The Anatomy of a Birth Chart in Flux in a World in Flux.

This is hopefully a simplified recipe to reveal how energies which seem to be ‘out there’ work away on energies which seem to be personal, which seem to be ‘in here’. Think: ‘as above so below’ – it trickles down, hard or soft, in a particular order.

  1. First, get to know how your birth chart reflects you as a person, how it reflects your character and note how it mirrors the memorable ways you have approached and dealt with life. See the dynamic inherited from your parents and your early life as it developed. This is step one to what comes next.

  2. Your progressed chart is a calculation based on the sun’s movement at one degree per year rather than one degree per day. I have worked with this chart for many years and found it to be essential for insight at the next stage of the analysis. (I omit Solar Arc Directions as I have not found them to be useful.)

  3. Next we look at the transits, that is where the planets are now and how they are impacting the individual birth chart. There is an order of power at work here, but it relates to the base chart, the natal chart, your persoanl birth chart which displays the pattern at the time and place you were born into this world. It is the receiver of the transit energy and is different for everyone.

  4. Then we observe the pattern of transits to other transits because if two planets make a configuration, that is they are speaking to each other, it will trigger the same two or more planets in the natal birth chart.

  5. Finally, there is an energy at work which seems to be beyond the birth chart, beyond astrology, but it is palpable when it is at work during the time of major movement as described above, that is, if we are individually ‘under fire’ from a progression or transit and at the exact same time an esoteric ‘gateway’ is activated – then we will know about it in a big way! This is felt strongly in the collective and described by the outer planets – but it will not be felt too much unless these outer planets are touching sensitive degrees in the natal chart. This has been known as the ‘Ascension Process’ which is simply the raising and refining of our collective awareness to the non-physical energy around us. For information on this we look to other writers like….. Patricia Cota-Robles, Denise Le Fay and channelled material from Kryon, and Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman to name just a few.

Currently it is as if chaos is breaking loose worldwide as reported in the daily news which comes to us everywhere we focus (except the woods and on the beach). Earlier this month there was a huge ‘hit’ – around 7 June. Anyone in the middle of a testing transit or progression at the time will have had their socks knocked off. There are no medals but we know we are here to carry on as best we can till the next time with our awareness or consciousness vibrating at a higher resonance. We also know that we have been through something that changes us at a molecular level – but read these other writers as they express it better than I can. As this Ascension Process increases its velocity and pace as it is now, energy which is operating in people at a lower level is under pressure to evolve, hence the events which appear to us as bad and dreadful. Let’s see the widening square between Uranus and Pluto, as well as Chiron and Saturn as significant. The slower planets always act as triggers for volatile individuals hooked into misguided belief systems. In line with the above recipe, if there is a strong configuration in place in a chart/person all it takes is one of the bi-monthly lunations to set it off by moving over the sensitive degree.

We are all susceptible, so positive alignment with our own personal Truth helps us to navigate these times of international upset.

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