Just a last word..

…to round off this series of blog posts.

Since the last post I have continued to listen to A-H on a daily basis. I am satisfied that all is well. Esther in her performance is being Esther, the Esther of her natal chart. Had she not met Jerry and taken to the road of exploration and learning she would still have presented something to the world in the same kind of way as presenting Abraham, her higher self, perhaps on a lesser scale. However, Abraham is I believe who they say they are: infinite intelligence, whereas Esther and her intelligence are not. So the performances show us Esther allowing Abraham to use her as a channel, a vessel, a wave to carry them into the physical environment to the best of her ability. She does an incredible job. Abraham unencumbered by a physical channel would be too much for us to comprehend. So we never hear infinite intelligence, we hear as much as Esther is capable of interpreting.

I have very much enjoyed her interpretations and stories. Are the interpretations etc. true? All truth is relative, and even truth has a way of changing through time, as Abraham has noted.

While A-H is entertaining and sometimes helpful, astrology is better, as well as my own non-physical guidance. Astrology is the language of vibration. Yes, there is a language that speaks to all the dynamics we try to name but cannot see. It is made up of symbols. It tells us of the complex of feelings and thoughts which go on inside us. As Arthur once said, ‘It is in development’. It grows with the Zeitgeist, and has always been around in some form. Natal astrology is more personal than A-H. If you learned to read your birthchart you might have no need of A-H. Abraham belongs to Esther.

Here is a link to a wonderful interpretation from Rev. Pam Crane, using astrology, of the birth of Christ, and here is his birth chart.

The Holy Twelve

Birth of Jesus Christ

As the sun was setting on the horizon with Jupiter, it was conjunct i.e. lined up with, the royal star, Aldebaran. A positive marker on the descendant shows a common feature with the chart of Esther which is the need to reach out to other people. In Esther’s probable chart, Venus, the probable chart-ruler, is setting – disappearing over the western horizon. Esther’s chart does not show the royal star as especially prominent but to compensate there are the 3 planets in regal Leo prominent in the 10th house at the top of the chart, right out there on the stage in the spotlight.

Thank you to all who have passed by. I hope this has given you pause for thought, and that you might come to see how useful natal astrology can be.

Esther Hicks

And thank you to Esther and Abraham.

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