Abraham Speaks through Esther

A-H to woman who is experiencing the recent death of her husband:

‘….. we are not encouraging you to fill the void that was (….once occupied by relationship with husband) because the only way that void can be filled is through the connection with source energy. But you need to find a different way (than drinking?) as what you’re doing is feeling like victim, that is vulnerable, that is out of control. While it is understandable why you feel that way, feeling that way is so the opposite of who you really are and how you really feel, you can’t let yourself feel that way for very long without departing more and more from who you really are. That is why you said ‘I just sometimes feel more lost than others’, and we say, isn’t it obvious that you would when you’ve let go of your own guidance? Of course you would feel lost. But when you wake up tomorrow, you’re not lost, you’re found again, and little by little you can return to connection to who you really are.’

‘He really enjoyed his life, he was happy all the time, and it was fantastic to watch and to be around.’

‘You think he was enjoying it then, you should feel how he’s enjoying it now.’

‘Yeah, for sure, but I am not is my point, I am not enjoying the contrast of this, I have not enjoyed my life so far but I hear you guys say that when we are in non-physical we get excited about coming in and having our own experience – but I don’t know what I was thinking because I am seriously not enjoying this, so why did he get to go and I’m still here not enjoying it?’

‘Because from your attention to him in the non-physical, you get to do what you intended to do when you came forth which is to be infused with the energy and clarity and love and worthiness of non-physical and you get to focus it in the here and now. It is the perfect plan. As he has his undivided attention on you, part of the reason you are not feeling so good now is that you are not allowing yourself to flow with what he is giving out. Also, you said – ‘I was never that happy in this physical experience and why is it that he gets to go’ – can you see that in your caring and reaching for him you are going to discover the zest for life that he always had. He was with you for a while and wanted to infuse you with his zest for life and he did to some extent but not really, but now he has the ability to infuse you with the zest for life that he had. You used to say it all the time – ‘why can’t I feel about it the way you feel about it – why don’t I feel happy like you feel happy?’ And not from a conscious way but from an inner being’s point of view this is the easiest way for you to understand because what you are looking for is not in the looking around or switching around of the contrast in this experience, the way that you find that happiness that you are looking for that he found is by connecting with that source energy, and he is leading you to that. Don’t wait for it by re-litigating the past, be powerful in your now. Have you had that infusion where you can feel that he is thinking about you and you’re thinking about him and you can feel that conscious rendezvous?’

‘Right after he made his transition I found I was comforting other people and I really heard him, but I don’t hear him at all anymore.’

‘Think about what that means. In those early days when your desire was stronger than ever

and your attention was in comforting others, you were not beating the drum of your own victimhood, so that vibration was not present within you, so you were in sync., so you were one, so as you think back on that and when you were having that experience you can have it again and again etc…….. Everyone feels lost when they are not in alignment with who they really are: that’s what fear, anger and insecurity is, a feeling of being out of control like you cannot control your experience. If you can make this an emotional journey that you’re on, a connecting to source energy journey that you’re on, don’t try to navigate this time-space reality – that’s like blindfolding yourself and then getting in your car – you are working at a tremendous disadvantage. Instead connect with your guidance and then you’ll be good to go wherever you are in all situations. We know that these are like words and words do not teach but life-experience does and you are living a most profound life-experience and what has hatched within you is a very powerful desire that is calling you in very powerful ways. As you just get somewhere in the vicinity of it something will occur that you will feel drawn to and you won’t feel lost.

‘It always feels lost when you are in a situation when it no longer feels logical for you to do the things that you were used to doing. Used to being with somebody, used to hanging around with them, used to doing this at this time, used to doing the things you were used to doing and when you’re not doing the things you were used to doing it’s easy to feel lost. But that feeling of being lost goes away in the moment that you find something that connects you with source then the next idea comes, then the next and the next. Focus back just a little on how powerfully those ideas were flowing to you in those early days after his transition and how strong you felt as you were offering those words of comfort, and for a moment while we’re together acknowledge the profound connection with your source energy that was happening then and remember how you didn’t feel lost, you were sure-footed. In fact you were more sure-footed than you usually are.’

‘That’s true.’

‘So as you realised that you accomplished that then and you can do it again but you’ve got to stop beating the drum of the parts of it that you don’t like while you focus on the parts that were empowering and then……… etc…’

………Example of when Esther was editing material instead of Jerry doing it. She sits with the material and suddenly things stand out in such a strong way, ‘……..it was like shining a light on things in a more powerful way than ever before, there was no doubt within in her about what his (Jerry) and our input was about it (the material and what needed to be included). Then she began to notice that as she was roaming around the planet with him, in this and that place, and that he is not in those places, then she began to notice that he is not only in those places he is in all places if she will reach for him, if she will feel for him. Not only that, but he is more fun than he has ever been – he is of much more practical value to Esther now than he ever has been. They are much more together in every moment than they ever were before. He is not apart from any thought that she ever thinks – talk about harmony, not being lost, companion, upliftment, whole, support… Look in the right places not in the wrong places: you have access to not only this person but so much more as well , who are all ready to translate with you to be part of your point of attraction for the combining and co-creation with so many on so many levels. That’s that sweet spot that we’re talking about.’

‘There are practical things that I still need to do like sell his vehicle and I still need to find another place to live and I kind of am in it all by myself although if I am connected to my source I know I am not really alone but I just don’t know how to get there.’

‘This conversation and others like it are the way to get there. Accepting that things are not so bleak as you want to point them out to be. The not always arguing for limitations but talking of the benefits in there. You all have to get over this death thing, you just do, because it’s a flawed premise in your reality and the reason it is, is that you are looking so piercingly at what is and you are not allowing yourself your broader view. And until you accept the eternalness of who you are and the power of your now you’re going to have that shortage consciousness about life. The thing that human people suffer about most is not your money it is your mortality and the mortality of others, worrying about how many years you have left and how much you didn’t get done instead of connecting with your powerful energy and flourishing in this moment in time. We do not want you to write the book on how great it was that my partner and love died, but we do want you to feel that the book that is in you is the one that says my life did not end when my partner and love made his transition into non-physical, in fact there was an enhancement of my life that didn’t happen when we were in physical form. Then watch what happens from that – you’re going to like it.’

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