A Belief

If a belief is a just a thought you keep thinking what is a worry? Isn’t a belief more of a tapestry of thoughts woven together as we move though time which have morphed and changed through the years and often occupy a more unconscious or underlying place in our thinking? Using the birth map we can see the parameters of someone’s beliefs for there is an astro-marker. We can see that at birth there was a propensity for a way of seeing the world which shows how beliefs will be extracted from life-experience in a certain way and affect everything we interpret. They may help form a guiding principle, or principles.

Many people will not realise what it is they believe in, that which carries them through life. So, my feeling is that this is more of an Esther comment than an Abraham comment, and I can see in Esther’s chart why she might feel this way, why she might believe this, as there is an indicator in her chart which does not want to look at anything dark.

Also, an example is her use of the word ‘contrast’ which she uses when she means ‘negative’. She will seldom use a word which defines negative experience without a softening, an implication of a positive experience being part of the mix. However we know that ‘step one’ exists, that it is made of negative ‘contrast’ and that without it we would not find our way to asking, allowing and then receiving.

So the people who need to talk about their ‘contrast’ most of the time are in fact in a step one moment for most of time. Are we to leave them to it? Is the recommendation to let them get on with it and go about our business?

Some people often want to talk about the negative or darker parts of their life, after all contrast is a composition of light and dark on a spectrum which includes everything. Esther suggests we do not talk to these people, that they bring us down in order to feel an affinity, a resonance – rather than tune into their own inner guidance (of which they may be unaware).

But what do we say to friends and acquaintances who have nothing else in their lives but a sick, painful body perhaps and who live alone and who have few friends? Do we say get away from me with your negative view of life else you will darken my bright outlook? Certainly there are people who seem immune to positive thinking and to encouragement from well-wishers. Such people seem to want support for their apparently darker view of the world, as if to gather enough people in support of their point of view will create a solidarity, where they will feel a little power perhaps, or just a little more support, a feeling of having something in common with others.

The A-H advice is to stay away when there is no hope of talking them round to a more hopeful view, one perhaps more in alignment with our own view or our interpretation of Abraham’s view.

However, there is turning inwards for contact with our inner guidance, then there is turning inwards because there is no one to reach out to. Famous artists, writers, poets, musicians have looked inside themselves feeling that step one extended moment, but sometimes it has produced some creation so sensitive that it has touched the hearts of people for generations. ‘…And therein lies the enigma of much great art. Sandy Dennys best songs (for example) are so powerful and so healing – such cathartic outpourings of sorrow and joy – that one can’t help but attribute a kind of wisdom to them. They enable us to bear the pain that Denny, apparently, could not..’

‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’

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