The Mystery of Life is Not a Problem to be Solved but a Reality to be Experienced

Hello again from the darkness, to the light. Or from the light to the darkness. There can’t be one without the other. Like love and marriage, or so said the old song.

In the wheel of life (all circles and orbits have opposite points) the opposite to all that light of Abraham-Hicks which comes mostly from Leo in Esther’s birth chart is to be found in Aquarius, the new age of which is bringing in one dichotomy after another; internationally; in nature; in civilisation; internally; externally.

I have not been following the A-H seminars or counselling sessions online for many months, until I was moved to find out what was up the other evening. And lo and behold, there was one going out live right then….. and there, just over the pond. So I sprang my $50 and thought, I will do this for my reader.

They seem to have become longer, these talks. They have grown now to the full auditorium length of 2 plus hours. Also, Esther said that her mail box of questions for Abraham has never been so full EVER! But she is prone to hyperbole – I think she does it for fun. Yet if I’d sent in a question, that very fact would encourage me to give up hope.

I started to watch for the effects on her moon (the oh so personal moon) of Pluto, which has been in transit within orb for a very long time now – nearly 2 years. It will be landing on Esther’s moon on 6-10-21 while it turns around for the last time, producing for her an ‘interesting’ month of October this year, and ongoing for a while. At the very least she might be very energised. But her sensitivities, her personal life, are not the business of her audience, so we might never know what has been going on with Esther (who is the lesser part of Abraham). I saw that she looked a bit worn-out despite what she says to the contrary. Hope the upcoming cruise will help her to relax. And her message is the same as ever although the questions, as usual, always give her a different way of providing this message through the answers.

She has picked up a favourite new word. The word is ‘trending’. She uses it at every available opportunity and it has become part of the A-H script. Also she seems to work herself up into a lather trying to give an answer to the invisible person who she thinks should know better than not to have heard this answer a hundred times before.

I confess that I have not listened to any more than 10/15 minutes, but I have for you, and only for you, let my device record it all by itself. I have divided the end product into 2 parts – part one and part two – and uploaded it/them here. So if you feel like listening and you hear something good, perhaps you’d make a note of the time it crops up below.

What tended to finally distract me (after many years of listening) was the maths. Esther is a business person, so was Jerry. It was fairly and clearly stated. But consider how much Esther has been downloading from seekers of the Abraham Word for 35+ years. Is there any philanthropy involved?  Any charitable organisations set up in the A-H name?

Churches do not ask for payment, only providing a collection plate. Is this then just good old entertainment? Wikipedia calls Esther an inspirational speaker. And this must be with her consent. My feeling is that she believes she is earning every penny that rolls in. But at this time, now on our planet, how much do we each need? How many houses per person? How many does she now own? Is she still into the fast cars? She often liked to share all this with us.

Remember her look out of the window of her still-boarding plane deciding and then declaring to buy a private jet? Did it happen?

When a person is sitting at home playing to a single audience, does it really cost $50.00 per person?

Could it be that Esther is saving up for a ticket to the aforementioned moon obtainable from Richard Branson on a waiting list? Or is this figure the going price for one who is Saving the World? A Saviour?

I have no idea. But it gives me an opportunity to upload an old song from ELO that I used to like which, my generosity knowing no bounds, I share with you:

Ticket to the Moon

Scroll down to see topics

A-H: 28-8-21


Here is the usual introduction:

Dear Friends,

I like calling this new meeting place Abraham NOW.

Abraham has been explaining for many years that our point of power is in the present.

Three days ago I awakened knowing that this Abraham NOW virtual meeting place existed in the Vortex and I felt and understood Abraham’s joyful enthusiasm for it!

Two days ago I met with three amazing members of our San Antonio based staff and together we found the path of least resistance for this manifestation.

I am thankful beyond words for Abraham’s existence, knowledge, and steady awareness of our Well-Being. No matter what is happening around us, our nonphysical friends are aware of it, and of us, and they offer a continuous stream of guidance, calling us in the direction of who we really are to our natural Well-Being.

Thank you Tracy, and Michelle, and especially Marc, for focusing Abraham NOW into a physical manifestation.

I feel such eagerness for these broadcasts. I adore the experience of Abraham’s awareness of you and the feeling of your asking from wherever you are. I adore the experience of Abraham’s responses to you flowing through me.

I know for sure, that their words will be clarifying and soothing —and I know for sure, that this will be fun!

Our love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

March 18, 2020

Topics Include:

– Tuning to what we want after observing what we don’t want vs. just reacting.
– Allowing your vibration to rise.
– I have a consistent low mood.
– The beauty of synchronistic events.
– What to do to keep bears away from our home?
– How can I find people of a similar mindset?
– I struggle with what others think of me.
– Doubt I can maintain my level of alignment when I get back from vacation.
– Talking about pain.
– I have moments of clarity and I want to maintain them consistently.
– My memory is too reliant on notes.
– Homeless situation and the Emotional Scale.
– My children have been diagnosed with Autism.
– Asked my grandmother for a sign.
– Was informed I’m at risk for cancer.
– My health is rapidly decreasing.
– The powerful feeling of anticipation.
– I help others, but I hurt myself.
– A common issue is a trend.
– I have a lot of clutter.
– I’m letting the status of my family get to me.
– For the first time in my life, I feel I’m at the top of the Emotional Scale.
– My business has an extreme shortage of employees.
– Disruptive world events seem to be increasing?
– I have pain on a regular basis.
– I send all my love around the planet, but what keeps me from manifesting a relationship?
– My husband and I don’t agree on our paths.
– What should I call my own experiments?
– Worried for the well-being of my son.
– How can I trust more that I will meet the right man?
– Why after so much time have I not managed to attract the life I want?
– I’ve manifested wonderful things, but not the specific things I’ve wanted.
– I worry I am ignoring my own desires.
– I cannot control my romantic partner.
– I miss sweet life.
– I’m angry and resentful but want to be loving.
– I have a much easier time reaching joy for myself, but it’s harder when it involves others.
– Is there anything I can do to remove doubt about my conception journey?
– Things go well and then something happens to derail everything.
– Working to save my eyesight.
– Anxiety about IVF.
– Out of work and can’t seem to get thru the interview process.
– A light while meditating.
– Trying to decide if I should leave my marriage.
– I’ve never had any friends.
– Group of people labeled me inappropriate.
– I don’t know how I attracted my cheating husband.
– Want to bring my lover back.
– Doubting that we create our own reality.
– You can’t get it out, once it’s in?
– Climate-related events, pandemic, Earth shift, joyous survival?
– Wildfires, rain, and relief.
– I don’t want to rehash the old issues.
– I decided to be a more active participant in the creation of my life.
– How can I/we embrace contrast better?
– What is the question that Covid is asking?
– A rampage of letting go.

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