Esther’s Progress

Whatever time Esther was born (I still like 21:51) she has a lovely trine, a grand trine between her chart ruler, Venus which sits on her Descendant; Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius and the 3 planets in Leo – the sign of Love – which would resonate with the sun in the 5th house. This alone is a vivid astrological confirmation of the Esther we see on stage emanating the message of pure positive energy from non-physical Source energy, aka, Abraham.

An easy way to trace your life-story using astrology is by just looking at the passage of the secondary progressed sun which moves very slowly – one degree per year. For Esther and her grand trine, when the prog. Sun in Aries came into trine alignment with the planet at the earliest degree in this formation – let’s use prog Pluto at 12 degrees in 1974, this will have inflated and magnified the energy of the whole configuration and intensified till 1991 when the sun arrived at 28 degrees of Aries.

esther prog 1974

esther prog 1991


At the same time let’s look at prog. Mercury which is very important as we know Esther to be probably the best translator of Source energy on the planet at this time – her natal Mercury is in Aquarius opposite those Leo planets in her 4th house (of the father – who I believe wrote his autobiography, so must have had a penchant for words to some extent). At the end of 1971 we see prog Mercury at 14 degrees Pisces coming into alignment with the sun at 15 degrees. Prog. Mercury moves a little faster than the sun. At the time Mercury was conjunct the sun, Prog Venus was exactly opposite Chiron in Scorpio. Venus is extremely important in Esther’s chart being the chart ruler and holding a position in Aries on the Descendant. It may have been around this time that Esther’s daughter was born bringing great joy into her life. If so it was a sort of antedote to any wound or wounding residue in the Chiron energy

Esther speaks of ‘contrast’, there has to be dark in order for there to be light. It interests me that Chiron, the wounded healer archetype is in Scorpio in the first house (resonating with Aries the first sign); and that the planets in Leo, albeit the sign of Love and joy and creativity are the traditional ‘malefics’: Pluto, Saturn and Mars. However you interpret this line-up, it is a heavy-duty energy, producing heavy-duty ‘contrast’.

Esther is a truly amazing translator as she plays her role on stage, but the rest of the time, which is the lion’s share of her life-time – and we are given only titbits from it in her narratives – there must be a theme playing out which challenges her to control her power and her ego – which can be both strength and weakness depending on our personal evolution: pride comes before a fall, they say. I am not sure what ‘they’ say about power, other than that the meek will inherit the Earth. (I think Esther-Abraham referred to this quote once in reference to being in the state of allowing.)

In 1978 when the p sun was semi-sextile its natal position, and enjoying the previously mentioned trine to the Leo planets, p Mercury was beginning its square to the opposition of Uranus opposite Jupiter which became exact in 1980 – the year of Esther’s marriage to Jerry Hicks, I believe. So the push towards ‘Mercury the translator’ became lined up with the 1971-91 surge of loving creative Leo energy.

I refer to all this as Esther currently has prog. Sun opposite Chiron; the sun now occupying the same place as p. Venus in 1971/2. I expect something to manifest out of this energy as before, and hope it to be as productive as it was before. An intensifying personal relationship as the 7th & 8th houses are involved?

esther prog 2017

I will never have the p. sun opposite Chiron in my birth chart as, like at least half the world, probably more, I was born with Chiron 2 signs ahead of my sun. There are 30 degrees in each sign and remember that the prog. sun moves only one degree per year. My sun is at 19 degrees Scorpio – so instead I have experienced the prog. sun conjunct Chiron. When it was exact in 2001, my mother died. This was also shown at the time by a transit of Pluto to my moon (‘the mother’). However my chart and life is nothing like Esther’s. But we are all humans and have much in common, like the palette of inner dynamics that are available to us all and reflected in the various planetary alignments. This provides us with the language of vibration so we can speak of these things using a map for reference. The map reflects our inner life rather than causes it. I like to have reference to a map as it is not emotional or subjective. It’s just a map.

I will never have prog. Venus opposite Chiron either unless I live to be age 92 and I earnestly hope that I do not. I have not managed to navigate my life in a way that has served me too well – except for that one time. Esther, however, seems to have taken the power (of light and dark) in her life/chart and projected it outside of herself, not onto another person which is the usual knee-jerk reaction, but woven it into its own form. Is that not what is happening when we hear our inner guidance and make words, music or pictures from the energy we feel? If we do not personally identify with it, whatever it is, then we do not have to wrestle with it internally. If we feel it, see it and make it separate from ourselves, part of who we really are rather than a personal ego-type identity, then we are the artist, the deliberate creator of our life-experience.

So good luck to Esther with prog. Sun opposite Chiron. I look forward to eventually hearing about its presence in her life.

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