Many have been talking about the Ascension Process since Karen Bishop began sending regular updates from around 2000. The AP is about a refining of our individual vibration. It is coming about in answer to a collective need for a new life of love and joy and spiritual awareness.

Historically, as we consciously began to refine ourselves we encountered what came to be known as darker energy – it helped us to note the difference and focus more on the light. Terms like the ‘dark night of the soul’ came up a lot. Much of the AP material was to be found in the parallel but preceding domain of the natal astrologer who professionally uses the language of vibration. Astrologers learn the meaning of several symbols which have been in the collective for millennia. These are archetypes, one symbol paints a 1000 and more words. They weave together and show us who we are. No two people, no two birth maps are the same.

Natal astrologers see these symbols in everyone’s birth chart and can easily and readily (if they are spiritual astrologers in particular) discuss matters like the AP.

The AP though, has taken off into what sounds like science fiction, dwelling a great deal on extra terrestrial invaders or ET visitors forgetting that anyone in body is non-physical and also experiencing an AP. It is better to see anything dark as a manifestation of our inner world in the same way as we manifest light-thought.

We talked with Arthur a lot about the AP as it was the big news of the decade – the ‘noughties’. At the same time, Esther and her guide, Abraham were taking off down the road of social intercourse rather than speciality planetary discourse. There is much from both areas which is interesting, and they sometimes interweave due to the conversation, but it is up to the individual to weave it into their life in a way most suitable and helpful. When you feel bad it might just be yet another transit rather than an invasion of team-dark, TD. Transits are time-stamped, you suck it up and wait it out.

These are still (in the greater scheme of things) the early days of the internet and people are finding it fun and profitable to make very comprehensive websites in order to grab attention or other currency.

The truth will always be found within and this is the essence of both the AP and the conversations between A-H and anyone else. It can be an isolating journey for obvious reasons, but our ‘new’ friends are there with us, as they always have been, and grow more visible if we pay attention to them – call them guides or your inner guidance or something else – it means the same.

We no longer look for a saviour from without, a hero; we look within – we each ‘are’ the new saviour of this world. Do the practise of being in nature, meditating because it is in flow with the energy to cease talking for the sake of it – with some it is a nervous habit. Focus mentally and emotionally and bring this saviour of you, or us, into light-form, or light-body.

The way to know if this is working is to go it alone for a while, for most of the time, that way it will be easier to discern the shape of the new discarnate friend(s). You will feel it before you see it, then they will become one and the same.

With love.

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