Innate Knowing

Some people need other people like they need food. These types, who often have a strong Libra or 7th/8th house vibe, do not do well alone, especially when things are not going well. For them, social media is a dream come true – literally. Deliberate creation is a real thing.

Conversely some people do not need other people especially much and to society today which emphasises connection with others, they just seem odd.

But it isn’t wrong. Whatever shows up in the personal birth chart is an indication of who we are – not in a fatalistic way but within broad parameters. It is within this framework that the ‘law of attraction’ operates. Astrology pre-dates the ‘discovery’ of the law of attraction. Modern astrology gained momentum in line with man’s search for meaning in life. Star-gazers have long projected their aspirations and fears on the patterns in the sky. Logically it makes more sense to look upwards at the bigger picture than gazing off into local space which is more personal and less universal. The more universal any discovery, the more the potential for help and support from and for others.

….In Hermetic thought, it is likely that the movements of the planets have meaning beyond the laws of physics and actually hold metaphorical value as symbols in the mind of The All, or God. Astrology has influences upon the Earth, but does not dictate our actions, and wisdom is gained when we know what these influences are and how to deal with them.

Macrocosm and microcosm refers to a vision of the cosmos where the part (microcosm) reflects the whole (macrocosm) and vice versa. It is a feature “present in all esoteric schools of thinking”, closely associated with Hermeticism, and underlies practices such as astrology, alchemy and sacred geometry with its premise of “As Above, So Below”.[3]

The older we become the less compelling is the search for the meaning of our life because all we have to do is gaze back over it to see where we have been and what it meant. How were we getting ‘ready to be ready’? And for what? It all becomes clear. Finding meaning at the end-of-life stage can still be testing though.

The character of Esther Hicks has become clearer over the years of listening to her speak, listening to her find words for her inner guidance. She has a personal biography and she is full of personal anecdotes. And like Esther, each one of us is also able to give voice to our inner guidance, but few will want to entertain audiences with it. It is a wonderful thing that Esther has the desire to do this. Channellers with less of Esther’s Leo emphasis and more of a Virgo/6th house emphasis will prefer to offer their inner guidance in a healing context. Those with a Cancer/4th house emphasis will want to operate in a more private context, writing perhaps. Aquarians/11th house will want to spread the word by reaching humanity in a way that is less dependent on entertainment and performance. Sagittarians/9th house will travel the world or explore the wider issues as a priority. Scorpios/8th house will need to become more involved personally. Geminis/3rd house love to communicate, but the love and the performing vibe of Leo is not necessarily present. Pisces/12th house (the shapeshifter) may be spiritually motivated but much will depend on the astrological house in which it resides: for Esther, whose sun is in Pisces, it is probably the 5th house of Leo.

This is a brief generalisation of only the sun-signs, whereas astrology offers meaning to all the planets, all the houses and all the geometrical alignments between them. And then some.

We are often beguiled by the skill of the doctor of medicine especially when we are in pain, yet all this person has to do is attend medical school for the prescribed time and practise medicine for another space of time in order to earn his or her viable and authentic role in society. Anyone who is born with the vibrations lined up in their being (in their birth chart) in the appropriate way will most likely opt for this direction in life. Doctors are highly valued people because they are able to ease our pain and suffering in a tangible and obvious way.

But what of the person who has attended astrology school for a similar length of time, after attaining the various high level qualifications and has then gone on to practice this skill for as long as it takes to achieve the quantum leap from delineation of the parts to synthesis of the parts and has then practised for as long as the doctor of medicine? Astrology is a marvellous open secret which is hidden in plain sight. It has not yet been discovered by mainstream society. One reason is that to understand its potential it has first to be studied for a while. But why bother with it when its current reputation is as a bit of fun for fake fortune-telling? Relatively few people take it further. Fewer still study to the point of excellence in the field.

Esther or Abraham often says: ‘there is nothing serious going on here’. Esther is an ‘inspirational speaker’. What she truly does has been tidied up for political correctness under the banner of entertainment. A very wise move else she would not have been able to play the role she was motivated to play. Another wise move is that she has chosen not to televise the show. Had she not chosen this avenue she might have been a preacher behind a pulpit rather than a lectern.

So, a bit like astrology, Esther and her channelling is a jewel hidden in plain sight. But let us remember that each one of us has the ability to speak with our Source energy, in our own snowflake way. I often wonder why Abraham-Hicks does not present the mantra ‘ask and it is given’ in a way that speaks to the need people have for a merciful God who will truly come to our aid when we are out of alignment. Esther’s law of attraction suggests that ‘like attracts like’ – yet prayer does work. My invisible spiritual guidance named, Arthur would say time and again – ‘you will always receive help when you ask.’

The older I get the more I find myself asking for help. Thankfully I always receive it, even in the asking I feel better. But when I am asking I am not in the Abraham-Hicks ‘alignment’. I have not meditated my way to a state to receiving and allowing, I have just needed help and prayed.

I wonder if this deviation from the A-H laws is due to a personal ‘pre-set’.

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