One Size Fits All

This post seeks to make the clearest possible interpretation about what is happening when Esther speaks for Abraham.

Abraham is the name offered to her at a time by the non-physical energy she was in touch with when she was new to the experience and which would feel okay to her. The religious implications of the name should be disregarded, although both parents were religious. Non physical energy does not have names because they have immediate experience of each other. In this way, all non physical energy is a stream or an ocean or river or all three where our consciousness lives on and finds new experience through elemental focus. It is an entirely different dimension where place and time do not exist as they are redundant in a non-physical experience.

Esther is human like the rest of us and finite and physical with a long history of experience in the current life. There are an assortment of dynamics of different energies flowing through us. It is the work of the natal astrologer to distinguish between these energies to see how one person differs from another both at birth and at different times through the life, and how they have different experiences at different times of life. Abraham is always limited by the human-ness of Esther. Esther cannot change into Abraham else she would disappear. She would merge completely into this other dimension.

For the purpose of conversation her mind is given over to some degree to the influence of non physical so as to answer questions. The understanding of the question and the answers are influenced by the shape or extent of Esther’s understanding when she is interpreting Abraham. The more fluent her speech, the less thought she is applying; the more thought, the more the speech slows down but Esther seems quite full-on for the whole time she speaks for Abraham in public. Is this pure Abraham or is there some ready-made, pre-formulated theory? There is inevitably something that goes on behind the scenes, some reflection on what just happened after every exchange. This is perhaps how the performance has grown and developed over 35 years. Nowadays the introduction is clearly linked to the themes which are to be introduced into the subsequent answers. All the questions have in common the notion that non-physical energy is the one who will know the answer; so this is an investment of energy in Abraham which Esther and Abraham return hopefully with interest.

The people are all different. The questions have a lot in common. If there is a pre-show recipe, the speaker, Esther, will weave the answer around that prepared formula rather than try to jump into the questioner’s skin to see life momentarily from that perspective. The latter is the work of a therapist or a good friend. Perhaps Abraham has temporary insight into a passing audience member but not to the extent that it would distract Esther and lessen her clarity of thought and her steadiness of feeling and understanding. All those born when the sun is in Pisces have this ‘talent’ to an extent, the ability to shape-shift, to allow the boundaries to merge now and again.

Esther is able to show and to express her enjoyment of other people whether she is channelling or not because she is that type of person. When she looks out at life through the filter of who she is she is disposed to like what she sees, and to want very much to engage with it. (Venus in Aries on the Descendant. Libra rising.) This is a very harmonious arrangement, with or without Abraham. A very small proportion of the world will have this particular alignment (for there are many potential alignments), but it is quite likely that those who do, or who have a similar energy might find their way to the audience due to the law of attraction. If we send out a signal saying, ‘I think I like you’ people will tend to be drawn to you. And the opposite case is another version, and then there are the many variations in between.

There is no right or wrong involved here, no system of morality. Astrology is a map showing inner vibrations and operates like a language of vibration. I am extracting this example from what I know of Esther’s birth map as it is something dominant and helps to make sense of the Abraham-Hicks phenomenon. Another dominant feature that springs out is the very positive alignment between Mercury (the planet of communication) in Aquarius, and Uranus, representing the higher mind, in Gemini. This means that Esther was born with the ability to make mental connections with great ease – she talks and thinks with much fluency, with or without Abraham.

If we add to this the 3 planets in Leo and put them in the 10th house which makes the Pisces sun resident in the 5th house then we also have someone who will enjoy the limelight and the opportunity to give and receive joy, love, entertainment, games, creativity, children, food, indulgence – all those good things which are ‘ruled’ by the sun.

What we do not have to a greater degree in Esther’s chart is someone who is especially interested in how people work and the differences between them, or in how the world works – which was Jerry’s main interest. Jerry asked the questions which were essential to the emergence of Abraham in the way we know the Abraham energy today.

Therefore, Esther is simply living her life in one of the ways which feel good to her just as we all are as much as we can in our own individual way. The A-H performance is not caused by Abraham, but Abraham is a willing participant, and through the audience participation Esther gets to do one of things she enjoys most which is engage with people. Over the years the people have brought the questions which have incidentally helped Esther to understand something of the differences between people, but this is of secondary and transient importance to her as far as her chart indicates, because she is already disposed to like everyone. The differences between people is what interests someone like me, a natal astrologer, or a spiritual psychologist, or a psychiatrist. Spirituality is another subject which I think does not hold Esther’s personal attention significantly. We have been told that it is these indifferences that have helped to make Esther a good channel – she is not personally invested in the academics of it all – she leaves that to the audience, and before that to Jerry.

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