Chapter Two

Life’s Purpose

Why do we have to go through mortal life anyway? And why Earth?

Mortal life is only one possibility for spirit energy to experience. It is with your terms ‘have to go through’ that you make this a difficulty instead of one event rather than another. Energy (spirit) needs a ‘place’ to move. Now, ‘place’ also is a term you use to try making sense of what is mostly incomprehensible to you. So Earth is part of the cosmos you are currently (another time-term) acting in. All energy continues to, and is seeking, expression.

You said that Gill and I ‘are one’: Are all couples “one”, e.g. our parents?

No. At some time most are attracted to become as ‘one’ but many couple for other reasons. Gill’s parents and yours succeeded partly to be ‘one’ but other couples, like you and Gill, were ‘one’ from the beginning. It will remain that way no matter how you live.

Why and how are some people ‘one’ from the start, as you said we were and are? Can more than 2 people be ‘one’?

As spirits emerge from the void, they all have a drive toward others. Gill can tell you a little about this from her knowledge of birth charts in astrology. This drive is like a magnetic pull and depends on many factors – in earth terms, time and place and ‘past’ pre-birth association are some of these. So there is a pre-disposition for future couples to find each other. In your case it is so strong that many unlikely earth events have brought you physically together as ‘one’. Rarely more than 2 experience this intense pull toward union.

Can you please explain a little more about how Gill and I are ‘one’ although we are clearly separate and different people?

This unity came about over a period of lifetimes. It is a spiritual condition. Each of you is contributing your very differences to make up a more complete ‘one-ness’ in spirit. One of the probabilities is that in a future life you will know that unity as you know yourselves separately here.

You say: ‘Earth energies are very attractive to us – and close pairs especially’ – can you say more about this?

It is very difficult for spirits in body to exist in the heaviness of earth, it requires very energetic efforts. When two come together, the energies are increased and draw ‘us’ to them.

Could you expand a little here, please? What do you mean by ‘spirits in body’? How many spirits generally inhabit our bodies?

The reference to ‘spirits in body’ did not imply more than one to an individual – it meant incarnation – so was referring to humans incarnate struggling with the heaviness of Earth. Within their bodies, the spirit has to adjust from the lightness of the spirit world. When there is a correlation, an attraction of your will, between two of these, together they find it easier to reach help of ‘free’ spirits when required.

Does this mean that people who live alone have a harder time in regard to contact with a spirit?

Lone incarnates can reach their own spirits as easily as a pair. The idea here is that when a couple have united into ‘one’, the energy is more powerful and may then attract more spirits than those which are a part of them, hence ‘free-spirits’. The need for help may also be increased as the 2 bring into union their separate problems.

Gill asks: If I accept myself as I am, how can I then grow and improve?

Accepting yourself as you are means to see yourself, warts and all, and then to value what you are now. Some call this loving yourself. From this point growth and improvement are almost inevitable. You are then fertile soil.

It gives me pleasure to give others pleasure. Why doesn’t it give God pleasure to give others pleasure? It seems cruel to ‘feed off’ the experiences of a person’s suffering. Have I ever, with hindsight, been pleased to have suffered and seen the need for it?

When God created humankind, he invested in them similar creative energy to his own. He does not judge your experiences which you create, as you do. Pleasure is a physical concept. God does not give it or deny it. You make it. All experience adds to your growing spirit. So suffering is also a physical concept which you make.

If there are ‘no medals’, why try to achieve anything? Is stasis, meditation, peace enough?

The comment I made about no medals for achievement refers to the fact that you are not running a race with a finite end this lifetime. You are by no means through. There are rewards as you go like the completion of tasks you set yourself. If you set meditation and peace as important goals for you, they are enough. As in all your life’s experience, goals will change as you do.

Please would you refresh our memories about the purpose of existence, if any? Is it all a matter of expression and experience of any kind?

You are co-creators of reality with God. As human beings, you have the task of working through Earth’s demands as you experience your own creativity. What you create expresses what you have grown to be and spiritual growth is the ultimate purpose of life. Even in this it is your responsibility to try to understand and freely choose its manifestation.

As an astrologer, Gill knows that her birthchart reflects particular inevitable challenges. Is it the knowledge of the potential for spiritual growth that would attract anyone to a ‘difficult’ life? If so, the need for spiritual growth must be very powerful – stronger than any other motivation?

The incarnating spirit does not particularise its choice as difficult. The answer to the previous question gives the reason for wanting the spiritual growth inherent in Earth-life.

Is every spirit enthusiastic about reincarnating once the decision is made? Was Gill enthusiastic about coming into her current life?

You do use words describing human reactions. When the spirit determines to incarnate, he has acquired sufficient strength (energy) to accomplish the change to this new existence. He is aware that there is a great deal of experience needed to help correct that imbalance between physical and spiritual worlds but feels equal to it given the help he will receive when required. Perhaps you can call that enthusiasm. He would say energy.

Does God love His creatures? If so, how can we feel His love?

When God, All That Is, created the universe, he dispersed Himself into every atom. This great creative act is love and it exists in everything. Creators care about their creations which are manifestations of themselves. To feel God’s love is to see it in all of creation as you can in the natural world, and recognise your part in it. To ‘love yourself’ is feeling God’s love. You can see the divine in yourself and sense unconditional love as the greatest of all the energies. The more humans are aware that this is the power source of life, the sooner peace and harmony can develop out of using God-spirit (love) in themselves.

Why am I still here if the spirit world was so attractive to me and this world so fearsome? Why not just go there?

You not only felt the imperative to continue in the physical at the time of the NDE, but felt it was incumbent on you to complete earthly life. When tempted by suicide at very difficult periods, you felt instinctively again the compulsion to complete life and not determine the timing of the end. You felt correctly that you would miss important lessons in living through and coping with those difficulties. It creates growth.

Gill has always possessed a strong belief in herself despite seldom finding a role that would enable her to express it. Would it be better to let go of this need to find such a role or to retain hope that she will grow into it or be ready for it, if the opportunity arises?

It is not desirable to give up hope that opportunity may present the possibility of another role for self-expression such as she has always desired. There is energy toward fulfilling that wish in keeping open to it. By letting go, negative energy is released and the opportunity may be missed.

The question for Gill has always been: ‘why am I me and not someone else?’ She remembers thinking this thought first when she was very young. Is it something that has come with her from a previous life?

Each spirit in experiencing lifetimes is infused with certain traits, for want of a better word. Each one, Gill for example, is particular throughout earthly being and cannot be other. No one is ever duplicated. Even if clones exist, their spiritual beings will be separate and distinct. (This is reflected in astrological charts as Gill knows.)

Gill’s brother, Michael decided to end his own life. If he wouldn’t mind our knowing, can you say why he did this? Did he later regret it?

This spirit’s decision was private and not to be revealed. I would not intrude on such a wish.

Please would you say a little more about what can be achieved on Earth that cannot be achieved in the spirit world in terms of creativity and the expression of energy? It is hard to imagine, given the expectation of feelings of bliss as we depart this world, that we should want to return to it.

The bliss on departing the world is a human response to the release into spirit. When the transformation is complete such ‘sensation’ is no longer felt as needed. The activity (expressive possibility) available to spirits once free of Earth is unlimited. As previously described, Earth’s attraction for the spirit to return is nevertheless strong to help return the balance of physical and spiritual to its original ‘Eden-ic’ condition.

Please could you advise about the best way for us to approach Christmas – a time we usually find very difficult.

You know it is a matter of attitude. Christmas is a festive time though you and many others are miserable at the thought because you are not part of it or want to be. You can choose to appreciate the lights and colour. Play your own choice of music – preferably high-spirited if Christmas music depresses or becomes tedious. Make an extra effort to count your blessings. You could go to a mall and watch people, but whatever you do concentrate on the spiritual content of the warmth the season generates and increase it by your own attitude – an outpouring of good will.

Would you comment on how our world should deal with criminals, particularly murderers?

At this time in the development of the world, it has not evolved sufficiently to succeed in rehabilitating violent persons to be safe at large. It is not reasonable to ‘turn the other cheek’ when there is an attack, particularly a life-threatening one. There are some persons then, because of their inability to control themselves, who need separation. Because mankind is evolving toward compassion and respect for all life, it is not acceptable to take life in the ‘eye for and eye’ tradition. For the time being, when these persons, especially murderers about whom there is no doubt of guilt, commit crimes, they should be imprisoned, but with as much respect for their human needs as possible. Their carers must be chosen carefully to see the soul in the person in their charge and taught to be polite and considerate even given the likelihood of hostility. Acknowledging their humanity is the best way to help them.

How could one begin to make reforms in our education system?

Less reliance on memorising material to be spewed back on test papers. Instead the pupils should be encouraged to question every ‘fact’. They should respond with whatever they wish unafraid of teacher’s or class condemnation. Every student’s contribution in the class should be honoured as worthy. When there is a lack of understanding, the teacher should offer more support to the student and never allow him to feel demeaned. From earliest years the prime motive in every class is mutual regard for every view. There should be enough flexibility to abandon a planned lesson if a point of discussion would profit from more time.

In the very beginning the youngsters are to learn about co-operation rather than competition. Their stories can demonstrate the advantage of getting along together. At their play teachers can reward any sign of sharing with smiles and general approval. There’s plenty of time to learn to read and write and do computations.

Is there an explanation for the AIDS epidemic? Is it ‘serving’ humanity in any way? Will it peak and fade out soon?

This event is to raise the awareness, and finally compassion, of nations about the price of neglected people, how easily an epidemic can get so out-of-control, so that even political and financial leaders will finally realise the persons they are neglecting will deplete whole country’s populations and the human resources on which they depend. It is just becoming sufficiently critical that widespread medication and care will be widely available, but it is late. It will not fade out soon. It takes considerable time for the care and treatment to reduce the impact of this disease.

Would you tell us your views on euthanasia?

The length of life is not predetermined. If a person has reached a terminal condition in which loss of autonomy and dignity or pain and deterioration cause him to ask for assistance to end his physical existence, it is humane to agree to his request; but this also requires careful judgment as to his condition. There is some movement now to allow physicians, after several agree that it is appropriate, to help such a person die. These doctors will not be censured. As you wouldn’t let a pet suffer unnecessarily, you wouldn’t want a person to be forced to endure such a condition either. It doesn’t hurt a spirit to cast aside such a worn out body.

The two little girls who died, Holly and Jessica: did Ian Huntley kill them deliberately? Are they at peace now? Why do such things happen?

Ian Huntley was responsible for their deaths. The girls spirits are still drawn close to their parents’ need, but are at peace with themselves. This man was not recognised early as one needing special attention. You would have to know his mind to explain how he can do such a thing. Children need to be taught a balance of caution and friendliness as there is still much unchecked violence especially toward the weak and vulnerable in the world. (See yesterday on murderers.)

(Depending on answer to q.6) Did Dr David Kelly, the weapons analyst, take his own life?

Since you were concerned about the little girls’ spirits, I answered your question. Your question about Dr Kelly is not well motivated. It’s just curiosity.

Can you tell us if there is a specific terrorist attack planned for the UK?

There are in fact 3 targets which terrorists have plotted for a long time to attack. When they are too well protected the targets will move, but the intention is still strong to harm the UK.

Would you expand on Gill’s question yesterday about not being ‘well motivated’. She did feel an empathy with Dr Kelly and his ordeal although it is true that her curiosity was roused by some reports implying suspicion about his being murdered.

Gill was moved by the plight of the little girls who were helpless in the situation leading to their deaths. You and Gill really cared to know that they had made the passage to spiritual peace. Dr Kelly was not helpless. Gill did empathise with him in his ordeal but it only served to make her wonder about the circumstances. She should question why she wanted to know.

Can you say which are the 3 terrorist targets in the UK? Would it be possible for us to warn anyone?

One is the Houses of Parliament, one the American Embassy and one an international bank. These targets are known to the agencies trying to protect them. The problem isn’t which specific place is planned for attack but how impotent these guardians are.

Would it be true to say that every person’s spiritual purpose is, in his own way, to balance the spiritual within the earthly experience?

Yes, when the spirit enters the earthly sphere, he knows how difficult it is to keep ‘feet on the ground’ while remaining true to spirit’s own development. So he must be keenly aware of balance of both spheres.

Is there a predictable pattern to the way we experience life inasmuch as things happen when we are ready and not before – e.g. our making contact with you?

You make many choices in every day of life from the limitless probabilities there are. There may be a pattern you could determine in retrospect, but it is not truly predictable. It is true that you had to be ready to hear my voice and there were many experiences leading to that readiness, for example. But it was not predetermined.

Are people destined to have certain experiences, for example the death of a child or fame or great wealth? Something on ‘destiny’ please.

That last sentence anticipated this question. The spirit may choose to incarnate in a wealthy family, or in a disabled body or any other choice. What events are experienced depend next on the choices made from moment to moment, even choices of the collective which might result in a cataclysmic change in the life of this incarnate.

You once said that Gill misinterpreted events as bad rather than seeing them as just happenings we learn from: Does this apply to all of our experience? Is nothing intrinsically good or bad?

Events in life are not good or bad conditions. Nothing in the universe is intrinsically good or bad. If you feel a state is good, then it is good – or if you feel a situation is bad, it is bad. You create this discrimination to help understand your feeling but it is your own creation.

When we are in spirit might we judge that we could have used more opportunities for spiritual growth. Is it possible to live a whole life and not ‘use’ it very effectively in this regard – conversely, to use it especially effectively – or is all of life equally useful?

All words like ‘progress’, ‘growth’, ‘live a whole life’ are measures of speed. In spirit you will not be concerned with quantity or quality of the life just lived. Quite dispassionately you will observe it. All of that life will be useful to plan the next expression of spirit.

Many people, those who are especially grounded, seem not to be aware of the need for balance, or even the presence, of spirit – have they forgotten so completely?

Entering the physical world is an enormous undertaking. If the incarnate’s first impression is of the material world and that it is the direction he will take to experience life, he may be so attracted to it that he will use all his energy to that end and be satisfied with that expression of it. At any time in this lifetime he may ‘remember’ and seek to balance this one-sided awareness with the spiritual. There will be other opportunities in other lifetimes in any case.

If we could be as detached from our feelings, as objective, as a discarnate spirit apparently is, would this be a desirable human condition? (Sorry if we’re labouring a point here.)

Part of the necessary physical equipment to engage in the world is the emotional response. You are here to balance this sensory reaction which is a primary human condition with sufficient detachment to make human(e) judgments, wise judgments in your daily life. This is the foundation of love for all life.

You say that nothing in the universe is intrinsically good or bad, does this mean that if we do something that we believe to be very, very wicked there is no adverse imprint left on the soul? Or, if through practise we arrive at a degree of understanding and compassion that is akin to the Buddha, for example, that too will simply be yet another experience?

The universe is not intrinsically good or bad. It just is. You are constantly creating good and bad judgments about yourself and all you encounter. If you do what you decide is evil, then your spirit will be diminished in energy. If you decide your actions are good, then your spirit will have a similar increase in energy. These are, of course, positive in nature and spiritual in character. When you speak of ‘just another experience’, that too, is a human judgment, emotional in concept. All experience is desirable. That’s why you are here. You only recognise good in contrast to bad – your own creations.

In your answers to our questions you seem to see shades of good and bad in us (a question that is not ‘well motivated’; my ‘lack of emotional development’; Gill’s need to control; and my several weaknesses): is this apparent ‘standard’ in relation to our aims as individuals, to the requirements of our society or to goals we have agreed to prior to incarnating?

Although you do not ‘remember’ aims you had prior to incarnating, they are fundamental in developing you as an individual. One of your tasks is to balance society’s requirement with your personal goals. When you and all humanity deal with this successfully the collective consciousness becomes increasingly ‘good’. See answer to previous question.

Does the faculty of reason exclude feeling?

No. Recently I said emotion is a necessary component of humanity to engage in the world. As in all experience, there must be balance so that neither rational thinking or emotionality is paramount.

Thinking about ‘evolved souls’ not needing to return to Earth: as you said he would likely not reincarnate again on Earth, is John, my son, an evolved soul? If so, is he as evolved as Jesus and the Buddha, or are there many gradations of ‘evolvement’?

John has returned to Earth many times but is not evolved in the same way as the great masters. You remember I said you have choice as to whether you incarnate on Earth. He needs a different experience to continue on his path so will likely go another way.

When many people die at the same time in disasters such as plane crashes and the Two Towers bombing – a) have they all chosen this time to leave, or is it sometimes a ‘mistake’, an accident, because of unforeseen circumstances? And b) Those who are injured – is this an accident or another form of illness that we create ourselves?

There are many, many factors creating a moment for death. All those who die in large numbers at the same time have chosen to experience such events leading to sudden death, but do not know when or perhaps even what disaster will befall them. Some who survive with injury have various reasons for choosing – to be heroic, to live with impairment, to return to family a changed person, to complete a job, etc. These spirits have created the opportunity. These decisions are made when the spirit chooses what kind of life he will lead incarnated.

When so many Jewish people died at the hands of the Nazis, did these people know before they incarnated that this might be the way they would end their lives?

These spirits anticipated incredible challenges in the face of the anti-semitism which was strong in Germany, but not the manner in which so many died. It was a likely probability however.

When someone is murdered or attacked, is there something that has attracted them in particular to the assailant?

Not always but usually there is an appearance of weakness and fear in the victim. The location of the one attacked which he chose is often an invitation to a violent person. Most common is discord between people living together, at least who know each other, erupting into killing fuelled by negative energies enveloping such a person who is attacked. Even passers-by who carry such energy may draw an attacker to them.

Does soul-growth occur as a result of all experience and of energy expressing itself whether or not it is in the dimension of ‘time’?

Soul-growth does not occur in a regular sequence. Souls depend on a wide variety of experience to bring about opportunity to express their spirit-energy. As they move through incarnations they may remain at one level of development over and over or move on immediately when growth occurs. Therefore growth is the result of all experience and energy expressing itself as it evolves.

Saddam Hussein apparently had a very, very difficult childhood which goes some way to explain the brutality of his rulership. The world judges him a cruel tyrant; how does his experience and the experience of his victims add to the collective energy of humanity and of Spirit?

Saddam Hussein’s cruel acts, the very opposite of ‘good’ for his people, finally led to stopping his abuse. If you can see this as a phenomenon causing a revulsion so great that after much suffering, Iraqi’s will now work for peace and healing aided by several of the world’s nations. You recall that this is a period where the enormous positive energies are creating a great opportunity for reconciliation among peoples and the efforts to work together harmoniously. This action clearly adds to the collective human and spiritual energy. Spirit is heeding the prayers of these peoples as they unite in desire for peace.

It is perhaps easy to feel compassion for him from a distance, but how appropriate is it to feel sympathy for Saddam’s current plight?

This is the problem of hating the ‘sin’ and loving the sinner. Of course, it is appropriate to feel sympathy for a suffering mortal even if it is obvious his actions led to this end, even if you can feel it is deserved. No matter what decisions are made now to his fate, he can scarcely be punished more. Feel sympathy also for those who are now responsible for him. There are terrible negative vibrations of hatred in the land. It will be very difficult to guide a balanced course toward a rebuilt society.

The Buddha observed that ‘all life is suffering’. It seems to be more common for people to experience suffering than joy, to a greater or lesser degree. Some people live in constant pain. Some, like John Di are blind, deaf and confused; some die agonising deaths. Why is there so much suffering? Do we really make it happen all by ourselves? Will it be the spur to encourage a greater spiritual approach to life?

The soul is intent on evolving toward perfection for a final union with God. When he incarnates he chooses conditions and circumstances to lead him toward that goal. Suffering is a reaction to events, how he feels about it. Some of the situations you describe exist to teach others compassion where there is such clear need for help. With the acceptance of his choice, which he has actually ‘forgotten’, he will have great opportunity for spiritual development in this life. Yes, it can be the spur to achieve it, which is why he chose it at the beginning.

Given all this suffering it is hard to understand why we should choose to remove ourselves from the bliss of being united with All That Is, with the Great Spirit, to return again to Earth’s density, time and place. Is the reason that when we are in spirit we are filled with love and confidence and the certainty of knowing our connection with God to such a degree that we know we are equal to what awaits us on Earth?

The spirits who are united in the greater unity are not completely evolved. They choose various paths toward whatever they still require. They do have the confidence and certainty in the rightness of God’s intention for the many experiences they will endure to be completely ready. I have already explained the attraction of Earth to Spirit. There is so much to accomplish in assisting the recovery of balance between physical and spiritual.

When you said: “With the acceptance of his choice, which he has actually ‘forgotten’, he will have great opportunity for spiritual development in this life.” Why have we ‘forgotten’? Wouldn’t it help to be able to remember from time to time?

If a spirit remembered, he would neglect all contrasting experience and hence learn much less from this incarnation. He needs to continue making choices for all kinds of actions and reactions during his life.

Before we incarnated this time, did Gill and I believe it was likely or inevitable that we would meet and live together as we have?

Certainly you did not expect inevitability (it was not predestined). As you know this is not the first time you have experienced living together in one relationship or another in previous lives. Because you know this strong attraction, you deemed it likely you would meet and live together again. What you didn’t know was the nature of your incarnation – both female and very widely separated in time and space before the contact. You didn’t go ‘hand in hand’ into earthly being.

Is spiritual gain always the result of physical/earthly pain or striving?

No, spiritual gain does not always result from pain and striving. It depends on the goal of the individual which may have involved some physical suffering and striving, but it also depends on the underlying motivation of that effort toward a worthy goal.

If life became so intolerable and one found the required courage to commit suicide, once in spirit, would it be a wonderful release or would one carry guilt and regret along into the next existence? Is it a viable alternative?

Determining that life is that intolerable takes very good judgement. Normally a life needs completion on Earth no matter how long or short in order to fulfil the task of growth. Suicide cuts it short, but there is no wonderful release at this transition to spirit. He does not carry along emotions of guilt and regret either but rather experiences a reduction of energy which makes preparing for a future incarnation more difficult. He is aware of work not finished and the effort of returning to Earth for this purpose in all its heaviness is arduous and demanding of great discipline.

Please would you clarify light and dark, negative and positive, good and evil. At one time you suggested that all negative/dark thoughts and deeds originated in human minds not in the realm of spirit. But when Diana made reference to the dark forces, you told us about the ‘good’ work of negative entities who had a reality in spirit

Some spirits accept the role of carrying out actions to provide humans with the range of behaviours which the humans denote as good-bad, light-dark, positive-negative, etc. The spirits’ motive is to lead humans to choose the higher goal of the positivity which is the spirit energy by nature. I was trying to show a difference between experiences spirit may participate in and the underlying reason for what appears as negative energy (dark forces). Love, good, light, growth, God are all descriptions of the ultimate direction of all creation. All spirit efforts are working to that end. That’s why I tried to explain ‘entities’ in spirit who do the negative jobs, but avoided suggesting there are evil spirits.

Why does Gill experience life as being so hard? Is it purely to do with her own disposition or is life always hard for people?

First you must remember that when you enter life on Earth, it is after a decision as to many of the challenges you’ll face. In order to grow, we tend to set goals considerably more difficult than the past life choices. But in physical body, those decisions are forgotten except at a very deep level. Gill has always had very high expectations especially of herself and circumstances of her own making. She experiences deep disappointment at results she does not anticipate. She finds it hard to accept whatever occurs and even harder to calmly evaluate experiences for its pluses as well as minuses. All events add to one’s development. Her disposition does make it particularly hard for Gill to appreciate that. If you know how people perceive their lives, you will find at least at some time life is so difficult everyone is tempted to give it up. It’s not easy for anyone.

How can it be better?

As before, I suggest more attention to your physical well-being. When you feel healthy energy in body, the mind and spirit improve. Most important however, is to interpret all that happens as having positive value. ‘Better’ is so much a matter of interpretation.

Is my life any easier than Gill’s?

Not overall. You do find little oases of relief and are not challenged by her hormonal changes, but growing into old age is your bête noire. It has plenty of difficulties for you.

We often experience a decline of spirits at Good Friday and for a few days after. Can you suggest a way to avoid it?

After the torpor of winter, I would suggest physical activity – even if the weather is not welcoming, walk. If it is possible, you could garden for some days. In any case avoid total inactivity and appreciate the beauties of spring. Contact with nature is restoring. Feel yourself at one with this new beginning life. Expect to be renewed. It takes a positive outlook to fully participate in this annual regeneration.

Arthur, you said that ‘Gill has always had very high expectations especially of herself and circumstances of her own making,’ is this something she inherited from her father and if so, should she work to combat it as Diana says we all should do with our childhood patterns and conditioning?

In itself there is nothing wrong with the conditioning she learned from her father concerning high expectations, etc. It’s in her character as well to expect a lot of herself. When things go ‘wrong’, a lack of ability to turn around quickly from disappointment before it robs her of a return to her usual vitality is the real problem. As I say often, all events are for contributing to growth and all have positive aspects.

Is there anything else left over from her childhood that she should try to change?

Anything you want to change has its origins in childhood. Behaviour and beliefs can be modified by age, experience, desire, intent, but the basic person is unchangeable. As Gill is so keenly interested in what motivates everyone, she is also keenly aware of herself. She is already attempting to be a little more detached. This is a real need to spare her some of the consequences of emotional excess. These 2 areas (above also) in control will lead to better integration of self.

In astrology, Saturn is the ‘angel of darkness’. Is it possible to see this principle, this angel, as a ‘good guy’?

Saturn, Lucifer, Satan – call him what you will – represents the darkness as you say, and is necessary. Without dark – no light. Without the bad guys, by contrast – no good guys. Saturn is only 1/12 of the zodiac but is needed to make it whole. You can learn to appreciate him as he fills his role.

The 5th dimension: is this where we go when we are in spirit? If humanity shifts (in 2012) to the 5th dimension how will we learn and grow spiritually and progress toward All That Is? Does the same principle of relativity operate here; or light/dark?

The 5th dimension is not a place to go, but a state of being. Discarnate spirits there are still working toward realisation of their spiritual goals. Not all spirits enter the Earth plane – there are many other opportunities in the universe for learning and experience. When ‘human’ souls leave the physical, they are in a 5th dimension state. When fully adjusted to the way of being, they choose further goals on Earth or elsewhere to provide growth through new experience.

If we go to the 5th dimension when we die, and this is the desirable state of being; why don’t we just stay there, one by one, till we’re all there, rather than work hard to achieve that state from this earthly, dense, coarse state of being?

Do not forget that spirits are constantly in motion toward expressing their energy. The 5th dimension is not a static situation – not a blissful condition to treat as a goal in itself. Contact with all this energy motivates the newly discarnate spirit to seek new areas for learning. Many will wish to become guides to new incarnates on Earth. They (you in this state) do not have any reluctance to continue what you call hard work, even in the density of Earth, for it is indeed leading to reunion with All That Is – Your (their) joy will be in this process.

Is this concept of evolution and spiritual change based on a form of escapist ideology?

To regard other dimensions as a sort of reward for having lived through earthly experience is indeed based on an escapist ideology. To understand that these changes are evidence of spiritual growth is a more mature view. To truly appreciate and welcome them is verification that desirable progress has taken place.

Is the idea of ‘leading humanity home’ another way of ‘finding God’?


Was Duane Henkle’s experience with a Pleiadian resident guide, or walk-in soul, authentic? And the whole process of crystal triangle lightbody activation?

Duane experienced guidance which he wished (and longed) for so intensely as to create it. The guide really was authentic. I have told you that guides sometimes trade positions for a time. This is the same information as Huna walk-in souls. This explains the new guide for him. Duane needed a ritual to support his new mission. Again although guided in this, he created the Crystal Triangle Lightbody Activation for this purpose. It doesn’t negate its usefulness for those who wish to follow his lead.

Gill thinks that she hears what is apparently called ‘celestial sound’: is this anything to do with the tachyon and our other crystals?

You have both experienced the energy dispersal of your many crystals recently. It is powerful, and now all around the environment of your home. Gill’s ‘celestial sound’ is stimulated by that crystal energy.

Would you think it a good thing for us to become involved in this?

Are you prepared to spend several weeks doing this ritual with only subtle changes noticeable to you, if any? That is required.

(Have I represented your answers correctly, Arthur? You are interpreting answers accurately, but you are very unclear tonight. You may want further explanations another session.)

In the 5th dimension, are we all conscious of what we are doing by engaging in the process of reuniting with All That Is – is our joy conscious joy? Is this the difference between the 4th and 5th dimensions? Total awareness?

In the fifth dimension your spiritual goals are still the aim and purpose of reaching for ultimate unity with All That Is. The joy lies in conscious satisfaction with the state of being in light, free of the labours and restrictions of Earth dwelling. There are several differences you will discover in the 5th dimension, for example: in spirit (or lightbody), the efforts you make to progress will sometimes deplete your energy, but in this state the presence of others who are aware will quickly replenish you by sharing. Your own awareness will be complete. You will acquire the ability to merge with all that spirit energy which will result in new powers of focus.

Would you say there is a parallel between our efforts toward contacting spirit back in September that resulted in our contacting you (and you, us); and Duane’s experience that resulted in the Lightbody Activation method? So that we are each in our own way making the appropriate spiritual efforts?

Yes, these two experiences are illustrative of how similar motives lead on toward the same goals demonstrated by contacting the spirit world directly. How it is expressed then varies according to individual responses to spirit. So, Duane and Diana, you and Gill are equally appropriate in your efforts to follow spiritual guidance.

Would you say that the ritual of Lightbody Activation is similar to our investing in crystals for the purpose of increasing our energy?

Basically the same.

Would anyone who engaged in either crystal healing or the Lightbody Activation necessarily have to be spiritually motivated in order to try it? (Which is why it would result in ‘subtle changes’ – enhanced spiritual awareness?)

To have any effect, subtle or otherwise, persons trying either of these experiences would need at least an understanding of the spiritual nature of both. Almost anyone interested enough to give time and energy to do it is already beginning to be so aware.

Duane and Diana, in true Aquarian fashion, are embracing humanity as they publish their books and do talks etc. Is there a way for us to share our experience with a wider swathe of humanity? Would this be a good goal?

Duane and Diana have had years of experience advertising their practices. They have the means thereby to reach many as they desire. What Gill is doing is just as valuable. It may not inform large numbers but you cannot guess how far-reaching the effects of counselling may be and now the spread of information about healers locally as well. I cannot suggest a way to reach large numbers or even that it would be a worthwhile goal in itself. Gill might consider writing about our channelled experience. It would be difficult to find enough general material, but perhaps some of the personal material could be modified to suit – rather like case-studies. She will have to judge if it is worth the big expenditure of energy and hassle.

On this subject, is there anything else you would have us know, please, Arthur?

You both have already discovered that individuals program their lives in many different ways in order to pursue their purposes. You have learned the value of crystal energy for yourselves and have designed ways of using it. And you have already chosen a way which suits you. Neither of you will find the Lightbody Activation rituals compatible or indeed any repetitive activities toward spiritual development. Your ways are creative and flexible in the use of prayer, Reiki, meditation and even physical exercise – though that would profit from a little more determination not to be too erratic when you do it. And now the new effort to disseminate the lists of healers of many persuasions is an outward reach to a larger service. At this moment I would say carry on.

We have heard and read that some people help to open galactic portals or gateways. If the other dimensions of reality are already here and around us as it is a state of being, what are these gateways to the outer galaxy for?

Humans are an evolving creation. They sense incompletion and want to be responsible for finding the spirit path forward and the spirit within them. One of their myths is that some people escaped from lands which were destroyed through turning from the path (frequently referred to as ‘fall from Grace’). These people brought memory and techniques with them which originated outside the Earth’s solar system. They believed ‘beings far away’ had provided these skills to help with the direction of spiritual evolution. Now, in the effort to reclaim help from these beings, there are splendid creative efforts to encourage mankind to reach toward them. One is Isis opening galactic portals believing they were shut to Earthlings at the time of the great destruction. Isis feels called to this work. Her ‘beings’ are her way of describing spirits and the state of their existence (far away) to which man is evolving.

Are people like Isis and Diana really able to effect this process? (Of portal opening?)

Diana has a similar ‘calling’ in her intent to help the world to the 5th dimension. As Isis and Diana create their reality through their beliefs, they will effect this process. How much this will affect Earth’s progress depends on many factors not yet chosen from the number of probabilities, but is worthy.

Is the time for the so called ‘Ascension Wave’ 2012 or 2017 (or other)?

I cannot predict the exact time of these events, but a wave has troughs and peaks. Sometime in that expected period of five years, it will begin to have its effect. For some it may be immediately recognised, for others, much longer. This depends on the unity of the collective desire for it. It won’t be restricted to either of the dates cited. Nor is it certain it will occur at all. In this moment it is likely.

To recap on the subject of ‘Ascension’: is it true to say that the forthcoming movement of consciousness to the 5th dimension would bring humanity more in line with where we find ourselves at present, having formed a contact with you, Arthur?

If this shift does occur, more and more of mankind will find an awareness of the spirit energy and will make the kind of direct contact you have, especially with their personal guides.

Is all the work that we are able to do to draw people’s attention to matters of a spiritual nature, to the spiritual purpose of an individual life, to the final goal of re-uniting with All That Is – is this is the best work that we can be doing? And in order to accomplish this we have to make continuing personal adjustments in line with the changing circumstances of our lives in this 4th dimension. Does this, generally speaking, sum it all up?

I would agree with this statement so long as you realise that your best work is in living your own life conscious of its spiritual purpose. This example helps best to open minds of others, and, yes, to necessary personal adjustments as you say.

We all create our own realities and truth is always relative to the individual and his reality. So there is no absolute truth surrounding the prospect of the Ascension Wave, or the means to achieve it, or where it will lead, because it will be a different experience for each one – even if a strong and spiritually experienced person like Isis makes definitive statements about it. Is this right?

This is right.

And there is no absolute truth contained within our conversations or in my existence or in your existence? But there is as much truth as I want there to be or as I am capable of understanding? And that applies as much to spirit on Earth as to spirit discarnate?

Truth is an uncertain concept subject to amendment. Clearly then no absolute certainty is possible as to what you perceive about our conversations or our existence. Nevertheless, truth describes a level of understanding which can expand and grow as you do. You might say your interpretation becomes ‘truer’. And this applies to spirit as well on Earth or discarnate.

Is truth also relative in the spiritual dimension? But is there more truth in common (whereas we live in a world of opposites)? As we move closer to All That Is will we all have more in common and less dividing us?

Truth is relative in the spiritual dimension as on Earth. More ability to assimilate and appreciate differences will make you less divided, rather than more truth in common – perhaps you see that as the same thing.

From Gill:

The problem I have with relative truth is that it means that everything within my current reality is only true for me, including the belief that relationship with spirit will spread and intensify as we approach the possible Ascension Wave. Even God as seen through individual realities becomes fragmented and distorted. If the answer is to cling on to one’s beliefs as hard as possible then that has to apply to everyone, yet we refer to some people as being closed as opposed to open, when they do this – many not believing in spirit or spiritual purpose. So, perhaps the truest reality is one of evershifting uncertainty, for that includes everyone’s position. Would you agree? If so, should I resist any firm position on any subject?

Do you know this story? A group of blind children were taken to see an elephant. Each was allowed to touch it. The one who touched the tail said the elephant felt like a rope; the one who touched the ear, a leaf; the one who touched the trunk, a huge worm and the 4 who touched the legs, tree trunks. For that moment their reality was truth for each one. The 4 who had the same experience were quite certain of their views of the elephant. Each had a bit of ‘truth’ while learning it was only part of the picture. His bit must be integrated with many others’ contributions to see the whole and reinterpreted but not discarded.

Yes, cling to your current belief, your current reality, while listening to others’ views. You will find some which fit with yours and enlarge your truth, but not deny it. Others will go their own way. Remember God was seeking to experience His creation when he fragmented Himself. All of these separate realities are the substance of His experience. All will eventually lead back to union in Him.

Why was Gill visited by fear last night? Can dark forces impose themselves on us from outside ourselves even though we create our own reality?

Gill was (is) working out the encounter with Isis. She is still embroiled in that effusion of energy, deeply questioning her reactions. She was shaken by this clash of realities. The fear was that she was losing her balance dealing with such a powerful person, so sure of herself.

What you describe as ‘dark forces’, Gill incorporated in herself at Shambhala on this occasion. It’s a little like a germ which causes illness which you carry without harm until your immunity is low. There is a scale of darkness to light in everyone. When you are low in spirit and feeling insecure, you fall prey to the influence of those ‘dark forces’. Of the many contacts and experiences you have, this is material of which you create your reality. If you are too weak to resist and recover and you have given in to the ‘darkness’ which you have encountered and absorbed, you may say it came from without, but you still are the creator of this experience. It is not imposed on you. You can revise it.

(Is this correct, Arthur? – You have right ideas, but may need further clarification. This is a difficult concept – truth and reality.)

How can we make up for past mistakes – redemption – karma?

Make amends by using every error for learning. As teachers you both know you teach by guiding the student to see where the mistake lies; then practice must follow. Forgiveness of the Self, that is redemption, must come from within you. You then practise being more alert to situations inviting you to err. Rarely you can reverse an error directly. Usually correction will be diverted to someone else.

Are ‘circumstances beyond our control’ sometimes responsible for providing us with life-challenges we needed and expected prior to incarnating? E.g. Christopher Reeve’s horse-riding ‘accident’ which left him paralysed.

If so, how can something ‘beyond our control ‘provide us with the context we ‘expected’ for our life?

Yes, they are. Before incarnating we do choose challenges such as the paralysis of Christopher Reeve. But we don’t choose how or when such events come about. You are right to say the unforeseen circumstances beyond our control are sometimes responsible for such results. I would even say, usually. If a person has a life-changing accident and he is sufficiently advanced in spiritual growth, he will recognise the event as the means which provides the context for dealing with his life now truly challenged as expected. It provides much opportunity for spirit development, e.g. Christopher Reeve.

Would you say something more about to what extent our lives are pre-ordained? How much do we know about the circumstances of our lives before we incarnate? How can we know anything before it has happened?

For the furthering of spiritual growth, based on the complete knowledge of his total previous experiences in past lives, an incarnate draws the circumstances to him that he chose prior to birth. He, in fact, creates these events, but has no awareness in the physical plane. Sometimes, however, a strong foreboding makes him feel he must change his plans to acknowledge the possible truth of his ‘hunch’. He doesn’t know, but senses an important moment of choice to allow participating in the event or not. As he is creating the future, and then continuously, he cannot predict what may occur in spite of his pre-birth choice of experience. He can’t say his life circumstances are pre-ordained as he still has the free will to change it from moment to moment. The hard thing to clarify for you is that he is not aware of this and is still responsible. The very sensitive humans (you’d say advanced souls) have a kind of awareness I cannot describe which leads them to follow that path chosen pre-birth no matter what foreboding may or may not alert them.

Arthur, back in October, you said in answer to the following question: ‘…..Was what she (Diana) calls Harmonic Convergence at the end of August 1987 connected with my first meeting with Gill?

“………………………You were swept up in the vibrations of the period in meeting Gill. Surely you see this was extraordinarily powerful energy to so change your apparent course.”

You also said on 31st May:

Of course it is possible – it is just so unlikely, given your past record. I’ve told you Gill won’t wait forever – nor should she. In your dream the person you wanted to much to save (yourself) was beyond your reach behind locked doors. I also told you what the key to that lock is: this is really your last chance to unlock that door before you give up the attempt. Otherwise it is best you live alone.”

In view of what you said yesterday, that we planned ‘to function as a pair in this life knowing it would be hard’, can you confirm that we made a pre-life decision to meet up in this life and live together? That this was our inevitable destiny? Is sounds as though it wasn’t, necessarily……and therefore need not continue to be.

There was such an agreement but not your ‘inevitable destiny’. To stay together when you recognise failure to make progress on your chosen path (and this needs serious judgement to determine) would finally waste your spiritual energy. You may discover in this lifetime, it is better to go your separate ways. At some ‘future time’ then you may decide you are better able to undertake this difficult journey. All possibilities remain open, however.

When Gill was out in Berkeley in 1984, was it expected that we should meet then? If so, why did it not happen at that time? Will you comment on the apparent coincidence of Gill living in Berkeley before we met?

Gill needed an experience in Berkeley, ‘the California of her dreams’ to prepare her for realities there. At that time you were not ready to experience the attraction that brought you together eventually. It prepared her, in spite of the difficulties she met, to believe the dream could be realised when you did meet. This shared experience of place re-ignited Gill’s dream of an ideal purpose as she still felt Berkeley was the best location for you two to set forth to find it. Or if not there that background would bring the vitality to begin elsewhere together.

Are we then, in a wider sense involved in the series of spiritual events: Harmonic Convergence, Harmonic Concordance, Oneness Celebration (are there other nameable events like these?) leading to The Ascension Wave?

These events are named to help groups of like-minded people act together as the movement toward what is named ‘The Ascension Wave’ develops. It helps persons ‘increase’ if they have an identification with a chosen name. There are more and will be others all over the world. In the wider sense, all are one.

There are people whose bodies are in a worse state than ours but who are clearly on a spiritual path: The Pope, Diana; Christopher Reeve needs his lack of body to apparently allow him to grow spiritually. You don’t have a body at all! Please clarify your answer to question 3 yesterday.

I did not say you have to be well and strong of body to grow spiritually. I said you would be better able to deal with concerns of mind, spirit and purpose. It is not unusual at all to learn that some people who are very restricted physically find a spiritual path to follow. Their very obvious limitations direct them if they have other strengths and assistance. (As spirits have no bodily form, this doesn’t apply to them.) It does take courage and initiative to overcome the feelings of inadequacy a weak body imposes to find these strengths of character. In the same way overcoming your own weaknesses will require courage and initiative.

You said: ‘Animate energies (us) do have negative or positive reactions because any enormous surge of energy must be accommodated and this begins with agitation.’

Please will you explain this further: how will the individual manage to direct the surge of energy positively rather than negatively?

To use it positively first determine a plan of action, consider the likely consequences, and expect positive outcomes from your choices. Whatever the outcome, choose to regard it as contributing to further understanding. Physical exertion eases excess agitation which prevents unbidden responses – Be active.

There is so much sadness, pain and suffering in the world: how do you suggest we react to this realisation when it overcomes us? Is there a special way of sending out light that might be especially useful?

First protect yourself with light. Then, stand in each of the cardinal points in turn. At each point say (or think) “Let the light of life-force energy come to relieve suffering in this direction”. When you finish, thank the spirits who deliver this energy. Cover yourself with light once more. (No good will is ever lost.) Then give thanks for the care you have experienced in your own life. Wherever there is a way for you to help in your own locality, offer. The rest of the world will receive just such help from others near them. Even be glad of your own pain that gives you understanding of others’ need.

Are you always aware of the suffering of souls on Earth? What do you do?

Yes, but we regard suffering as a necessary part of human existence. We give strength to bear what comes. We direct people to find help in each other. Learning compassion is one of the reasons for suffering. And we respond to direct pleas for help.

You said that the people who feel so aggravated and tense in response to the Venus energies ‘feel impotence in the face of frustration especially with other people who do not act as expected. There are too many undependable agents affecting their plans. They cannot see why, in the light of their own commendable behaviour things refuse to respond to them advantageously.’

Does this feeling of frustration point to a failing in the individual whose reactions are perhaps too self-oriented? Please will you explain further and advise a way to deal effectively with this tension?

If you can call it a failing to expect as much of others as you do of yourself. There is an element of self-righteousness in that you can’t change human behaviour to be more like yours. If you can laugh a little at the hold-ups, interruptions and people’s various foibles – ‘just, wouldn’t you know’ – it will help to put these things in perspective. Do what you must to accomplish what you set out to do unemotionally. Don’t waste energy on what you couldn’t alter. Just let go when you are disappointed. There will be more opportunities another day.

Have Gill and Graham known each other in a previous life? If so, did they have a prior arrangement to meet again in this life?

No. This is a new encounter.

Graham seems to have a certain maturity perhaps born of the experience of many previous lives, yet he seems relatively inexperienced as a result of this life – is this right and could you explain this any further, please?

His inexperience is in Earth’s demands. He has had more development in other parts of the universe, more time in your terms. We once spoke about John – an old soul? The answer was one needing very little more ‘Earth-time’; Chris – a new soul? One needing more ‘Earth time’. This is the nature of evolving spirit. All are working toward completion through the whole of creation.

At her stage of practise, is it possible for Gill to intuit the level with which a soul is working?

Where they are working is often very difficult to determine. Some are in a sense resting even though they have achieved much in previous life experience. Others seem to be racing along, certain of the path, only to find they are mistaken and must start again. For those who really have arrived at a clear sense of direction, Gill intuits accurately now. It is useful in analysing clients’ charts to try, even if incorrect. To those just beginning Earth experience, and those nearly through, what she says will be just as helpful to one as to the other.

I have remarked before that astrological work is more an art than a science. Intuition is the main source of knowing, as all artists finally discover. Gill needs more practice to be sure of the more unclear individuals – but she is doing well with most.

Has Gill ever ‘flown’ (been a pilot or similar) before?

At one ‘time’ she mastered the art of out-of-body flying. This act of flight is one of the basic drives toward freedom, one way or another, in all of her life.

You say in relation to Gill’s experience: ‘..this act of flight is one of the basic drives toward freedom, one way or another, in all of her life.’ Do you mean in this life or in all previous lives as well? Were there many previous lives?

This motivation is for all previous lives of which there were many. It was her immediate dream as she felt unreasonably constrained often.

We asked, ‘how much more Earth experience each of us was likely to need..’ And you said: ‘This is determined in the spirit dimension. It is not how much you need, but rather the collective contribution’. Please would explain further if possible?

The collective accumulates Earth experience from individuals for it is whole spirit-energy that will lead to reunion with All That Is. At death, when souls are restored to spirit, they have freedom to choose what is next for them. The Earth has such strong attraction for spirit however, that they often choose to return over and over (as in fact you and Gill have done). But they do defer to the collective to help determine whether it is needed.

Is there other organic life in the physical universe? If so, have either of us, or Graham, received personal experienced of it?

There is other organic life in the physical universe, but none of you has had direct experience with it.

Did you say: “The collective accumulates Earth experience from individuals for it is whole spirit-energy that will lead to reunion with All That Is.” Have I found the right words here?

The reference to the collective was to include all souls not just previous Earth’s incarnates – that it, from the whole infinite universe toward one final unity.

Why exactly is Earth, out of the whole infinite universe, so attractive to spirit-energy?

In all the universe, this is the ‘place’ where the need for balance between the physical and the spiritual is most pronounced as all dualities are there. It is just what spirits find attractive – to work for that balance.

Hello, Arthur. We would like to share our feeling of thankfulness with you today, Thanksgiving Day. And ask if the peculiar feeling and sensation that Gill has been experiencing this week is connected with what is known as ‘Ascension’. Are we truly being lifted, and raised in our spirits by a great, positive spiritual energy which is the result of humankind reaching the critical mass of ‘believers’ ?

This splendid feeling you are experiencing is indeed connected with ‘Ascension’, an ongoing effort in which the great, positive spiritual energy you refer to is the result of an increasing desire for peace and subsidence of violence in all humankind. Do not ascribe this only to a critical mass of particular ‘believers’ for their number worldwide is small, but if you include all who have faith in any god, who pray for developing human goodness with the same expectation of what you designate and interpret as ‘Ascension’, then all are truly experiencing uplift and raised spirits and thereby bless all people.

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