“Don’t Do it!”

What natal astrology divines from a map of the sky and what Esther translates from Abraham are different approaches and methods to perhaps a similar end. They have in common the belief that we live in a vibrational universe and that each person is a transmitter and receiver of personal energy. Astrology can talk about the quality of this energy, as can A-H up to a point. They agree that we create our own individual realities. They agree that there is an interplay of energy which Esther calls the law of attraction.

Any visitors to this website are likely to have stumbled on it due to a search for A-H so here is a simple explanation of natal astrology which is something I use on a daily basis to help guide me with my life despite having a long time association with A-H, as well as other channels, including my deceased dearly beloved with whom I produced the questions.

Astrology is a system of correspondences which means that the parts of the map, a map which is made for the time and place of our birth, correspond to our characters, personalities and the events that come and go in our lives. How do we know this? Because it is easily shown through researching what happened in people’s lives from birth to death and lining it up with a) who they are shown to be in their birth chart and b) the current energy in their lives at any given time as it relates back to the natal chart.

Astrology was once the same as astronomy, but from the time of the industrial revolution, when we became convinced that science and rationality superseded all forms of artistic or intuitive endeavour, astronomy kicked astrology out of the mix. So, astronomy is a science upon which astrology is based. We astrologers need the map of the sky at the time of our birth to work with, to find meaning and discover purpose. Astronomers research and measure and theorise about the extent and the material of the universe. Astrologers, because over centuries we have in an empirical way deduced that the system of correspondences actually works and is helpful, offer the meaning which astronomers are not interested in but which is found in the ‘blueprint’ of the natal map. It is as unique as our DNA.

Astrology has a few branches like for example fine arts. There is a tool box and practising astrologers refine the way they go about interpreting a chart/map. In this way they are like artists using the tools made by the people who make tools. Astrology has come to be seen by conventional people, or lay people as being about prediction due to the emphasis last century on sun-sign astrology which simplifies the map down to an interaction between the person and the sun at the time of birth. So powerful is the collective reasoning that, like fake news, even sensible people have accepted this misunderstanding, even Esther Hicks, the psychic.

There is an important distinction between what A-H does and what astrology can do: although Abraham is infinite intelligence, Esther is not. She can find only the ideas, concepts, words that are already a part of her understanding at some level. If this were not the case she would be able to speak in different languages and at levels of academic achievement which are beyond her, but not beyond non-physical which, through focus alone, can tune into anyone’s thought and memory. The limitation of A-H is Esther as a human and this applies to any channel or medium for spiritual, non-physical energy.

Similarly, the limitation and extent of astrology depends on the astrologer, the one interpreting the information which can be learnt like any other subject over a period of years. Esther and other channels are especially suited for what they do and this itself can be read in their birth charts. It is interesting to notice where Abraham ends and Esther begins when I listen to the talks while remembering her birth chart.


I wanted to say something about the chart of Boris Johnson as he seems to have a fairly reliable birth time and the recent solar eclipse was conjunct his MC signifying that something very public and accompanied by strong energy will be coming into his life. Many people know this already without the need for verification, but I wanted to say to the British MP’s and Conservative members what many Americans wanted to say when Mr Trump was elected as president: “Don’t Do it!” However the time has come, in an Armageddon sort of a way, for the breakdown of our current institutions and our current values and ways of life. It is both the end and the beginning. Boris has indicators in his chart which show him to be both childlike and a loose canon. There are dynamics in his personality which I would not like to see in the leader of a democracy if it is going to turn out well. The idea of suitability implies the idea of correspondences – it always goes the way one would expect if you work with the astrological maps. Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama – the person we know is right there in the natal chart. How useful it would be if people knew how to pick their leaders. Yet, there is a sort of fatality and synchronicity about having the kind of men like Johnson and Trump (and some other leaders of other countries) in office at this time. Looking over how it has gone before is a wonderful guide to how it is likely to go next time.

As many know, we are currently in the throes of an astrological (and astronomical) feature called a conjunction of two very strong energies and influences which do different things and produce a third thing when conjunct. They have been moving very slowly since the end of 2017 and have been felt by many this year who have a chart which is disposed to feel them . These types of energy move very slowly into an exact alignment. December this year and January next year will produce the climax. Here are some references with explanations:




I want to underline that there is no force other than that which the chart reflects. There is no force doing things to us, we simply allow into our lives that which we are attracted to or which is attracted to us. It is the law of attraction in action.

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