Hocus Pocus Focus

Using the astrological map, let’s see how to find other ways of coming into alignment with Source energy apart from standard meditation. This is about identifying with the larger more spiritual part of us: as Abraham-Hicks says, there is a non-physical part of who we are at work behind the scenes of our everyday life. If we tune into this energy at the start of every day it simply makes every day better, more rewarding, more fun more meaningful.

In broad terms the signs of the zodiac contain four functions which reflect our general purpose in this life: the earth signs are about service, the fire signs are about love, the water signs are about peace and the air signs are about brotherhood. We may find ourselves involved in all of these in one way or another at some point, but as a general guide, notice which sign the sun was in when you were born and we are off to a good start.

Because we are each a unique individual every person will find their own way to achieve alignment – when I work with someone and their birth chart it becomes more personal and easier to pin down – but here is another approach avoiding the term, meditation. The beginning of the day after sleep is the best time for me, but you might feel more in tune with the spiritual part of yourself at another time of the day or night. At this time, and in the place that feels best to you, focus on what or who you love most. Just focus, try not to daydream or think about it, penetrate it . This is an exercise in focusing in order to expand the love into the non-physical world around us which is love-based. Depending on your sun-sign function your love will most likely reach into one of these 4 dimensions of physical experience. Use your awareness at this time, listen, feel, absorb; and to focus on breathing is good.

I have found that it does not take me long to touch base with that which I love. Once I have managed this, ideas arrive and this is a very good sign. I use these ideas to inform my actions through the day, sometimes extending into a longer plan. This is when, as Esther says, ‘things are always working out for me’.

Life itself causes me regularly to slip out of alignment. Unconditional living is an ideal, very few, if any of us, may achieve unconditional living for any length of time because we live in a world full of conditions. It is really the definition of the material world – the reason we are here at the so-called leading edge of experience. So alignment and non-alignment operate like inhalation and exhalation of breath. But the antidote to things going wrong is to practise your personal way of coming back into yourself through your own personal focus (keyword) on what or who you love: living or (preferably) dead (therefore in spirit). If you are younger rather than older you may not know exactly what love feels like yet, so aim for that thing you like to do best for that is a reflection of who you are, you are simply loving yourself through what you love to do. Hocus Pocus Focus.

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