Filling the Gap

About 56 minutes into seminar number 4 below from 28-3-20, Esther answers a question about free of charge seminars during this important time, in the affirmative – so I feel absolved of any guilt about copying them into this space as that was what was on my mind as I listened…. ask and it is given…..Thank you, Esther!

I confess that I am keen to attract people to this site in order to spread the word about natal astrology which I would like to see eventually in more universities. Astrology offers a map of the signposts in the sky at the time and place of birth. It is a wonderfully objective tool that anyone can use with never-ending interest as every moment is different both in past and future.

Catching up with live time in a couple of days….

Here is the seminar from 24-3-20, it is number 2:

Here is the seminar from 28-3-20, it is number 4:

Numbers 1 and 3 are on the previous post.

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