler’ of relationships? If so, is the world now entering a period characterised by greater potential for peace and friendship? If so, how long is it likely to last?

The powerful energies released by the occultation is positively affecting the relationships of individuals, past and present, and indeed, the world. Now additional spirit support and guidance furthers the world’s efforts to unify with peaceful, constructive and mutual interest solutions to the great problems of imbalance. You are aware of goodwill from Ken in spirit, as is Gill, Julian. This is multiplied enormously just now from departed souls. I cannot estimate duration because, referring to the previous question, there is no determination of the future and how many will contribute in what way. In the world, the collective is required to turn together. There are, as noted, many very positive indicators, but new futures are constantly being created. The potential for them to succeed in building harmony is the greatest in a long time. The occultation is only one of many helpful events in several decades.

The rune I drew recently was very positive and encouraging for me. Is there a connection with the Venus occultation in my life?

It is one more confirmation that you are worthy of love and hence loveable. It is an answer to your prayers for renewed confidence in your own best vision of yourself as possible to develop.

When Gill selected the tape of my letter from 15 years ago at random, it happened to be about some ritual I had apparently involved myself with (with Linda Han?) involving spirits, ghosts and shaman. Was this mere chance or was spirit directing us to find it for a reason?

Can you possibly imagine this was not deliberate? All of these confirmations or reminders are to help you in the task of seeing ‘WHO YOU ARE’ and using that information to counteract your weakened perception of ‘who you are’. Looking back at ‘who you were’.

The closer you are to knowing each other fully, the more intensely the differences are felt and the more difficult the compromise and adjustments.’

Gill still finds this idea enigmatic, perhaps because of the intended meaning of the word ‘close’. If two people are close (closer and closest), it usually implies something good. Tony and Gill were not as close as we are and there was much friction. Ken and I were not close and again, it did not confer harmony. Yet you have said that we need to pull apart more to find greater harmony.

Perhaps there is a certain attraction of opposites that loses its appeal when the dynamic of opposition lessens. If so, would this be the case generally?

How can two people live together harmoniously for 60 years?

Clumsy statement, may be clearer to say: “The nearer you are to acknowledging each other’s frailties, the more…………” You each had an idealised vision of the person you seemed to be when you met: as you discover the actual reality of yourselves, you still wish to recover the essence of that first conception and you are right to believe in it. You have been pulling apart a little to see your situation accurately which is needed to find a way toward greater harmony. It doesn’t make it easier, especially for you Jean – you prefer to imagine than to act.

Opposites experience discord as they attempt to accommodate their differences, but the attraction does weaken if no progress is perceived, particularly if it is one-sided. To live together for 60 years a couple must balance the tension of individual desires and needs with the requirements of the pair. This acceptance may mean sacrifice from one or both, but ultimately without begrudging it.

The fact that we ‘found’ each other at the time of the Harmonic Convergence means that we, along with many others, were reacting to a great input of spiritual energy. Is this right? Was everyone affected strongly by it? If not, why not?

The great influx of spirit energy at that time is part of the on-going movement affecting all the world’s people in the direction of co-operation and constructive effort. Not all react positively but all are affected. The attraction you experienced was magnified and supported.

Can the other events leading to Ascension which have occurred be identified by an astrological or astronomical event? And can you say when the others will occur?

Events” is again a poor term as it suggests a limited period. These new happenings have not coalesced yet into nameable factions but are responses to the energies which produced all the naming of points of reference as the big movement continues. I cannot predict the time of the new ones’ emergence as named movements. I only suggest possibilities, as you know.

You say we might decide to come together again for spiritual purposes ‘some time in the future’, but there is no future once we’re in spirit. Can growth take place outside of time and space? (I know we’ve asked this before – it is hard to conceive of the purpose of this dimension beyond ours; or is ‘purpose’ a human term as well?)

Purpose’ really is a human term as is ‘future’. In spirit, what you call purpose is a part of spirit. Your spirits may join again incarnately, but as time and space are not a consideration until this occurs, the purpose will have been determined by your spirit energy attracted to Earth rather than a decision you would make with mind were it to be arranged on Earth. ‘Growth’ too, is a human concept. Our experience in the spiritual dimension is to increase our energy by merging and in our way experiencing and supporting the universe.

Some people need restrictions of health and body in order to grow spiritually, but we need to be as healthy as possible – is that what you meant? Do we understand this?

I have never said you need good bodily health to grow spiritually. Only that a healthy body is empowering. A disordered body weakens will and purpose. A healthy body promotes health of mind and ultimately spirit so is desirable to cultivate.

You said of your spirit-experience: ‘Our experience in the spiritual dimension is to increase our energy by merging’ , are there challenges involved in this exercise?

Spirit does not experience ‘challenge’ as you do. There is no courage or daring required. It may sound dull to you, but as energy is the whole nature of spirit, action is also its nature, and all experience contributes. There is simply no resistance. Perhaps you’d understand better if you remember I told you how positive the experience is when you return to the spirit dimension.

Astrologically we are entering a very challenging period of time requiring specific hard work around the weakest areas of our personalities. It seems as if it will endure till next spring – is this correct? There is no way round this, is there?

I’m surprised you ask if this difficult period can be avoided. No, it is as certain as any prognostication can be. You have strength and help to guide you. It is appropriate to see this as ‘challenging’ but use all the methods at your disposal to keep centred and focused on your efforts. BUT, don’t forget the need for relaxation at regular intervals – otherwise tension will negate your work.

Am I having any effect on the weather when I try to arrange for dry spells, or move clouds?

You do have influence in these moments but cannot impose your intention on the overall weather reality. For a short duration in a limited location you are usually successful so long as you have no expectations of the outcome. You must be a neutral observer unmoved by a particular desire for control.

Yesterday, Gill and Graham experienced engine-failure and had to make another forced landing. Was this another case of the powerful energies at work? If so, will you advise as to how best to work with them?

One has only to note the furious manifestations of storminess in the physical world today to recognise the increasing power of these energies affecting all mankind. Yes, yesterday’s flying experience was affected too. Machines also are responding to the current shift away from stability – in this situation, in spite of dependable plane, dependable maintenance, dependable pilot/instructor – failing. To see the positive potential to being required to meet these difficult events and challenges to your own inner strength, which you can direct and control, is the way to deal with the energy. To use this power beneficially and harmlessly, seek balance in all aspects of your life.

Was the movie Gill happened to watch called, ‘Oh God!’ a message from Will? If so, she thanks him a lot. Did you think it was a good movie, relevant to our lives right now?

Short answer – yes. If you look back over your notes you’ll find many references to suggestions, ideas, dreams, omens, experiences etc which suddenly occur at the most relevant times – and this is another. The movie provides much food for thought – particularly meaningful now.

Are the ‘powerful forces at large’ to which you refer, connected to and ongoing with the incoming surge of energies we talked about last year re: the Harmonic Concordance?


Was the transit of Venus related to this event as well?

Yes, the transit of Venus contributes to the direction these forces are taking.

Is the energy to with balance and harmony through relationships leading to world peace? If so why do we react with ‘storminess’ and increased ‘virulence’? Is this the principle of Aries reacting the principle of Libra?

Yes, to this too. To try to resolve differences peacefully requires much greater effort than responding with violence. However, human society is being exposed to more and more powerful aggressive actions world-wide and is being forced to consider seriously yielding exclusive interests to working for co-operative good, peace and harmony. These are currently seen in as many evidences of non-violent protest as the recurring warlike outbreaks. As an astrologer Gill will see this tipping of the scales correctly as Aries energy reacting to the principles of Libra.

And does the astrological connection to Venus and the upcoming eclipse in Libra (Venus) which touches both of our birthcharts relate directly to the ‘surge in the energy grid of our lives’ that you referred to?

It does. You live in a sea of various energies interacting and shifting emphasis continually. At the moment the particular source of this surge is the eclipse. It is the most powerful force rising out of the underlying grid of energy referred to.

Why does Gill keep having punctures in her car tyres?

Obviously, where she drives may increase the likelihood of such misadventures. Short of not driving there she can help prevent these by surrounding the car with light and you send protective Reiki energy when she leaves. This is another manifestation, even in the inanimate material causing the punctures, of the eclipse energy which is still growing. The punctures are like the engine failure of the plane and other little problems with machines you have encountered. They are general not personal.

Why is there an apparently negative reaction from inanimate and animate (us) energies to the powerful spiritual energies coming in with the eclipse?

Animate objects are literally energised to action much as pebbles in the shingle move much further when the sea is rough with power. Inanimate objects do not have negative or positive reactions as you describe it. Animate ones do because any enormous surge of energy must be accommodated and this begins with agitation. Nevertheless the Venus energy is ultimately directed toward attaining greater peace in individuals and whole societies.

If Venus energy is involved, why isn’t there an upswell of peace in the world?

There is an upswell of peace movements. Consider Turkey, Asiatic and Moslem, being admitted to the EU, Christian and European. This country is already changing laws altering capital punishment and other cruel practices previously accepted by its culture. The Irish are again attempting to reignite the peace process starting with destroying weapons. Even in Iraq the new government is committed to funding peaceful means to deal with the divisiveness of its people. In many ways the eclipse energy is setting in motion the search for peaceful changes all over the world.

Why do some people feel so aggravated and tense?

They feel impotence in the face of frustration especially with other people who do not act as expected. There are too many undependable agents affecting their plans. They cannot see why, in the light of their own commendable behaviour things refuse to respond to them advantageously.

Does our primary relationship with our father inform and shape our perception of All That Is?

Yes, it is somewhat modified in life’s passage but basically the same.

You have told us how to direct the energy positively, but how will others do this without insight? We do not understand how the spiritual help is to be directed positively. With so much frustration due to excess energy, might this not lead to World War 3?

This increased energy agitates people to action. Its purpose is determined by the level of dissatisfaction with their lives. At present there is a tremendous urge to combat friction and hostility with increasing co-operation. The need for peace and unity desired by so many of the world’s people brings spiritual support and guidance regardless of their lack of insight. It is this unity which directs the energy positively. We cannot rule out the possibility of failure if the current direction of co-operation is not maintained. That is why every evidence of goodwill (positive energy) is so important. We do what we can to prevent destruction of this beautiful planet encouraging every caring gesture for each other and the Earth.

You mention that you answer direct pleas for help – but what happens to those people who are suffering who do not know or believe in spiritual help? How are they helped?

Pleas for help are not necessarily directed toward any form of spirit. Those without belief in divine powers still attract us to give the same sort of assistance, but as it is not recognised, they may not make as good use of it as those who believe.

It seems strange how events unfold – especially when they are dependent on good flying weather! Is there a special intelligence at work when we are at our most flexible and open?

There is no special intelligence – just the one that is always operating. It is influenced by the state of those involved. Being flexible and open is the most conducive to desired results.

Would you comment on the Grand Quintiles and their meaning to us all and how they will affect us? And their relationship to the crystalline ‘light’ matrix or grid (Ascension Grid)?

The vast changes observed in the physical world, particularly the results of changes in weather, are forcing a new concern and interpretation of the energies bringing about these shifts. Physicists, mathematicians, astrologers, artists – everyone – responds to these basic energies according to the language of his discipline. Those without awareness on this level find explanation in myths and the traditions of their culture. Responsible for these changes are the combined energy grids encircling the Earth, the unified power source scientists have sought to discover, the forces on which life on Earth depends, and spiritually developed individuals have always intuited. The Quintiles are stages of the shift of the joint grids – electromagnetic, gravitational and light – toward the vibration of pure white light. The significance to us is the drawing together in increasing unity of direction toward harmony and peace which is developing as a result.

Is there an important connection here with music at this time, particularly the Circle of Fifths?

As all energy is vibration, when it impacts on a listener’s ear, all sound is in fact ‘music’ – that is harmony or discordance. Even vibrations blend; uneven ones are noise. The circle of fifths describes the relationship of one scale to another and is important to those who create music and seek to respect the nature of this relationship. The circle of fifths makes possible a combination of all notes in all scales in united sounds, even dissonant ones for they push for resolution which the circle of fifths provides. Perhaps that is its importance at this time. It suggests harmony can come with all combinations, all varieties of human life, for even the most dissonant relationship has a means for resolution.

Will you give an example of the nature of our experience elsewhere in this physical universe or in other dimensions?

This is answered above. This is what you were experiencing. Basically increasing light energy by merging in the nature of your experience.

Can you say how much more Earth experience each of us is likely to have, and how much we have had already?

This is determined in the spirit dimension. It is not how much you need, but rather the collective contribution.

Is the universe finite?

It is not finite. It is unlimited.

Arthur, Diana would appreciate some feedback on what’s going on – especially in reference to the surprising election result.

Trust herself and her goals inspite of her current experience. There is no way to predict events accurately even in spirit as every instant there is change. New circumstances set up by free will of others may alter even the most apparent developments (or direction).

The election is just a glitch in the larger movement towards peace and harmony. Turn her attention to care for her physical self. Clear away all sense of failure. It is spoiling her bodily functions and she needs strength to use this lesson properly.

Will you comment on what Diana was saying about reprogramming our cells to make us totally healthy to the point that we will not die? Is she being a little extreme here in relation to the Ascension?

Many people feel the body is the self in spite of acknowledging spirit. To be without it is not to exist. Many, especially those who suffer much bodily distress in this life, still feel in another world (dimension) when the body is released from pain and gravitational weight. They will be released ‘whole’ in ‘ascension’. That is a value-laden word expressing belief in a worthy and valuable existence there and then. I urge you not to try and disabuse Diana of her belief and work, if you accept this explanation, for it serves her and her followers well. When a spirit chooses to be incarnate an important part of the experience is living with the certainty of death of the body and the release of spirit then to another dimension. This is not so different from Diana’s view which sets a time limit, 2012, which as you put it is an extreme version of the shift to spirit. This is also to do with having abolished fear of death and extinction and being finally rewarded with a better condition for all. Making the ascension universal gives validity to its purpose.

Please will you comment on the white lion, Marah?

(only one word came through at this time: ‘rebirth’.)

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