It is an easy thing to understand, then: when anyone connects by directing their focus and their purpose to the higher, godlike, source-energy part of them – maybe perceived as outside or above them – they then have a feeling of being elevated and of becoming source energy or a feeling that All That Is is speaking through them. At this time we are source energy.

It is not an uncommon feeling. Most people can identify and recognize a time when this has occurred in their life. It is however relatively uncommon to have it happen every day, either automatically or via a recipe like Esther’s/Abraham’s Steps.

We connect with this feeling or sensation when we are in love – with a special someone or a special something. When we connect with the highest part of ourself we are now in perfect alignment. We feel as though we are flying high and can accomplish anything. If we like spreading the word, we might at this time because we feel so full of ourselves, write a book or a piece of music, or design a wonderful building or set about forming a group to connect with others. This feeling or condition of being is irresistible.

So this is what Esther Hicks has done using both the spiritual and the material, the sacred and the mundane parts of herself.

This light which shines to some degree out of all people on the planet is not confined to any one person. Some people especially like the limelight and move towards it. Some people especially like great riches, or a by-product of what they do when they are flying high produces great riches. Some people live very happily in obscurity connecting with the one thing or person they love most in all the world. In this state they practise what they love and become very good at it.

This light is the animating force within us. It makes our hearts beat and keeps them beating.

Astrology is a system which has been in operation for millennia whereby we trace our development from the time and place we were born. As we are a part of a greater whole, this system shows how we are unique and how we relate to the greater whole. It shows us potentially anything we are looking for at the time we are looking for it. It also shows us our past, offering a context for who we have become.

When a speaker has the attention of an audience it provides more energy. Even the attention of one single loving other person provides more energy. For the solitary individual, finding a mystical, contemplative or meditative state (through that thing you do which you love to do) which links in to Source Energy, to All That Is – this does the same thing.

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