Finite and Infinite Reality or Intelligence: Human or God

1)          Draw a circle. Draw a vertical and a horizontal line inside it. Divide these by 2 more lines in each and you should have a circle with 12 divisions. Number the divisions 1-12 and name the divisions by any name you like, or colour them in 12 different colours.

Now, mark 12 dots anywhere at all in the circle. Give each dot a name.

You now have the formation of a birth chart.

The lines are making a single rotating circle. And the names are standing still in a circle behind the lines. The dots are moving in another separate circle on a sort of freeway. There are basically 2 movements in time because one circle moves once per 24 hours and the other shows each dot  moving at its own speed on the freeway.

This diagram makes patterns and at any minute in time and in any place (that is another constantly moving continuum = time/place) if everything were to stop there would be a totally unique pattern and shape in the circle and within the lines. This reflects the uniqueness of each one of us. We are each born in a different place/time/date. This gives us a so called birth-chart which is like virtual reality DNA. It is perfectly real and can be drawn up for anyone anywhere on the planet.

So that is how a horoscope (birth chart) comes into being.

2)          Next take an astrologer from when they began – at least 2000 years ago, or let’s modernise it and say in the past 150 years. You will now have the means to find out more about who you are and where you have been and where you are going (in every sense) because the astrologer will interpret the meaning of all the parts of the circle in relation to you and synthesise the result to be as useful as possible.

It is useful when you run into a wobble and you can’t get your balance and conventional wisdom and methods cannot fix you.

3)          A transpersonal being exists beyond our model because it was not born into the physical reality on Earth. When channellers bring forth messages from their guidance it is still confined within the circumstances of physical reality on our planet – even though it has infinite intelligence. Infinite intelligence cannot make us infinite in the same way, but there is every reason to believe we will find that perspective when we shed our body at the event called, death.

Meantime, when a person is born who we might consider very fortunate – this is matter of opinion – because they always seem to be very happy and make us interested in what they say or do and we want to be around them, and then this person tells us they are bringing forth the word of God, it is very compelling for us to believe this.

But what if that person asks for payment for what they are saying and who they are being and people paid 300 or more gold coins every time they went to hear the person speak or do their thing? Imagine what the special person would earn if 2000 people went to hear the person perform? That is 600,000 gold coins. Or even if it is 300 x 500? That is 150,000 gold coins.

Does that tarnish the possible reality of the God? Or does it make it more of a reality because we all know that you get what you pay for!?

All sorts of performers do all sorts of things and we pay all sorts of prices. It is just another fact of life on Earth.

If God speaks to you He makes no charge – the currency is Love.

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