Progress of the Virus with Astro-Psychology Report

Some of the astro-theory was offered 2 posts ago, the details about how the corona virus is linked to the current Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Here is what it means in plain English, hopefully.

Many people are confused over how the planets make things happen to us – even some astrologers seem to use language that implies they think the planets do things to us. Even I do sometimes because it is an infectious way of talking. But the fact is that no-one knows if energy is sent from the planets or not. I believe it is enough to regard them as simple indicators in the way that signposts along the road are indicators. The presence of them is enough to get us there, allow us to interpret the meaning based on our understanding of a) what happened when they lined up before many times in many cycles, over the course of millennia and b) the mythology and the archetypal meaning attached to these indicators/signposts. We have tons, masses, loads of empirical data serving as proof which means: it happens in the same way every time the configuration turns up over and over again. It plays out differently depending on the shape and the details of the chart which is under scrutiny – mine or yours, his or hers, or its chart – events have beginnings also.

So, in the case of the virus coming at the same time as the Saturn/Pluto transit we need to interpret what this conjunction means and when it has done it before in the past. The latter I listed 2 posts ago, but I have not offered enough perhaps on the meaning. The outcome of the previous plagues and viruses speak for themselves within history.

Briefly, Saturn is about Time, limitations, boundaries and convention. It rules (that means it has a vibration in common with) society and the tribe. It wants to keep things the same if possible so that we can feel as safe as possible so as to last and survive well over time. Read about Chronos and Liz Greene’s brilliant book called, ‘A New Look at an Old Devil’.

Before modern astrology Saturn took the rap for all the bad things that happened to us, as a doctor of psychology, Liz Greene shows how this can be re-interpreted in line with our modern way of understanding the world. Everyone has the symbol of Saturn in their birth chart/horoscope. It means various things depending on what house and sign it occupies and the geometrical angles that are aligned with it from other points in the chart.

Pluto is the god of the underworld and as such has a reputation for transformation as those secret and mysterious things usually take place in the dark. Transformation is the ‘secret’ of alchemy. So right away we see that these 2 indicators are at odds: one wants no change and the other wants lots of change, procreation (birth and death and rebirth) very much. The virus is new creation to which life must adapt in new ways.

So apply this recipe to what is going on in our world and it is not too hard to see that plenty of people see the need for change but plenty of other people would quite like everything to stay the same. Politics for instance has a lot of debate on the subject. And many want both change and stasis at once.

It is this tension, this irresistible force meeting an immovable object that has produced in one person after another the new birth of the Covid-19 corona virus which seems to have a negative effect on our bodies. The energy involved is not worried about death. Life and death occur every moment: beginnings and endings of all sorts happen all the time. So while it is a pandemic for us as we do not want to die, or for our loved ones to die, the indicators which have been active before during plagues and pandemics show that when we want something beneficial for what the planet needs in the long term to carry on expanding, but at the same time we want security, and for our good lifestyle to continue, then the tension in us creates exactly what is happening now.

Interestingly it is within us that this corona-virus is breeding. It is the population of the planet that knows that we need this. We have been responsible for all that we do and do not do. So it is not the fault of outside agencies, it is the inevitable result of the evolution of the species. Each one plays a part and our unique vibration contributes to the birth and the control of Covid-19.

How can we tell if we will be personally affected? How much Saturn/Pluto tension is each one of us carrying? We can look at the invisible energy in our lives by checking on how it is shown in our birth chart. Some help with this below…


“We are in the midst of an immense planetary initiation into the Aquarian age. All initiations are Plutonian, involving a death and rebirth — a letting go of old identities, beliefs, and ways of being, in order to evolve. The COVID-19 pandemic is here to inoculate us with the truth that we are all equal, all part of a global community, and all on an evolutionary journey. This global crisis is symbolized by Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, and augmented by Jupiter’s passage through Capricorn this year. The profoundly tranformative energy of this rare alignment has been further intensified as Mars moves through Capricorn (February 15 to March 30). Some of that intensity lessens as Mars leaves Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius on March 31, but much remains to be changed. We are at the close of 735 year cycle, the passing of an age, and the end of the illusion of separation. How we experience this momentous transition depends on the choices each one of us makes.

“As I wrote in my January 8, 2020 update, the last time Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto were close together in Capricorn was 1284-85, coinciding with the beginning of the modern banking system, Marco Polo’s Silk Road journey opening up trade between China and Europe, and the first church clocks, which inaugurated a shift from living with natural cycles, to modern life being dictated by mechanized time. 735 years later, we are called to go to the next level, to institute major reforms in economic policies, in how we do business, and most of all, in how we relate to Nature.

“One of the primary spiritual teachings of Capricorn is that we are not victims. While we cannot always change our circumstances, we can choose how we respond. Choices made from love always result in better outcomes than those made from fear. As Mars moves from its conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn on March 22 to a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on March 31, it urges us to be spiritual warriors. The more we overcome our own fears, ignorance, and limiting beliefs, the more of service we can be. Take extra good care of yourself on all levels, and do what you can for others in need. Listen to your heart. Trust your intuition. Notice what feeds your heart and soul, and what drains you.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, in the midst of the suffering it is causing, is also providing opportunities to re-evaluate our lives, recognize what’s really important, and reform what needs to change. There have been many inspiring articles posted recently. Here are some I found well worth reading, along with a few key lines:

“What if the Virus is the Medicine? by Jonathan Hadas Edwards & Julia Hartsell click here. “The world we know is dying. What is unsustainable cannot persist, by definition, and we are starting to see this play out… whatever survives this collective initiation process will be truer, more heart-connected, resilient and generative… We’re in a moment of collective, global-level crisis and uncertainty that has little precedent in living memory… There is opportunity here, if we claim it.. This is a sacred time… How can we, with the support of the unseen, serve as midwives to all that is dying here and all that is being born?”

“Why Coronavirus Is Humanity’s Wake-Up Call by David Korten click here. “…business as usual is simply not an option…This is humanity’s wake-up call. As we awaken to the truth of the profound failure of our existing institutions, we also awaken to the truth of our possibilities and interconnections with one another and with Earth. With that awakening comes a recognition that we must now learn to live lightly on the Earth, to war no more, and to dedicate ourselves to the well-being of all in an interdependent world… Let us embrace this moment as an opportunity to move forward to create a better world for all.”

“Future Crunch 95: We Are Waves Of The Same Sea click here. “At the height of the outbreak in Wuhan the EU donated 50 tons of equipment to China. On March 19 China returned the favour, sending the embattled continent 2 million surgical masks, 200,000 N95 masks and 50,000 testing kits… In New York, a network of thousands of volunteers created by two 20-somethings is delivering groceries and medicine to older residents and other vulnerable people.. the reduction in ground-based concentrations of PM2.5 (air pollution) in China has likely saved the lives of 1,400 children under the age of 5 and 50,000 adults over the age of 70. That’s roughly 20 times the number of lives that have been directly lost to the virus in China…This is not to say COVID-19 is a good thing. Instead, it’s acting as a mirror, forcing us to carefully examine our way of life.”

“Resilience in Challenging Times: A care package for the Sounds True community click here. “In response to the growing uncertainty and heightened stress during this unprecedented time, we have created this special digital care package to help you navigate the coming days with mindfulness, compassion, and presence.”

“Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus click here. “Tips, and tools for these uncertain times in our global community. We’ll continue to update this page with resources for individuals, families, and educators.”

“Taking the Fear Out of Coronavirus by Joan Borysenko click here. In addition to eight valuable tips: “try to think of the coronavirus as an opportunity rather than a threat. Rush, worry and stress are the pandemic that will persist long after the virus recedes… remember to invest in rewiring your brain and nervous system for calm, healing, and optimizing your immune system.”

“10 Positive Updates on the COVID-19 Outbreaks From Around the World by McKinley Corbley click here. “If it seems that your news feed has been flooded with nerve-wracking updates on the COVID-19 outbreaks, have no fear—there are also plenty of positive updates on the pandemic as well.”

“The next new moon forms on March 24 at 2:20 AM PDT at 4º Aries. New moons mark the beginning of a new cycle, and since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, this new moon signals that it’s time for something different. Aries is the energy of pioneering, of exploring new territory and creating new forms. Both Aries and Mars, its ruling planet, are charged with developing willpower, resourcefulness, and courage. While some fears are legitimate warnings, the vast majority fall into the category of trepidation, where we simply don’t know what will happen. Fear can cause us to fight, flee, or freeze. Fear stresses our mind and body, shunting us into our lower, reptilian brain, and weakening our immune system. Slowing and deepening our breathing facilitates shifting into our higher brain, or neocortex, where we are able to make conscious choices, rather than be driven by unconscious reactions. For 33 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear … Right Now, click here.

“This new moon closely squares the Lunar Nodes, emphasizing that we are at a turning point. Squares (90º) pressure us to face our current reality. If everything is working well, we are ready to take a big step forward. If not, we need to change course. The North Node in Cancer points towards our collective spiritual frontier, which is doing what is healthy, sustainable, and life affirming for all concerned. Cancer is the sign most associated with the feminine principles of nourishment, protection, and cooperation. Widespread self-quarantine and lockdowns are forcing millions into a receptive state, giving us more time to be in touch with our feelings, family, and home life. The new moon’s square to the South Node in Capricorn urges us to use this time wisely, and remember that the choices we make impact others.

“Chiron at 5º Aries closely conjuncts this new moon, offering its healing energies. In mythology, Chiron is a hybrid, half human and half horse, as well as half mortal and half divine, symbolizing that there is no separation between physical and spiritual, between humanity and the rest of creation. In essence, healing happens when we are able to reconnect with our wholeness, our divinity, and our unity with all life. Chiron also teaches that when we help another, we also help ourselves. While in Aries, Chiron facilities healing the wounded masculine in both men and women, and urges us to become wise, peaceful warriors, who look out for the wellbeing of all concerned.

“March 22 Mars conjuncts Pluto. When the mythic God of War meets with the God of the Underworld, suppressed emotions and shadow material more easily surface. Beware of reactivity and jumping to conclusions. Anger is often a cover for other emotions. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, representing our soul intentions versus our egoic impulses. Mars and Pluto rendezvous approximately every two years. This is the eighth of nine consecutive conjunctions in Capricorn, emphasizing the importance of transforming how we deal with power and authority, resources and the Earth. Their previous conjunction occurred on April 26, 2018 at 21º Capricorn. Mars moves into Aquarius on March 30, decreasing some of the intensity of the triple Capricorn conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Mars’ conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on March 31 begins a new two year cycle of forging new alliances and manifesting innovative solutions.

“Venus, the complement of Mars, plays a prominent role in this new moon also. The mythic goddess of love and beauty semi-squares (45º) the Sun, Moon, and Chiron, trines (120º) Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, and sextiles (60º) Neptune, encouraging us to be kind and caring, as well as brave and inventive. A semi-square is less impelling than a square, but still prompts us to temper our actions with consideration and compassion. Venus’ trine with Jupiter on March 27 and Pluto on March 28 supports generosity and integrity, while Venus’ trine with Saturn on April 4 encourages new approaches and priorities.

“April 4 Jupiter makes the first of three conjunctions with Pluto in Capricorn, facilitating our capacity to recognize deeper truths and envision new possibilities. Jupiter promotes optimism and abundance, as well as hubris and overindulgence. Its passage through Capricorn often coincides with major changes in ethics, policies, and institutions. Pluto represents our evolutionary edges, and in Capricorn, exposes the shadow side of power and authority. While the mythic Sky God and the Lord of the Underworld rendezvous once every 13 years, the last time they were conjunct in the sign of Capricorn was February 24, 1771 (19º). Their prior conjunction occurred on December 11, 2007 at 29º Sagittarius. Jupiter and Pluto conjoin again on June 29 and November 12. Their three conjunctions in 2020 will likely spark major revelations and reformations, as fundamental assumptions are challenged, hypocrisies exposed, and priorities reordered.

“This new moon, and COVID-19 invites us to: “Bear with the chaos for a while. Be prudent about your health rituals. Treat one another with kindness and take care of your basic need and comforts. If you are temporarily out of work, spend the time going inward and creating your future, or spend the time in connection with loved ones. If you are working amidst the chaos, take very good care of yourself so you can continue to serve. If you are sick, take heart and be courteous of others. You cannot ever die before your time and if it’s not your time, you can emerge stronger… For the first time in perhaps your history the entire world has been made equal. Viruses do not distinguish between race, creed, or color. They don’t care if you are rich or poor, famous or humble. The world is coming to a realization that these superficial distinctions don’t really matter. You are all in it together.” (Ann Albers, full message available here)”

Stephanie Austin

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