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Sitting in the woods where I go all and every morning I asked for inspiration as to the next idea during this pandemic. The first thought was the importance of nature. To remember this as an all important fact of life – as Stephanie Austin mentions also, quoted in the previous blog.

But how could this be interesting to so many people who are social creatures first and foremost? Natal astrology, the individual’s personal map of their inner self, shows this fact clearly. Yet when we reach out to another for support, who is the other one reaching to or leaning on for their support? Social behaviour is an endless reaching out and sharing but where does the primary strength come from for all of this secondary reaching out?

Nature is the interface between the non-physical world and humanity. Some people are happy to link in directly with non-physical through various means including meditation or prayer, but for others nature helps us make that link. Spiritual energy is unconditional and needs nothing more than what it is and what it has. People are not unconditional.

With this in mind, I found the following in today’s news:

The natural world can be a source of solace during times of crisis, Sir David Attenborough has said.

Speaking about the climate, the broadcaster and naturalist, 93, said the world was at an unprecedented point.

He told Big Issue magazine: “In times of crisis, the natural world is a source of both joy and solace. The natural world produces the comfort that can come from nothing else. And we are part of the natural world. If we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves.”

He also said he had cause for hope: “Kids these days are knowledgeable, aware of what’s happening, and are concerned. They are vocal. I haven’t known a generation of children that could be placed alongside these today.”

He said of the environment: “We’re in an unprecedented situation. We know quite a lot about the history of the world. We go back 500m years and there is no species with anything like the power Homo sapiens has over the natural world.

“There is nothing remotely like the situation we’re in at the moment. There’s no moral to be taken from what happened in the past. We’ve got a completely blank sheet of paper in front of us.

“The plain fact is that every mouthful of food you eat comes from the natural world. There’s no food that nourishes you that doesn’t come from the natural world. Every lungful of air that you take is refined by the natural world, oxygen breathed out by plants. If you can’t breathe and you can’t eat, you don’t exist.”

Attenborough was interviewed by the magazine in early March, before the UK went into lockdown.

He said: “Problems are short-term and long-term … the short-term we deal with and the long-term ‘we’ll do tomorrow’. But tomorrow never comes. And then suddenly we discover it’s too late.”

The rest of this is published in The Big Issue.

I thought of the connection between the pandemic and the natural world and how the two are connected. There have been previous epidemics that affected or involved the natural world. Approx every 37 years (check the Ephemeris for exact days over almost all past and future) when there is a conjunction of Pluto and Saturn there is an epidemic or a pandemic (see previous post about 2 posts ago). This is very easy to access. It would be easy to be prepared for the next emergency up to a point – perhaps we will be one day when society is ready. Astrology looks to see what happened before to see what is likely to happen again (this is empirical knowledge) because we move in predictable cycles like all the other objects that orbit the sun. Astronomy and astrology used to be inseparable. This also gives us our reference to and our notion of opposites as they live inside the circle; the one end reflecting or containing some of the other end. Homo sapiens are also a part of the natural world.

What is it that we have done that has caused this purging of our species?  We are at the head of the food chain. Is it the treatment of animals in China where the epidemic began? How does nature design a virus so virulent that it will affect so many? Is it more to do with the health of the individual to resist it and natural immunity? Or is it simply the novelty of the new species of virus?

Last year, as I have reported here before, I spent every day from 1-3-19 in a state of holding the tension symbolised by Pluto and Saturn in my body and mind. It was almost a complete nervous breakdown – had it been complete I would have broken down but I kept going. I could not take the symptoms to the local medical centre as it would lead to reference to the psychologist and I knew from past experience that there is no help there for my issues. Also, like me, the medical centre was under the strain of an early response the Pluto-Saturn conjunction, having its own nervous breakdown and trying very hard to keep patients away. This was almost a whole year before the disease was announced.

Here are the numbers again: the conjunction came into being very slowly as Pluto is a very slow-moving object (sign-post of invisible energy) with a 240 year orbit. So there was a conjunction when the pair came very close to exact at the point when they stationed retrograde at the end of April: it hurt me a great deal and it touched Esther Hicks to some degree. 22 degrees of Capricorn has been the degree which has hurt the most as well as anyone else who has points and objects within 19 -25 degrees of cardinal signs. The complete conjunction was on 12-1-20. But the pair went on to be in tandem through February before separating. Now Saturn has gone into Aquarius. But at the end of April and the beginning of May they will both station retrograde yet again and slowly make their way back to 22 and 25 degrees of Capricorn once again in early October.

During the year of holding the tense, extremely difficult energy which filled my nervous system with angst and panic and produced breathing problems I believe I was manifesting an early version of the virus. As the virus proceeds there will be people who will also have these degrees active in their natal chart and will also have their own version of what in others is the Covid-19 virus. There are about 10 indicators and 4 angles placed somewhere within 360 degrees. We all have these 2 energies, these Pluto-Saturn signposts somewhere in our natal chart which is a unique chart that is fixed in time and place at birth.

As an experienced astrologer with a very difficult birth-chart/life and a history of experiencing various configurations involving these energies over 60 odd years, I knew something of what to expect. I especially knew that I could run but I could not hide. That no matter what I did and how I behaved I could not escape what was coming, so it would be a matter of damage control and I chose a daily routine of visiting the solitude of the woods and then returning to a quiet place at home to work on photos taken in the morning which was like revisiting the energies of the morning. I did not miss a day. When it became so bad I feared I might lose my mind, I decided to see a counsellor once a week as someone with whom I might talk in order to try and form sentences with consecutive thoughts, which were vanishing fast, and who could reassure me that I was not inarticulate with psychological damage. I wound up with someone who was very new to the job, but it did not matter, it would only last for this worst terrible few months towards the end Oct-Jan. I was lucky that my suffering while so long and protracted would have a known beginning and end. I knew that by February 2020 I would begin to be a new version of my normal self. Or so I thought. At that time I did not foresee the virus coming into being in this huge way, mainly because my thoughts were all centred on myself and any others with the degrees active in their life, like Esther, whose moon is at 24 Capricorn.

Esther Hicks’ moon is not a point that is attached to other tense angles as is my natal Mars at 22 degrees which is part of a T-square on the IC where there is a conjunction of Saturn/Neptune at the apex squared by an opposition between Uranus and Mars. Mars is also making a quincunx with the sun-ruler, Pluto. A nightmare configuration, but I was used to it acting up from time to memorable time. Esther’s moon I mentioned in a previous post explaining why I had stopped reporting here about the A-H material. I expected the transit of Pluto-Saturn on her moon to bring a significant amount insecurity and a change which would be of a personal and family nature. As the moon is, according to my rectification of the birth chart, in the 3rd house there might be a change in the way she presented the A-H material which is a most significant part of her life, a life consisting of communication. Her moon is sextile (2 signs away) Chiron (the wounded healer) in Scorpio in (probably) the first house – I find this quite an enigmatic placement and wonder how and why and what this represents in her biography.

Finally I checked Esther’s website to find that she is now appearing with Abraham from home via video-link in compliance with the ban on large assemblies. I was especially pleased with this as I had thought she would have to do something different eventually – I had wondered last year if she was making a huge new space at one of her homes to use for the meetings. For Esther to come to the final end of the road-shows would have to be a very hard transition – if she had wanted to do this change before she could have, but she chose not to. It seemed to me easier to be forced into this by outside circumstances rather than something like personal infirmity. Pluto here is showing the imperative. I expect she will get used to the new format quite quickly and at age 72 see a whole new way of life opening up in front of her. The other parts of her life are open to speculation and we will have to wait for future stories to listen for clues.

If you follow this link you will see that she introduced the Abraham Now seminars on 21-March-20. Here is the chart for that time.


I wonder if she realises she has determined to do this 3 times a week project exactly between the spring equinox and the summer solstice when this year there will be a solar eclipse, although so far she has not postponed all the other seminars in May/June. Could it be she is warming to astrology at long last? Must be a coincidence. Chart below.


Notice the presence of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in both, and that Pluto stays at 24 degrees and on her moon throughout the 3 months. Saturn which creates the tension has now moved a whole 6 degrees away into Aquarius which is much better than Jan and Feb when it arrived on her moon before Pluto, the two were conjunct her moon but at 23 degrees around 20 Jan and the first half of Feb.

Esther’s March 26 seminar is here:

and I have added the MP3 file here:

Here is the first one that went to You Tube of the first seminar on 21-3-20:

for which the MP3 file is here:

There are just these two so far on this public channel. When they stop appearing I will consider signing on to the live broadcast in order to share  this timely material. But my notes on the astrology comes with it, as well as any opinions I can’t hold in.

Thank you – hope it helps.


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