Mutual Reception

It sounds like a pleasant thing, doesn’t it? Mutual reception sounds friendly. In astrology it means that the planet that rules a sign, planet A, is in the sign ruled by planet B, and that planet B is in the sign ruled by planet A. So, for example, in the chart of Esther Hicks we see Uranus in Gemini and Mercury in Aquarius; Uranus is the ruler (resonates with) of Aquarius, and Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. This is called mutual reception and it strengthens the bond between the signs and the planets. They are in a very desirable trine alignment – 120 degrees. Also, in this example we might note that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury emphasizing the relationship still more. Hence, the amazing ability to speak, think, write, communicate on both mundane and more heavenly levels. No one would deny this special gift in Esther the ‘motivational speaker’. It will be active all the time – in and out of Abraham. In fact it is most likely one of the conditions of Abraham’s projected presence.

I was going to say something about Chiron this morning, but I was completely swept away by watching the rest of ‘Broken’ last night and disappeared into a dark abyss opened up by the storyline, the essence of which I could identify with too well. Top marks to Jimmy McGovern. It ended well but broke me down in the process. But I have transiting Saturn beginning its final pass of natal Venus. For me Venus is in Sagittarius in mutual reception with Jupiter in Taurus. They occupy the 5th and 10th houses. Venus is in the 5th. So it is fitting that I would attract this drama into my close experience – and since I spend most of my days alone in the solace of nature, selective TV is almost the only way new experiences can enter my life these days.

Notice then how life and art imitating each other works: we become ready for a certain experience and then we are drawn to it and it to us. It is simultaneous. If we are, for example ready for love, the best love of our life, we will fall in love with whoever enters our experience at that time. It is not a matter of waiting around for Mr or Ms Right to show up. We just wait to be ready. And this is what is trackable in our astrological birth chart using transits and progressions.

As I am a ripe old age I can look back 30 years and see what was going on when Saturn occupied this position before, because what was beginning at that time at the end of 1987 is now ending or maturing and new experiences and sensations are coming into being. Saturn began this transit in February this year – Saturn transits last for about 3 weeks; and it returned in May for another 3 weeks for its retrograde passage, now it is in the final 3 weeks – and in my case it really is final – unless I live to age 94.

Another astrology fact which adds emphasis to the strength of a house or a planet – is the weight of the dispositor: whichever sign is on the cusp of a house is ruled by a planet and that planet ‘disposes’ of anything and everything that is in that house which makes it extra important in the chart. So, in Esther’s case she has those 3 planets in Leo in the 10th (probably) with Leo on the cusp of the 10th. The sun rules Leo, so the sun is the dispositor of the 10th house and its occupants. Where is Esther’s sun? In Pisces. This adds weight to the Pisces sun. By association it adds weight to Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Neptune rules Spirit.

But I really wanted to say something about Chiron – it came to me in the car yesterday as I drove away from yesterday’s post. A-H speaks often of a stick having 2 ends, and that we can’t beat the drum of one end of the stick without activating the other end. The astrological map is circular as everything orbits the sun – everything is as it is, as John Lennon said, ‘Because the world is round…’ In the circle of our astro-map everything has its opposite point and meaning – and this shows up particularly well when we think of the function of Chiron. Chiron brings or illuminates wounding and healing in our life experience – the one is the opposite of the other and they are both contained in this archetype. We can think of this in terms of light and dark. Each sign has a light or positive interpretation and also a darker one. In Leo for example, the lightest end of the Leo vibe is pure, positive love – a phrase used often by Esther. At the darker end of the spectrum we might see what psychologists call a god complex, or narcissism or some other form of self-loving arrogance. If Chiron is in Leo this is what will come up at intervals for the owner of that chart. Also, the opposite sign to Leo will interact with it: if Leo is royalty, then Aquarius is revolution; if Leo is love then Aquarius is dis-passion or detachment.

Every sign expresses a vibration on a spectrum as well as interacting with its opposite part. This is an objective observation, there is no good or bad or morality involved. However, there is always a reader of the chart and this reader is having his/her own experience at any given time. So, today I am looking a little at Esther’s chart through the lens of my Saturn/Venus transit: a Venus which is the dispositor of my 4th house which contains a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra and the sun in Scorpio. This raises the importance of Venus a great deal. Still more when we notice its placement in Sagittarius and Jupiter’s in Taurus. (I am leaving you, dear Reader to make what you will of that.)

Esther’s Chiron is in Scorpio and we were talking about it recently as her progressed sun is now opposing it. Scorpio addresses areas which society considers taboo; it is the sign of change and transition; it stands for the mouldering down of old worn out matter so that new life may be born out of it. The chart made for Esther places this Chiron in her first house which makes her in control of this spooky energy, just as in control as a person with the sun in Aries might be. In her talks she has mentioned on several occasions feeling uncomfortable with this type of energy – reacting to the unusual image of Jane Roberts on the back of her Seth book; in fact the whole subject of speaking to the dead freaked her out initially. She would not let Jerry talk about his ouija board experiences, she would leave the room if the subject came up. And she said she could not get over accidentally seeing the image of the girl possessed by an evil presence in the film The Exorcist.

Part of her healing journey seems to have been to do with normalizing these impressions – most clearly through Abraham. Had it not been for Jerry, I think Esther would not have tried speaking for Abraham. The 7th house of the ‘other person’ is opposite the first house, so we can look to the opposite sign for help in healing our Chiron. Now she has mastered her Chiron she is able to be the neutralizer for the darker areas of life for anyone who cares to listen. This is Chiron in Scorpio: there is a wound that needs addressing and in time it is either healed or not. Age 50 is usually the tipping point for the final healing or wounding. I know of many who make their transition at around this age. Equally, many people take on the energy and make it work for them instead. Chiron takes 50 years to orbit the sun: it is our so-called Chiron Return at age 50.

I suppose a psychological astrologer who is not convinced by channelling might  decide that Esther has used her Leo planets to elevate her sense of godliness in order to help deal with matters around Chiron in Scorpio. And perhaps this is not entirely wrong, but it would not be the whole story.

That will do for now – more again soon I hope.

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