Star-Crossed Lovers

A little astrology on the recent action from Hollywood from our royal exiles or ex-pats or ex-royals. When Harry announced or described his new relationship or engagement when the courtship began, he used the phrase, ‘and the stars were all crossed‘ to support his feeling that it was a meant-to-be relationship. I don’t doubt it may have been meant to be, but crosses are not good or easy signs – think of the Montagues and the Capulets who were Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

The synastry of their 2 charts is compelling but not in an easy way. Harry has an opposition between the moon in Taurus (4th house) and Saturn (9th) and Meghan has a wide square between her sun in Leo in the first, and Chiron (the wounded healer which performs both at different times) is conjunct Harry’s moon. Plus her Uranus is opposite his moon and her sun is square his Saturn. In addition, 8 planets from the first quarter of her chart/life, the personal part of her chart are shown to be in Harry’s 7th and 8th the relationship houses. Her Uranus which is opposite her Chiron is in Harry’s 10th, an important house for him as it is where he is seen by the rest of the world. And it is also conjunct his south node representing something from the past as well as something(s) sudden which I find a bit worrying for him, unless he wants his emotions shaken up any more than they have been.

Harry does not have such a hard chart after this aspect of Saturn opposing moon, and Mars square the sun which might feed in and create bad temper, or lots of energy. And by itself, Meghan’s chart is not so difficult. But when the 2 sets of energies are together we have the sort of mixed energy (synastry) which has been showing itself recently.

Harry’s chart is ruled by Saturn at the top of the chart …… and so is the Queen’s chart (below). The absolute culmination for Harry of what is playing out now will be seen in 2023 when his progressed sun moves into Scorpio to conjunct progressed Pluto shortly followed in July of that year by the p-moon arriving to form the new (progressed) moon conjunct Pluto. This is the end and the beginning of something of extreme importance in his life. A very heavy-duty and significantly life changing event which can only ever happen once in a life, and the odds of it happening to anyone but him are probably nil.

Harry has always to try and balance his tender feelings with the heavy energy of Saturn which produces boundaries and rules in a chart, in tandem with the edgy and explosive energy of Mars/sun. At the time of their marriage (I think it was) in May of 2018 Jupiter was transiting his Saturn on the Midheaven which would have caused him to feel a lot better. But by Christmas he would have been seeing that it was not all going to be as easy as he had hoped as Saturn moved in on his Ascendant.

Also at the time of their wedding the Queen was experiencing a transit of Pluto across her Ascendant showing her a rather disturbing view of what was happening around her, at the same time as Uranus was conjunct her sun. How could she deal with this very unexpected and unusual thing, whatever it was? Did she have an inkling of what was to be played out?

Interestingly, in Princess Diana’s natal chart Saturn is at 27 Capricorn (it is now at 26; conjunct Meghan’s Descendant at 24) and her Mars in the 12th is conjunct Diana’s sun in Cancer. I do not think these 2 women would have been best friends. I mention it as Harry is drawn to these energies in Meghan – perhaps because he is familiar with them through his mother – and the trigger for our recent soap opera has been the pandemic conjunction which is in Harry’s 9th house at the time of birth (although wide so not as difficult as close) and on the MC . This conjunction brings with it an indication of an energy so huge it can wipe out vast numbers of people. Imagine then what it is like having it in your birth chart. Once introduced to this energy in various individuals, you can see the common denominator between them. The HIV/AIDS epidemic first reported cases in 1981/82. The exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto was in 1982. It swept slowly around the world. Harry’s chart shows the position of the pair in 1984.

To explain some of Meghan’s behaviour we have to look at what happens to many people when they hit 40 or just before or after depending on the shape of the unequal cycle. We have our Neptune square Neptune – taking us to the heights of fantasy and illusion which might be wonderful or scary and it plays out over a year or so during which time we learn what is real and what is not real. There is also the Uranus opposition and the Pluto square at this time. These events have given birth to the idea of a midlife crisis. We do have a potentially very difficult time depending on whether we were born with an ‘easy’ chart or a hard one.

I can’t babble on anymore on this, it is a subject of entertainment in the newspaper columns, but these two people, whether they know it or not are in crisis while millions of people watch. It does not feel comfortable to me. I will say finally though, On 26 and 27-3-21 the sun will be opposite Meghan’s Saturn at the same time as Saturn begins to transit in opposition with the natal sun. Also, Jupiter will square Chiron opposite Uranus as well as widely opposing the sun. And, as if that weren’t enough, transiting Chiron will be opposite Jupiter (and Saturn) from the MC at the same time as Jupiter will be square Chiron. This is a major signifier of the next episode. I’m afraid it does not bode so well for Meghan as the action is leading to the conjunction of Chiron with her MC in May/June. She may not like the role she finds herself playing which will become still more evident from just before Christmas and around the end of the year.

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