Astrology & Abraham-Hicks: Disparities and Additions

Astrology, the branch known as natal astrology teaches us to know ourselves better because we can make direct correlations between what happens and happened in our life and the movements in the chart. As I have a couple of distinct and strong patterns in my birth chart it is especially clear to me when these are triggered by secondary progressions or transits. The way to learn this type of astrology is by making a list of all the memorable things that have happened in your life and then a corresponding list of what was clearly happening in the birth chart. No minor aspects will be involved as these only reflect the details.

Next on the path of the natal astrologer is to read biographies of famous people and do the same thing. This of course takes time, but the pay off is essential. Do the same with willing family members and friends. Finally the day will come (it usually takes about 3 or 4 years like any college degree) when you have moved from simple delineation – that is making a list of the definitions – to synthesis which is a sort of quantum step into a zone that sees the whole rather than the parts.

You will then spend some time wondering if this wondrous effect is real! When you recover, you will realise you are now a proper astrologer and can therefore, in line with esoteric law, invite others to come to you for a reading. You may carry on to become a professional.

So this is a distinction about astrology.

Another clarification to make on this site relates to the material on Abraham-Hicks and non-physical energy. Every mouthpiece for non-physical places a spin on their material that is delivered fresh from this non-physical place that we have no memory of but know so well. Esther Hicks is very, very good at what she does because she is so fluent and always stays on point making Abraham’s identity a compelling reality. Nevertheless, my friend, Arthur was a voice as well and as I came to know him so well on a personal level, he will always be my best spiritual friend next to and along with my own Source guidance and of course, Esther’s counterpart, Jean-the-Magnificent who transitioned in 2009 – she is now the collection of all she is, so for that reason she is more than she was, so I give her a befitting title.

Tuning into our Source energy each day, at the start of each day, as Esther says, is very important to getting the ball rolling well for that day. This is our private and personal connection to Source. Later in my day, the part Abraham plays for me is rather like a form of entertainment, like watching a really good absorbing movie or reading a good book. It is what I do in the car or walking. I believe there is truth in fictional characters in the same way I believe in the truth of Abraham. Perhaps this is just something I can do, but I doubt it. I trained as an English teacher and spent many years reading literature. Creativity is an interesting thing. We really do create our own realities. Artists, like astrologers come to make the step into synthesis after some practice and this I think opens them up into a whole new dimension of non-physical reality.

In the reality I continue to share with my non-physical chums, the idea of Guides and guidance is a thing, whereas it does not come up much, if at all, in the Abraham-Hicks narrative. I would like to reassure anyone who feels, due to the Law of Attraction theme, that the onus is all on them, that this is not the only way of seeing it; it is a part of Esther’s way of seeing it. Abraham is a true and artistic work of Esther and can be clearly seen in her birth chart. Abraham is associated with Esther; Arthur was associated with Jean (and me); Seth was associated with Jane Roberts; ‘God’ with Neale Donald Walsch; ‘Jesus’ with Helen Schucman; Theo with Sheila Gillette and so on, there are many translators both known and unknown.

So yesterday’s post was a direction to a clip from A-H defining the spiritual parts of us. Today I want to add the concept of ‘asking for guidance back to alignment when we do not feel good‘, because we will receive the help we need if we ask for it. In Esther’s spiritual world we simply receive what we are asking for in every moment – our every moment is a reflection of our energy at that time, so she and Abraham constantly make the statement about focusing on positive aspects, getting happy. This is not wrong of course, but it is incomplete, as Source also speaks through you or me presenting a different voice due to the fact we are different people. The differences can be clearly seen on the map of who we are: the chart for our time of birth. My way of coming back into alignment is to ask for help and to tune into the remembrance of the love that is there. Very quickly I am turned around.

Esther Hicks is popular because that is who she is. If it hadn’t been through Abraham due to Jerry’s encouragement, she would have found a high profile avenue somehow. What was her life like before Jerry? It is all there in a reading of her natal chart, but she would have to fill in the biographical details. Astrology is not guess work, it is just a map showing you the way.

A final note: to attend an Abraham seminar is very different from listening to it in private. A little like the difference between going to the movies or watching the movie at home. Or better said, reading the book of the movie and seeing the movie at the cinema. All the people in the audience are willing participants in this live show. Not everyone is built to withstand that type of experience; it is quite harsh for introverts. This is worth considering as a slight distortion of the full picture. As Arthur would often confirm to me, ‘All truth is relative.’ When you read a lot of charts of different people you can see how this has to be the way it is in this physical time-space world. Even in non-physical we retain our identities so, although this is too complex for us to fully comprehend there is the same relativity idea in play.

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