Know Thyself

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“When you allow yourself to find consistent vibrational resonance with who you really are so that you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on and good at following the impulse when it’s offered, then your timing becomes really really really really good, and timing matters in the subject of deliberate creation because you are all here: lots of people with lots of different beliefs and lots of different intentions, lots of different creation going on all around you, and yet every single one of you has the ability, the wherewithal to create exactly what you are wanting – in other words the resourcefulness of this environment is beyond our ability to describe it to you. How can this possibly happen? How can you all be here at the same time, all be different in what you’re wanting, all be zigging and zagging and us be able to make the unequivocal promise to you that each and every one of you can get everything that you want? The answer to that is universal timing. The answer to that is being in the right place at the right time, with the right vibration, with the right receiving mode, for the right understanding for the right, for the right, for the right…. that’s what it’s all about. Timing is about Law of Attraction.” Abraham-Hicks, Atlanta, 7 April 2018.

Esther says that first we must find ‘consistent vibrational resonance with who we really are‘. Coincidentally, this is the whole job of the natal astrologer – to help people, including self – find resonance with who we really are. We help do this by noting indications in the birth-chart, (created at the time of birth) when who we really are is at its most pure in human form.

But does the who we really are change throughout life as we are growing, evolving and expanding – ‘change’ being the one constant of everything? Or does the ‘who I am’ at one time in life seem not to be the same as the ‘who I am’ at another time just because of perception – retaining all the while its eternal shape and underlying vibrational form?

The ability to find consistent vibrational resonance with who we really are varies from person to person depending on how much we believe in, value, enjoy staying in touch with who we really are – and whether we understand and feel the resonance. Perhaps it comes naturally to us and we came into this world with a strong connection. Or perhaps we have no idea what ‘who we really are‘ means. Perhaps we want to lose the sense of original self entirely because we came here with other plans. This degree of attachment or non-attachment to who we really are, to the who we really are ‘idea’ can be found in the birthchart and through conversation about the chart.

The basic difference in people illustrates how the formula for daily meditation will vary also – some will love it, some not so much. Some will experience it as a wonderful thing, for others it will seem impossible and pointless. There are many ways to the centre.

In the above quote, is A-H is talking perhaps about a universal person, rather than an individual? Does contrast’ arrive as a result of a poor receiving mode for creating what is wanted or as a result of dumb bad luck – wrong place, wrong time sort of thing? Or is it destiny with broad parameters? These things are clear to read in a birth chart and subsequent charts – good times and bad times are trackable. These things are not so easy to talk about clearly without specific third-party reference. The natal astrologer uses the charts; A-H has the steps and the laws – not forgetting infinite intelligence which filters its way through finite intelligence.

Contrast always lurks in the background as the thing that will be there providing definition for all that is wanted: we deliberately create by choosing one thing over another. This process uses contrasting materials, what we want and what we don’t want. What we see and what we cannot see. Language defining or describing darkness is almost completely avoided by Esther in an effort to stay positive. Contrast is the term used for the selection process. It seems that who we really are is an ideal which is hidden behind all the unwanted things – the idea is that if the unwanted things were to disappear we would have direct access to who we really are without interference.

Contrast is also made out of ‘ideas’ and ‘thoughts’ which are abstract, non-physical. Arthur said that non-physical energy-beings experience good and bad by a depletion or expansion of energy.

It is human to want to avoid the things we do not want. But A-H also acknowledges that we need the things we do not want else we do not appreciate the things we do want. Therefore the implication is that we will be unable to experience a constant stream of successful deliberate creation, that we must experience contrast: that there are circumstances beyond our control!

I remember so well Arthur pointing this out to me and my responding first with incredulity quickly followed by a realisation of my own naiveté. Obviously we cannot control everything; we might be deliberate creators but we cannot be successful all of the time. We might encounter the opposing deliberate creation of another soul for example.

Timing‘ is the subject of the above quote: ‘universal timing’. We have elected to be born into a world based on the co-ordinates of time and place in order to create, to manifest, to watch things come into being, grow, change and dissolve into nothing once again: all that has form on the planet as well as all the beautiful and wondrous feelings like love and appreciation, truth and beauty. In this we imitate the process that we are a part of. This process happens in time on a daily basis, a yearly basis and in smaller and larger and longer ways depending on creation and in ways we ourselves create.

For natal astrologers ‘to know thyself’ is the underlying premise. To have this intention ongoing though time is a life’s work. The rest follows. It seems that to know thyself is the same statement as ‘consistent vibrational resonance with who we really are’. If so, to understand how astrology distinguishes between people, who they are and who they are not, is what is missing from the A-H formulae. Join the two disciplines together and we have something wonderfully helpful and complete in addition to the one size-fits-all set of rules and ‘universal’ laws.

A-H says timing is about law of attraction. The birth chart is our unmoving blueprint but everything following birth, by movement through time, changes us. Various progressed charts based on our root chart, the natal chart, show the movements through time after birth and the challenges we, the blueprint, are likely to meet. We relate one chart to the other (having come to understand the blueprint very well) and then we have personalised very helpful details about how to manage ‘contrast’-ing experiences: the sadness, the darkness, the pain; the joy, the light, the satisfaction.

Know Thyself, the mantra of natal astrology is another way of saying ‘consistent vibrational resonance with who we really are’.

Next time: how astrology is about wheels within wheels, yin and yang, and always about both ends of the stick.

Thank you again.

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