Abraham-Hicks and The Law of Correspondences

I am an astrologer. Nothing to do with Abraham-Hicks although I have read and listened to much of the material.

This short website is, for me a pressing need to alert interested people about the difference between the Abraham stream of consciousness and plain old, dear old, Esther Hicks, because it does not come up much in conversation as far as I can tell citing any authentic reference.

Firstly, astrology – that is proper astrology rather than tabloid astrology – is the study of the Law of Correspondences – a sister perhaps to the Law of Attraction. Simply put, it is a snapshot of the sky at the time and place of birth and operates as a guidance system for the individual throughout life. It is not a religion or a system of thought, just a mapping device which needs a sort of artistic skill for the task of divination –  maps need to be read.

Also, I researched and published a short text on channeling in 1996 and then 6 years later my partner became the channel for ‘Arthur’ (I miss you, Arthur) to whom I put questions on a daily basis (as you would) for the 5 or 6 years preceding my partner’s death. (Bodies die.)

The Abraham material is a wonderful body of work and I have no argument with any of it. Much of it repeats Arthur’s words. My interest is solely in how Esther, that is the identity called, Esther fits in, for she is a whole personality all by herself and not as neutral as the presentation road-show depicts. Everything is channelled through Esther, using her amazing flexibility of mind, her excellent mental facility. Yet the messages are not delineated, they are not repeated verbatim. Esther is given an idea or a block of information which she personally must translate – using all her intelligence and experience to date. She has asked Abraham repeatedly to help her know if she is speaking what they (the group known as Abraham) intend. We are told that they agree she is making an accurate translation.

All good so far. Also, Abraham stresses time and again the need for individuals to do this work for themselves as the best, most personal help will come from the individual’s own spiritual guides or source energy, or guidance system.

It is interesting that each channel, like each artist, can produce a unique representation of the exactly same subject. They receive the same information and render it in a personal way. As an astrologer with experience in understanding individuals, I am especially interested in separating Esther from Abraham for they are most often an equal mix, although increasingly it is becoming more unbalanced, with Esther enjoying a more vivid role.

This is what I would like to explore in future posts to exonerate the whole process from negative criticism by explaining a little more how the system works. Abraham is delivering a cure-all to fit everyone, yet no two people are the same. Were Esther to learn the language of the Law of Correspondences the show would become more personalized – although there would still be no follow-up, nor would the time in the hot seat be any more relaxing.

More later – leave comments if you can – I am new to this website arrangement – and I hope this will help clarify and not offend anyone – living or dead, in any way.

With love,


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