An Astro-Moment

The uses of astrology are endless and always with you and always as impartial as any map or atlas or navigational system.

A quick example. Early this morning I received an e mail which contained remarks from someone who was irritated about something concerning me. At the same time I received a phone call from an engineer who was irritated about completing a job at my place of business. Also, my ex husband was due to arrive any minute (he is Mr Angry). I thought why is this happening as I am in a pretty good mood? I looked at the chart for today and saw that it was at the exact moment of the full moon which aligned perfectly with my midheaven/IC axis. This tense full moon (oppositions are usually tense) is also conjunct Saturn in my birthchart which is itself making a 90 degree (squares are tense as well) aspect to Mars. And the full moon is square transiting Pluto and opposite Uranus.

The daily chart contains what are known as ‘transits’. Our personal chart is a ‘natal chart’. The transits always impact on the base or natal chart.

If you were able to follow this new language a little you will see that these alignments tell the story and that the story reflects the alignments. Understanding this makes it easier to go with the flow rather than react. It also helps to know that the full moon will pass very quickly – the moon being the fastest moving object in the chart – its meaning involves our feelings and emotions, our greatest sensitivity. At birth it might be in any sign or house and in easy or difficult alignment with any other planet. Its placement tells a story about our relationship with our mother….. and so on.

So the people in my morning story were also being affected by the full moon in their charts in such a way that I was their object of reaction. It is interesting to see this on a global scale realising that difficult transits might be hitting the charts of individuals in an especially difficult way. Or, if a person was born with a gentle and flowing chart a tense aspect will help move them along in a more energetic and unusually assertive way perhaps.

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