The Light and the Dark

There is no doubt at all in my mind that Esther is a good Medium who speaks for her inner guidance. No doubt at all either that her ‘astrological’ natal chart is a perfect representation of who she is. Other Mediums, equally as proficient over the centuries have also spoken for their inner guidance. Each one has a different pattern in their birth chart matching who they are in life. They speak their piece in different ways. Esther has one of the better or easier charts of most of us. There are enough easy or beneficial alignments between the indicators and markers in her chart to work well for her and just enough friction to propel her into action.

The stand-outs are the planets in Leo opposite Mercury in Aquarius which is itself in an enviable trine formation with Uranus the higher octave of the planet of communication in Gemini – the sign of communication. When this happens it is called ‘mutual reception’ – these are the best possible positions for an exchange between higher and lower mind.

Add to this the fact that (in my opinion) she has Libra rising with Venus ruling the chart from Aries on the Descendant and it is no surprise that as she speaks for Abraham she does so with so much delight in contact with others. This is what her individual chart says.

But the glaring omission from her work/play is the fact that we are not all born with such easy alignments in our personal patterns, some of us have turned up here on planet Earth to experience lives of continuing crisis. It was our choice in coming forth; Source energy told me this personally, as I am one of these people. And I am not alone in this. The fact of the various differences in people is never addressed in any helpful way, perhaps because Esther has no way of expressing the language of vibration which is what natal astrology is able to do. Or perhaps she refuses to feel the less than positive vibes of which some people’s daily experience consists. Instead, with the best intentions, she feels she can turn such people around from the course they chose.

To be continually satisfied, happy and in alignment with Source is what is natural for Esther, but although some like me wish we could have the same connection, the same dynamics in our personality, we are not built to have this experience. We came here for a more testing experience.

The advice which is given by Abraham-Hicks seems to assume that we can all do anything we like if we follow the guidance of one who knows nothing of the sort of hardship that so many people have to experience every day. Of course, our inner guidance knows all, but our inner guidance is limited by our experience and potential.

The hardship might not be material, it might be a mental disposition, or an emotional disposition, and these are connected to internal hard-wiring and developed from birth due to the life the pre-life non-physical person wants to experience – in order to help the universe expand. The advice from A-H is not wrong, it is just in the larger picture, a little naïve.

Because Esther speaks for non-physical in such a light trance condition, her own disposition is clearly entwined with the words of Abraham. We are hearing as much of Esther’s belief system as we are of ‘universal intelligence’ – another very extravagant expression which a mere mortal is unable to address.

I use the constellations and our solar system as indicators in our lives rather than forces which act upon us. It is also called ‘cultural astronomy’.


I listen every day to Esther’s stories of how she finds ways to think positively and I always think, yes, good job, but it is so much easier for you than others – and she doesn’t seem to know it! Yet, one of the pre-requisites for Esther’s fluent bringing forth of non-physical was her absence of over-riding beliefs. Her knowledge has grown over the 30 plus years she has been talking with her inner guidance and I expect she has researched and added to it, but perhaps she has not looked into areas of interest and guidance which damaged people go to for support. There seems to be a defiant refusal to approach anything with a tone of what she perceives as negativity attached to it.

Someone who is sick and with a dark cloud around them will need to explain themselves to another person before a healing can take place. This does not mean that the healer will be damaged in the process. It means that the healer is strong enough, and tuned in enough to Source energy to help them both.

Many people who are especially ‘social animals’ seldom look outside and beyond their groups and friends and family. Many people have a dynamic structure within which makes it very hard to turn their thoughts around (despite Esther’s emotional scale). These other people are the ones I have spent 25 years talking to about their lives, those who come to a natal astrologer when all else in the social, conventional world fails them. This was how I found natal astrology myself. In fact it is as hard for these people to think positively as it is for Esther to think negatively.

There are thoughts, there are feelings and there is the energy behind them. That is 3 separate dynamics which work together. And each of these may be associated or aligned with each other in a positive or negative way – from birth. Our birth/natal indicators develop through life. We grow, change, learn and help the universe to expand. And there are all the other dynamics within which may test us or help us also.

So I listen to Esther and I wish I was like her. I try to do her thing, but it isn’t a thing that comes at all easily. I look at the darker aspects in life and in an alchemical sort of way I try to transform them if I can. I do not look the other way, for we need darkness in order to see the stars. We need night so that half the world may experience daylight.

This blog, which began after a visit to an A-H meeting in Orlando, is really about the part that A-H is leaving out. Well, A isn’t leaving it out, but Esther cannot translate non-physical energy into terms she either knows nothing about or refuses, through fear or timidity, to approach.

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