Love Multiplied by Belief to the Power of Will

The object of our love is not important, but the feeling of love in all of its power and intensity is what connects us directly with Source. Love in this way is a carrier wave to Source energy. We feel perfectly in alignment when we love, and everything we see and everything we think is coloured by this positive vibration.

Love is not confined to loving another person; it might be that we love that thing which we do, or that place where we go. This is universal and not reduced by any social or cultural condition. It transcends ordinary experience and reality. It is a feeling energy rather than a thinking energy.

Astrology is an analytical method, but I have heard astrologer, Dr Liz Greene say that she loves astrology in such a way that I felt on hearing this that it must produce a most wonderful feeling within her, and she is a person with a highly functioning mental arrangement. I remember that she asked the large room full of people if they loved it too and most said no, I think because they felt that love should be confined to the love between people – at least that is my memory. Anyway, in the birth chart where do we find our capacity for love and is there a recipe to stimulate it?

Leo, the 5th house, the sun primarily; then Venus, Libra, the 7th house, (sometimes Taurus, the 2nd house). This is one approach. A highly emphasised Leo or 5th house will tell me something usually positive about this person’s love disposition. Everyone has Leo in their chart somewhere, and we all have a 5th house. The sun as the centre of our world is our primary positive force towards love. Looking at these 3 areas of our chart will tell us a great deal about how and who and what we love and how love has been offered to us. Other energies will feed in making alignments, some expanding in a positive way others challenging us to grow. Yet even when we talk about love and see the energy emphasized in a chart, we cannot be sure it is always helpful to the person in the way they or we want it to be: sometimes the force is too strong in the area it illuminates and others are blinded by this light. Sometimes it overtakes the self and then the self is all we see.

Often people come for an astro-chat involving a relationship. Typically I am asked to look at the other person’s chart to see something that the client can use, can understand so as to fix what is not working. Always the answers to these questions lie in the chart of the person doing the asking.

I like doing relationship readings, making a combined chart out of the two energies to see the third invisible person in the room. Further, it is interesting to make a chart for the energy of the small astrology group. The software allows me to make the one combined chart and then use that one to add another and another and so on until all the people in the room are in the one chart. That makes for very interesting information – I get to see the invisible energy at work, before, during and after the meeting. The way to test these theories is always to use them and see how and if they work.

Yesterday I found the elusive recording of Abraham in Rome from September last year. Two members of the group had attended so were keen to hear it. I uploaded it to my Podbean site glad to make this final gesture as the group has now come to an end, ironically as a result of introducing A-H into the astrology proceedings. Astrology is, in theory, objective – the chart is a map and stands outside and observes everything without taking sides. But A-H belongs in the 9th house of personal beliefs, so there were people in the group who were not able to, and did not want to tune into this apparent religion or sect.

Despite the words of Abraham answering the questions of all people, Abraham still stands alongside what others in the world believe, their guiding beliefs, which might be and often are quite different. Astrology does the same thing. Sometimes our beliefs get in the way of what we want. Both astrology and Abraham can help with this. I met with a Science teacher a few days ago (one who also attended church), who was nowhere near this understanding – when I mentioned astrology he laughed, he was very confident in his own belief system. Most people I meet on a daily basis fall into this latter category which makes this blog especially specialized although the subject matter is universally applicable (if you believe it).

Adding it up, at this particular time, I think astrology is perhaps a little less off-putting to the off-putable than Abraham-Hicks. Mostly, both Abraham supporters and astrologers are voices in the dark of the everyday mundane world. We go forth and tell no-one unless a kindred spirit happens by. I mourn this fact only because for me it tends to deplete social interaction.

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